When you use the Maxtra Pole saw to cut a piece of wood, you will feel that you are cutting butter with a hot knife. But do you know where the Maxtra Pole Saws are made?

Brandline is the company that manufactures Maxtra Pole saws. It is a USA-based company, and all its products are made in America.

This manufacturing company has been producing air-conditioned furniture and barrier systems. Moreover, it also produces all of the shading solutions.

Where can I get the parts for the Maxtra Pole Saw?

If your Maxtra pole saw is problematic and does not run, you should check all the parts of the device. Sometimes more than one part of the machine can be a problem, which can be the reason for the malfunction of the Maxtra Pole Saw.

So, you must find the perfect way to solve the issue. The owner’s manual includes the names of the places where you can get the spare parts for the device. Moreover, you can directly contact the manufacturer and collect the parts by attaching them to your pole saw.

Maxtra Pole Saw- Common FAQs

The Maxtra Pole Saws are gasoline-powered. It has a higher energy density. So, it can be considered a useful fuel for the users and the environment.

The Maxtra Pole Saw is 140 inches in length, 11.5 inches in height, and 11.5 inches in width. This item is 21 pounds in weight, which is easily carryable.

The Maxtra Pole Saw is very easy to assemble. If you carefully follow the user manual, you will be able to assemble the pole saw before starting to work.

The Maxtra Pole Saw has a 42.7 CC motor. Generally, the available gas pole saws’ cc limits are from 20 ccs to 40 ccs. So, the 42.7 cc motor of the Maxtra Pole Saw is appropriate for cutting big trees efficiently.

The Maxtra Pole Saw is a device of 1100 watts. It is sufficient power for a pole saw to cut big trees very easily.

Generally, gas pole saws are more powerful, but they make less noise. Comparatively, the Maxtra Pole Saw makes slightly more noise than the other gas pole saws. But, the noise is tolerable considering the pole saws, which are powered by other types of fuel.

How can I start a Maxtra Pole Saw engine?

Starting the engine is the first task of running a pole saw. Significantly, it is impossible to run an automatic pole saw without starting it properly.

Step 01: Turn on the switch

There is a control handle on the Maxtra Pole Saw, and you hold the handle when you use it. There is an on/off switch on the control handle. When you want to start the device, you should turn on the switch.

Step 02: Press the lock button

The button beside the on/off switch is called the ‘lock button’. In this step, you have to press this button.

Step 3: Press the primer bump repeatedly

You should press the primer bump about 7 to 8 times continuously. It will be enough to start the machine successfully.

Step 04: Turn off the throttle

The throttle is a function that regulates the sufficient supply of fluid to the engine. It is necessary to turn it off before giving the engine sufficient power to run the pole saw.

Step 05: Pull the cord to start

Finally, you have to pull the start cord to start the engine of the pole saw. You may have to pull the cord 4–5 times repeatedly if it does not start after pulling a single time. When the engine starts, you can cut the trees easily.

Step 06: Keep the throttle half-opened

When the engine has been started, it may be stopped again if it does not get sufficient power. So, you can turn the throttle several times or half-open it until the engine gets hot. When the engine runs properly, you can leave the throttle open.

How can I adjust the chain on the pole saw?

If you want to cut the branches of the trees perfectly, you must have the proper knowledge of chain adjustment. If the position of the chain is not accurate, the pole saw will fail to cut the branches of trees. There are only two steps in this task.

  1. Adjust the chain.
  2. Put the screw in the hole
  3. Make the screw tight

When you want to tighten the screw, you have to turn it clockwise. It will strongly attach the chain to the engine and be prepared for cutting the branches of trees.

How do you adjust the high speed of the pole saw? If you want to run your pole saw at high speed, you must run the machine at medium speed for a while. When the machine is adjusted to medium speed, you can run it at high speed gradually.

Bottom Lines

There are several safety issues with a product that directly depend on the manufacturing company. Brandline is a trusted manufacturer of pole saws, which have gained huge popularity and user demand. So, the Maxtra Pole Saw is an excellent product.

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