Cleaning your house is simple with the most basic tools until you come across a stubborn stain, grime, or mold. That’s where tools like gas pressure washers or electric pressure washers are needed. However, not every pressure washer delivers great power as some are weak and only meant for simple cleaning tasks. Read this Best Ryobi Pressure Washer Review article to know more about this brand.

Among the various pressure washer brands on the market, Ryobi is one of the most notable ones. Ryobi pressure washers are simple, versatile, sturdy, and easy to use. In this Ryobi Pressure Washer review, we’ll be looking at the best Ryobi pressure washers on the market.

Two Best Ryobi Pressure Washers Comparison Table

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7 Best Ryobi Pressure Washer Reviews in 2024

Without wasting more time, here are the best Ryobi pressure washers:

Ryobi 2,300 PSI High-Performance Electric Pressure Washers

Ryobi 2,300 PSI High-Performance Electric Pressure Washers

Ryobi 2,300 high-pressure electric pressure washer, based on this Ryobi pressure washer review, is one of the best units for all kinds of home cleaning. Producing a maximum of 2,300 PSI and 1.2 GPM, this is a very powerful unit that can be utilized for all kinds of home cleaning, such as cleaning the deck, patio, sidewalk, driveway, cars, and outdoor furniture.

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The pressure washer is also very portable as it features two wheels for ease of movement around your house or car during cleaning. With the 13-amp, high-performance brushless induction motor, this unit produces great power that offers amazing outcomes. It also features a turbo nozzle that offers 50% more cleaning power. Having such wonderful features and many more, this is a good unit for homeowners. This is just the first one. Continue reading on the Ryobi pressure washer reviews to find out more.

Technical Specifications of the Ryobi 2,300 Pressure Washers

Features Ryobi 2300 PSI Honda Electric Pressure Washer
GPM: 1.2
Cleaning Power: 2300 PSI
Motor: 13 Amp High-Efficiency Brushless Electric Induction Motor
Hose Type: 25 ft. non-marring high-pressure hose
Nozzles: Turbo Nozzle
Included: Turbo Nozzle, a Professional metal spray wand
Power source: corded-electric
Weight: 18 pounds
Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 19 inches
Price: Ryobi 2300PSICheck Prices on Amazon



Ryobi 1, 800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi 1, 800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The Ryobi 1,800 PSI electric pressure washer is another quality and portable pressure washer ideal for residential use. Featuring a 13-amp electric motor, this unit delivers up to 2160 cleaning power making it ideal for different cleaning tasks.

Even though this unit doesn’t come with wheels, it is still very portable as it only weighs 18 pounds. It also features a nice frame for easy carrying and transportation. Its compact size is easy to store and won’t take up much of your space.

Technical Specifications of the Ryobi 1800 Electric Washer

Features Ryobi 1800 PSI Pressure Washer
GPM: 1.2
Cleaning Power: 1800 PSI
Motor: 3 Amp electric motor,
Frame: durable roll-cage frame
Hose Type: 20 ft. non-marring high-pressure hose
Nozzles: 3 quick-connect nozzles (15°)
Included: 3 quick-connect nozzles (15°, soap, and turbo) 1 Qt. On-Board Detergent Tank
Power source: corded-electric
Weight: 18 pounds
Dimensions: 11.5 x 24 x 18 inches
Price: Ryobi 1800 PSICheck Price on Amazon

Ryobi 1, 800 PSI is very convenient to use as it comes with an onboard detergent tank, making applying the cleaning solution on the surface easier and faster. With 3 quick nozzles, this is a very versatile tool that you will use for a wider range of purposes. The nozzles include 15-degree, turbo, and soap nozzles. Aside from these amazing features, the manufacturer offers a 3-year limited warranty.



Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer reviewRyobi 2000 PSI Pressure Washers

The Ryobi RY141900 2 000 PSI electric pressure washer is one of the most popular and bestselling Ryobi units. This sturdy and powerful unit delivers up to 2 000 Maximum PSI. It has a cleaning power of up to 2 400, which is ideal for most home cleaning jobs. It is ruggedly constructed as it has a robust roll cage frame that protects the motor ad housing.

