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Best Backpack Blower 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Identifying the best backpack blower is not an easy thing. There are so many brands and types of blowers to choose from. Do I choose gasoline or electricity-powered leaf blower? Should you go for a Husqvarna, Greenworks, Makita, Echo, or Poulan backpack blower? What tank size is ideal for me? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before picking the best leaf blower.

Our Recommended 10 Best Backpack Blower Comparison Chart

ImagesBackpack BlowerAir Flow in PipePower Source
(My 2021's Choice)
Check Price
Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, Orange
Read Review
692.17 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceHusqvarna 570BTS powerful X-Torq engine, 65.6 cm³ Speed Backpack Blower
Read Review
768 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceDEWALT DCBL590X1 40V Max Lithium Ion Backpack Blower
Read Review
450 cfmBattery Powered
Check PriceBackpack Blower, Gas, 510 cfm, 215 mph
Read Review
510 cfmGas Powered
Check PricePoulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower
Read Review
475 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceMakita MM4 Backpack Blower, EB7650TH 75.6 cc
Read Review
670 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceHusqvarna 150BT Professional 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower
Read Review
434.37 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceTroy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology
Read Review
500 cfmGas Powered
Check PriceGreenworks 80V 145MPH - 580CFM Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower
Read Review
580 cfmBattery Powered

In this backpack blower review, we’ve made things easier for you by researching and coming up with the best 10 backpack blowers on the market. Also, we’ve included a guide to help you know what specs and factors to consider when buying a backpack leaf blower.

Top 10 Best Backpack Blower reviews 2021

Here are our best backpack blowers for 2021.

Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower

This is one of the best backpack blowers that you will come across for the money. The Husqvarna 350BT leaf blower boasts more power but with increased fuel economy and reduced emissions. At 22 pounds, this is a lightweight blower that will help you clear leaves on a large area without tiring.

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Thanks to its ergonomic and comfortable design. It has a padded harness, and the hipbelt is shaped to fit the contours of the operator. The cruise control allows the user to have an easy time as they adjust speed according to the task at hand.

Technical Specifications of the Husqvarna Backpack Blower – 350BT:

Type Husqvarna 350bt
Cylinder displacement: 50.2 см³
Spark plug: NGK CMR7H
Power output: 2.1 hp
Electrode gap: 0.03 in
Idling speed: 2200 rpm
Maximum power speed: 7500 rpm
Fuel tank volume: 42.27 fl oz
Fuel consumption: 455 g/kWh
Air speed: 494.41 cfm
Air flow in housing: 692.17 cfm
Weight: 22.5 lbs
OEM Harness: Integrated
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 104 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear: 94 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle: 2.2 m/s²
Blowing Force: 21 N
Price: Husqvarna 350btCheck Price on Amazon


  • It is easy to use and start
  • Great fuel economy and increased power
  • It blows air at 180 MPH
  • Cruise-control feature maintains consistent speed to help in finishing large tasks
  • Ergonomic design for easy use and comfort
  • 2-year warranty


  • The blower is quite loud; thus it needs hearing protection
  • It doesn’t come with a vacuuming or mulching feature

Makita BBX7600N 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower

If you’re looking for the most powerful unit, then the Makita BBX7600N is the best backpack blower for you. Featuring a 4-stroke engine with 75.6cc, this tool is very powerful, and it will last you for a long while before having to refill the tank.

Besides, it also meets EPA and CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations. The padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panel with lumbar support ensure that the user is comfortable. This is a great tool for commercial use or large properties. Note that it is also heavy.

