Goodyear is one of the most reputable hose reel brands on the market. They offer outstanding and durable hose reels that are easy to install and use.
This company was started in 1839, and it’s famous for its rubber products. Apart from hose reels, this brand as well offers tubeless tires, synthetic and nylon tires, radial steelyard tires & instant tire pressure, Corsair fighter planes, etc. In this Goodyear Hose Reel review, we’re going to look at some of the best Goodyear hose reels on the market.

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Goodyear water/air hose reels are versatile, sturdily built, portable, have retracting functions, are easy to mount, and are very convenient to use. Depending on your needs and demands, you will find one of the two garden hose reels to be suitable for your work.

Most Popular 2 Best Goodyear Hose Reel Review 2024


So, continue reading our detailed review to know which hose reel to get from Goodyear.

Goodyear 2752715G Enclosed Retractable Water/Air Hose Reel

The Goodyear enclosed retractable hose reel is durably made of high-quality and impact-resistant polypropylene. The bright blue finish will make your garden or wall to be beautiful, and it is very easy to install. You can set it up on the wall or ceiling, and it will swivel easily in your direction as long as it is within 180 degrees. Besides having a swiveling bracket, the enclosed hose reel has an automatic locking mechanism that prevents kinks from developing on the hose.

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Technical Specifications of the Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Water/Air Hose Reel:


Goodyear 27527 Enclosed Retractable Water/Air Hose Reel

Body Material: Plastic
Holds up to: 3/8″ x 50 FT
Maximum Pressure: 250 PSI
Maximum Temperature: 190°F
Hose : Heavy Duty Dual Arm, 4-Roller Hose Guide
Reel: Professional Grade All-Steel Construction
Includes: Goodyear Rubber Air Hose with Solid Brass End Fittings (1/4-Inch NPT)
Weight: 39.6 pounds
Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 21.5 inches
Price: Goodyear 2752715GCheck Price on Amazon

When you’re done using the hose to water your flowers or wash your car, it will retract slowly without having to give you the extra work of winding it up. One of the challenges that you will face using this hose reel is that it is very short, and thus, you cannot use it for a big lawn or driveway. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful device that doesn’t rust, leak or tangle.

Why buy this Goodyear Hose Reel?

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Goodyear 46731 retractable Air Hose Reel

The main difference between this Goodyear hose reel and the one that we’ve just discussed above is that the former is enclosed while this one is not. But besides that, these hose reels share lots of features that make them offer exceptional performance. The Goodyear retractable hose reel without cover is also sturdily made and has an auto-guide rewind system. This system is very efficient in operation as it retracts very slowly and smoothly, which eliminates kinks.

Technical Specifications of the Goodyear Enclosed Retractable Water/Air Hose Reel:


Goodyear 46731 Enclosed Retractable Water/Air Hose Reel

Body Material: Plastic
Holds up to: 3/8″ x 50 FT
Maximum Pressure: 300PSI
Maximum Temperature: 140°F
Hose Diameter & Length (inches): 3/8″ (9.55mm) x 50′ (15m)
Hose Type & Working Pressure: Hybrid Flex Polymer or SBR Rubber 300PSI/20BAR
Color: Blue
Weight: 13 lbs
Dimensions: 15.2″ x 7.3″ x 14.8″
Price: Goodyear 46731Check Price on Amazon

Additionally, this hose reel is easy to mount and can be turned up to 90 degrees. This is unlike the previous model, which has the ability to turn up to 180 degrees. Regardless, this hose reel has a tough rubber air hose that remains comfortable and flexible all year round. Since this hose reel isn’t enclosed, you will have to store it in a shelter so that the hose isn’t exposed to the elements. Overall, this is a great addition to any garden, and it will simplify watering.

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Why buy this Goodyear Retractable Air Hose Reel?



If you want a simple and affordable hose reel for your small garden, we suggest that you go for the Goodyear enclosed polypropylene spring-driven air/water hose reel. But if you want a professional-grade hose reel at a slightly higher price, then the Goodyear air hose reel will be the best option for you.


Question: Importance of having a hose reel?
Answer: A hose reel has many benefits, such as keeping your garden safe and free of distractions like a hose, which can injure your kid as they play. It also keeps the hose safe and away from the elements for durability.

Question: What factors should I consider when picking a hose reel?
Answer: Depending on the job at hand and your hose reel needs, you will have to consider several factors. These are its construction, retractability, portability, freestanding or wall-mounted hose reel, hose reel with no hose, or a fully-contained hose reel. These will help you choose a hose reel of choice.

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