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Additionally, it features a powerful 13-amp electric motor that delivers efficient cleaning power. Together with the 3 quick nozzles, cleaning is simplified. You can use the pressure washer to clean your deck, patio, car, outdoor furniture, and even siding. When it comes to maneuvering, you will have an easy time using this machine on your compound as it comes with two wheels and a padded handle.

Technical Specifications of the Ryobi 2000 PSI Pressure Washers

Features Ryobi 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
GPM: 1.2
Cleaning Power: 2000 PSI
Motor: 13 Amp electric motor
Equipped with : on-board hose reel and accessory storage
Frame: Rugged roll-cage frame
Included: Turbo Nozzle, removable detergent tank
Power source: corded-electric
Weight: 32 pounds
Dimensions: 16.5 x 19.2 x 34 inches
Price: Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSICheck Price on Amazon

A unique feature of this electric pressure washer is the removable detergent tank for simple soap applications. Also, it has an onboard hose reel for easy retraction and unwinding of the high-pressure hose. If you want nothing less than the most versatile and reliable Ryobi pressure washer, then you should consider getting this machine.



Ryobi 1,700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer – 1.25 GPMRyobi 1,700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

If you’re tight on the budget and want an electric pressure that will tackle most of your home cleaning needs, then you will like the Ryobi electric pressure washer. Producing a maximum of 1,700 PSI, this electric pressure washer is very powerful and reliable. Like the previous models, this machine has a 13-amp motor that delivers great power. It also has 3 quick-connect nozzles to perform a wide range of functions. The turbo nozzle is very powerful and should be used with caution as it can damage some surfaces when used very close.

In addition, it is easy to maneuver as it features two large wheels and a comfortable handle. Weighing around 28 pounds, this is a lighter unit that you will move with much ease.

Technical Specifications of the RYOBI 1,700 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washers

Features Ryobi 1700 Electric Pressure Washer
Cleaning Power: 1700 PSI
GPM: 1.2
Motor: 13 Amp Electric Motor
Pump: Maintenance-free aluminum pump
Hose Type: 25 ft. non-marring high-pressure hose
Nozzles: 3 nozzles included (15° soap and turbo)
Frame: Rugged roll-cage frame
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): .25
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 19 in
Weight: 32 lbs
Power source: cord-electric
Included: Detergent tank, turbo nozzle
Price: Ryobi 1,700 PSICheck Price on Amazon



Ryobi 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This is the cheapest electric pressure washer on this list. The Ryobi 1,600 PSI electric pressure washer is a simple unit that can be used for a wider range of uses. It produces a maximum PSI of 1 600 which is great for different purposes. Moreover, the pressure washer comes with 2-connect nozzles that can be used to clean different surfaces. However, this is inconvenient for some users who want to clean different surfaces using different quick-connect nozzles. Also, it lacks power; thus, it is limited to light-duty and medium-duty tasks.

Furthermore, the Ryobi 1,600 PSI pressure washer is compact and lightweight for easy storage and transportation. The nice and comfortable handle also makes lifting or moving the unit around to be simple. It also has a convenient on/off switch for ease of use.

Technical Specifications of the RYOBI Pressure Washer, 1,600 PSI

Features Ryobi 1600 Pressure Washers
GPM: 1.2
Cleaning Power: 3200 PSI
Cord Length (ft.): 35
Hose length (in.): 240
Pump Type: Axial Cam
Start Type: Electronic Ignition
Nozzles: Three Quick-Connect Nozzles
Connection Type: 1/4 in. Universal Quick Connect Wand/Nozzle
Included: GFIC plug, Hose, Onboard cord storage, Onboard storage
Power source: electric-powered
Water capability: cold
Weight: 16.39 pounds
Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 9.5  inches
Price: Ryobi 1600 PSICheck Price on Amazon

With such a quality and reliable pressure washer, you will be glad that you invested in an affordable and simple pressure washer.



