Since their invention, folding wheelbarrows have been here to stay. These wheelbarrows help people with back problems or those who can’t push traditional heavy wheelbarrows to have a simple and amazing time cleaning their compound or even plant and weed their garden with much ease. Read this Folding Wheelbarrow Reviews to know more about this.

Even though there are many brands and models of folding wheelbarrows on the market, our focus today will be on the Allsop Home Garden WheelEasy folding wheelbarrow and Bosmere folding wheelbarrows. These are some of the most popular and preferred folding wheelbarrows on the market.

Top Two Folding Wheelbarrow Comparison Table

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Both of these folding wheelbarrows boast different features, and they have their advantages and disadvantages, as we’re going to find out. So, which folding wheelbarrow should you pick and why? Read on to find out.

Top 2 Folding Wheelbarrow Reviews 2024


Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow

The Allsop Home Garden WheelEasy folding wheelbarrow is not only a popular wheelbarrow on the market, but it is also well-made to withstand tough outdoor garden conditions. This wheelbarrow is sold in two sizes, with one having a 350-pound capacity for larger jobs and a smaller one with a 150-pound capacity for small jobs. The load capacity is quite similar to Truper’s 375 pounds Wheelbarrow.

It also features a uniquely soft-sided canvas barrow that is sturdy and easy to load or offload items on it. All you need to do is lay it flat on the ground and rake, roll, or slide the debris or rocks before lifting it and dumping them at a suitable place. No heavy lifting that will cause your back to ache. Besides, the wheelbarrow is lightweight and very easy to push around with its pneumatic tire. This means that it will move on different surfaces with a lot of ease.

Technical Specification of the Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow

Features Allsop Folding Wheelbarrow- Home & Garden WheelEasy
Holds up to: 150-pounds
Fabric canvas surface : Vinyl-coated denier nylon
Basin: 3-cubic-foot basin
Sizes available: 2 sizes: 150-lbs capacity & 350-lbs. capacity
Folding yard cart: Yes
UV-resistant: Yes
Included: Folding yard cart, unique soft-sided canvas barrow
Weight: 11.02 pounds
Dimension: 66 x 48 x 18 inches
Price: Allsop Home and Garden WheelEasyCheck Price on Amazon

Furthermore, the Allsop home garden folding wheelbarrow is easy to store as it can be folded. Also, you can pack it in your trunk and easily transport it to another area where it is required. With a one-year warranty, this is a good investment, and you can use it to gather weeds in the garden, collect debris, or even move rocks from one corner of your house to another. But if you need an extremely powerful multi-speed wheelbarrow, then check this Yardmax YD4103 Power Wheelbarrow article.



Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow

The Bosmere is stylishly constructed and very simple to use. Being a folding wheelbarrow, this tool is very easy to use and store. You can fold it when not in use, and it won’t take up a lot of your space. In addition, the wheelbarrow won’t use up a lot of your energy to push or pull the load around as it is more lightweight than the Worx Aerocart WG050 49 pounds Wheelbarrow.

It is sturdily made of a powder-coated metal frame and PVC-backed polyester bag with wipe-clean surfaces. Moreover, it has a solid wheel tire that doesn’t need inflating. This means that it will last many years as you won’t have to change it more often, like with pneumatic tires.

Technical Specification of the Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow

Features Bosmere Folding Wheelbarrow – Garden
Material: Metal
Storage:  45″ high x 13″ wide
Maximum Storage: 32″ long x 20″ wide x 29″ high
Tire: Solid wheel tire
Storage: Three storage pouches on the back
Bag: PVC-backed polyester bag
Included: Solid wheel tire, PVC-backed polyester bag, and Three storage pouches
Weight: 9.5 pounds
Dimension: 43 x 22 x 35 inches
Price: Bosmere Folding WheelbarrowCheck Prices on Amazon

The Wheelbarrow opens up to 32-inches long by 20-inches wide by 29-inches high when in use. This is enough space to carry lots of loads. It has 3 storage pouches on the back for storing small tools and other items of choice. However, this is not a great folding wheelbarrow for carrying heavy loads as it is not well supported, and users say that it is wobbly. But if you are looking for a wheelbarrow with large tires, then choose the Jackson wheelbarrow, as it is great for different terrains.



Why should you buy Folding Wheelbarrow?

Folding wheelbarrows are very convenient to use, especially if you’re back problems or just want a lightweight and compact wheelbarrow that you can use wherever you want to. Both the Allsop Home Garden WheelEasy and Bosmere folding wheelbarrows are sturdily made and very convenient to use. Also, the price is lower than other True Temper Wheelbarrows.

Depending on your needs, you may find the Allsop WheelEasy folding wheelbarrow to be great if you want a heavy-duty folding wheelbarrow that can perform the same functions as a traditional wheelbarrow. For those who want an affordable folding wheelbarrow for simple garden and lawn uses, then the Bosmere folding wheelbarrow will be a good option.


Just ensure that you get the right wheelbarrow for the types of jobs that you want t carry out. Generally, these folding wheelbarrows are more fun and convenient to use than traditional wheelbarrows.

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