Ryobi 3,000 PSI Honda Electric Start Gas Pressure Washer

Ryobi 3,000 PSI Honda gas pressure washer

If power is what you’re looking for, then you will love the Ryobi 3,000 PSI Honda gas pressure washer. This unit features a powerful Honda engine with an electric start function for simple starting. In addition, it has a 12-volt lead-acid battery maintainer for longer life. The unit produces an exceptional 3 000 PSI and 2.3 GPM, enabling it to deliver up to 6 900 cleaning power. This means that you can utilize it for all your cleaning needs. It can clear mildew, grime, graffiti, and even strip paint.

The Ryobi 3 000 gas pressure washer comes with 4 quick nozzles for versatile cleaning. They include 0˚, 25˚, 40˚, and soap nozzle. It has an onboard detergent tank for easy soap application during cleaning. Besides, maneuvering this pressure washer is simple as it has two wheels that easily glide on different surfaces.

Technical Specifications of the RYOBI 3000 PSI Pressure Washers

Features Ryobi 3000 PSI Honda Electric Pressure Washer
Cleaning Power: 3000 PSI
GPM: 2.3
Engine: Powerful Honda 4 Cycle Vertical engine
Nozzles: 4 nozzles0˚, 25˚, 40˚and soap
Hose Type: 25 ft. high-pressure hose
Hose Material: Plastic
Hose Length:  300 in
Wheel Diameter:  12 in
Pump: Axial pump
Connection Type: M22 Universal Threaded Twist On Hose & Trigger Handle
Frame: Roll cage frame
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): .25
Weight: 71.2 lb
Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.5 x 37.5 inches
Water capability: cold
Included: Battery(s), Detergent tank, Hose, Wheels
Power source: gas-powered
Price: Ryobi 3000 PSICheck Prices on Amazon



Ryobi 3,100 PSI Honda Gas Pressure Washers

Ryobi 3,100 PSI Honda Gas Pressure Washers

Last but not least, the Ryobi 3,100 PSI gas pressure washer is another powerful unit. Similar to the previous unit, it has a powerful Honda engine for outstanding cleaning performance. It runs on gas but is not as loud as other gas-pressure washers. Moreover, this pressure washer delivers exceptional cleaning power of 7,750. This is because it has a maximum of 3,100 PSI and 2.5 GPM.

The Ryobi 3, 100 PSI gas pressure washer also features 5 quick-connect nozzles for versatile cleaning. It is best suited for industrial and commercial use as it is very powerful. If you want a lesser powerful unit, this is not your pressure washer. It is also easily maneuverable and can be transported with much ease.

Technical Specifications of the RYOBI 3100 PSI Honda Gas-Powered Washer

Features Ryobi 3100 Pressure Washers
Cleaning Power: 3100 PSI
GPM: 2.5
Engine: Powerful Honda GCV190 (187cc) OHC engine
Pump: Maintenance-free aluminum pump
Hose Type: 25 ft. power flex hose
Hose Material: Plastic
Frame: Roll cage frame
Connection Type: M22 Universal Threaded Twist On Hose & Trigger Handle
Nozzles: 5-in-1 Quick-Connect Nozzle
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): .25
Weight: 71 pounds
Dimensions: 22.75 x 24.5 x 21.5 inches
Water capability: cold
Included: Detergent tank, Wheels
Power source: gas-powered

On top of that, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Thus you can relax knowing that your investment is secure in case it arrives with damage or defect.



About Ryobi

Since Ryobi was founded in 1943, it has continued to produce tools that make the work of users easier. Based in Japan, this company started to produce power tools in the 1960s, and they were restricted to the Japanese market only. Later on, they expanded to Europe and the USA, and that’s when their business started booming.

Ryobi designs innovative, high-quality, and reliable pressure washers. They sell both electric and gas pressure washers. Also, their pressure washers are some of the safest in the market. When it comes to price, you will be surprised that the Ryobi pressure washer price is also some of the cheapest. This Ryobi Pressure Washer Review aims to help you find the best and be satisfied with what you will buy.

Ryobi Pressure Washer Buying Guide

In order to select the best Ryobi for your cleaning tasks, you need to know what features are best for your job and if the Ryobi pressure washer parts are good and reliable. Not every Ryobi pressure washer will suit your job as some are more powerful than others. Our guide below should help you make an informed choice.

Electric or Gas

First, you must decide whether you want an electric or gas-powered pressure washer. Electric pressure washers like Karcher 1800 PSI are great for home cleaning, while gas pressure washers are ideal for commercial and outdoor use. Choose an electric pressure cleaner if you want an affordable and easy-to-store device. On the other hand, a gas-powered pressure washer is powerful and more suited for heavy-duty jobs, but it is also loud and pollutes the environment with fumes. So, the final choice depends on your needs.


Another vital feature to consider when selecting a pressure washer is the maximum PSI and GPM. The pressure and water flow rate of the machine determines how powerful it can be. For basic functions such as cleaning cars, outdoor furniture, and windows, a unit with 1400 PSI will be fine. For medium-duty tasks such as cleaning the deck, sidewalk, or pavement, a PSI of 1900 will be okay, and for most heavy-duty tasks, a PSI of 2700 or more will be ideal. Besides looking at the PSI, you should also consider the GPM together, and they determine the total cleaning power of the pressure washer.


Is the pressure washer portable or not? If you’re going to cover a small area, then portability is not very important. But picking a portable and lightweight unit is crucial for those who intend to cover a wider area. This will enable you to move around with ease as you clean your driveway or vehicle. Pick the device with wheels and a nice handle so you can maneuver it easily.


Gas pressure washers such as Generac 3100 PSI or Karcher K5 premium electric power pressure washers are more costly than electric pressure washers. This is because they produce more power and are usually larger. So, if power and versatility are what you’re looking for, then you should be ready to spend more in order to get a powerful gas unit. On the other hand, electric pressure washers are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Does Ryobi offer a warranty?

In case of a problem concerning their Ryobi pressure washer parts or other concerns about the product, Ryobi offers full support to their clients, and their spare parts can be easily found. Actually, Ryobi offers a 3-year warranty on the pressure washers and a 2-year warranty on the engine.


Ryobi is one of the top pressure washer brands, and it offers a wide range of products to pick from. This is a great brand, from powerful gas-powered pressure washers to affordable electric units, as it creates products for every user. The Ryobi pressure washer review article that we’ve discussed are some of the best, with exceptional features. The pressure washers are sturdy, reliable, and perform very well. Select a pressure cleaner that meets your needs and has the features that you desire for different cleaning jobs.


Question: Are Ryobi pressure washers made in the USA?
Answer: No, they are not. Simpson Pressure Washer is made in the USA. Ryobi pressure washers are made in Japan. The good news is that they can be found all over the world, from Europe to America. So, getting a Ryobi pressure washer or spare parts is very easy.

Question: Does Ryobi offer extra accessories?
Answer: Yes, it does. Ryobi offers users lots of accessories that make using their pressure washers fun and easy. Also, the accessories make the unit to be versatile as they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Some of the popular Ryobi accessories include turbo nozzles, surface cleaners, telescoping wands, pressure washer blooms, trigger guns, fillings, and couples. These allow the user to perform a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Question: Are Ryobi pressure washers expensive?
Answer: No, they are not. Ryobi pressure washers are some of the most affordable units on the market than the Simpson 3200 PSI Pressure Washer. That’s why homeowners prefer them, as they retail at a great price. But this doesn’t mean they don’t perform at a high level as they are exceptional in performance.

Question: What makes Ryobi pressure washers stand out from the rest?
Answer: Ryobi pressure washers are sturdily made and very powerful. In addition, the pressure washer comes with unique features like the capability to control water flow and pressure directly on the pressure wand. Besides, assembling Ryobi pressure washers is very simple and takes a few minutes. Their pressure washers from Ryobi are also easy to use when compared to other units.

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