Technical Specifications of the Makita 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blowers:

Type Makita BBX7600N
Engine displacement: 75.6 cc
Engine: 3.8 HP
Max. Air Velocity: 206 MPH
Maximum Air Volume: 706 cu. ft. per minute
Fuel Tank Capacity: 64 oz.
Crank Case Capacity: 7.4 oz.
Sound Pressure: 76 dB(A)
Dry Weight : 24.5 lbs.
Tools Included: Blower
Engine Type: 4 Cycle
Padded shoulder straps: Yes
Summer and winter operation adjustment: Yes
Fuel Type : Unleaded gas
Price: Makita BBX7600N 4-Stroke EngineCheck Price on Amazon


  • It is very powerful and fuel-efficient
  • Comfortable with the padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panel
  • It meets or exceeds EPA and CARB exhaust and evaporative emissions regulations
  • Great for commercial use
  • Works for longer hours before being refilled


  • It is quite expensive
  • It is heavy than other units on this list

Husqvarna 570BTS Backpack Blower

Husqvarna is another powerful blower like the Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Blower. The device features a 2-cycle X-Torq engine that reduces emissions by 60%, and fuel efficiency is boosted by 20%. This makes it be sound to the environment. The 24-pound blower is easy to assemble and very comfortable.

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The padded backpack offers comfort, and it is very easy to assemble. With a power output of 236MPH, this is a great backpack blower for both commercial and residential areas.

Technical Specifications of the Husqvarna Backpack Blower 570BTS:

Type Husqvarna 570BTS
Cylinder displacement: 65.6 см³
Maximum power speed: 8000 rpm
Power output: 4 hp
Electrode gap: 0 in
Idling speed: 2000 rpm
Spark plug: NGK CMR7H
Fuel tank volume: 74.4 fl oz
Fuel consumption: 431 g/kWh
Air speed: 236.2 mph
Air flow in housing: 972 cfm
Blowing Force: 37 N
Air speed (round nozzle): 236 mph
Air speed (flat nozzle): 202 mph
Air flow in pipe: 768 cfm
Tube diameter: 72 mm
OEM Nozzle type: Round
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 110 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear: 99 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle: 1.8 m/s²
Tube Length: 1197 mm
Tube Diameter: 72 mm
Weight: 24.7 lbs
Price: Husqvarna 570BTSCheck Price on Amazon


  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Easy to use and control the blower
  • Very powerful engine at 236MPH
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2-year warranty


  • At an average of 99 decibels, the blower is quite loud

DEWALT DCBL590B Backpack Blower

The Dewalt DCBL590B backpack blower is the quietest leaf blower on our list. It is powered by a battery and thus very easy to maintain. At such a great price, this electricity leaf blower is sturdily constructed and comfortable to use. It features a full variable speed trigger and speed lock, which makes controlling the blower to be easy.

In addition, it has two battery wells with the ability to choose the battery that you want t draw power from. With a 3-year warranty, this is the best backpack blower for clearing leaves around your homestead.

Technical Specifications of the Dewalt Backpack Blower:

Type Dewalt DCBL590B
Amp Hour: 7.5AH
Voltage: 40 Volts
Nominal Voltage: 36
Air speed: 142 mph
Air flow in housing: 450 cfm
Power Source: Cordless
Decibel:  63 dB(A)
Power Control:  Variable trigger and speed lock
Weight: 22.80 Pounds
Price: DEWALT DCBL590BCheck Price on Amazon


  • It is a bit silent in operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Powerful leaf blower
  • Variable speed allows you to have an easy time using the device
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • No battery is included, and you will have to purchase it separately
  • You will have to use at least two batteries for large jobs as one battery takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

ECHO PB-580T Backpack Blowers

Echo is another top brand when it comes to leaf blowers. The Echo PB-580T backpack blower comes with a 58.2cc engine that is powerful. This makes the product to be suitable for both commercial and residential use. The machine weighs 22 pounds before filling it with fuel. This means it’s lightweight.

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Also, it is very comfortable as it features additional padding on the backrest and shoulder straps. Furthermore, it has a back pad with venting that enables air to circulate around the wearer for more comfort during hot days.

Technical Specifications of the Echo PB580T Blower:

Type Echo PB580T
Starting System: Standard
Helper Handle: Standard
Carburetor: Diaphragm
Maximum Air Speed (mph): 215
Engine Displacement (cc): 58.2
Air Volume (cfm-pipe): 510
See-Through Fuel Tank: Standard
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.): 62
Dry Weight (lbs)2: 22.6
dB(A)1: 70
Newtons (N): 22
Consumer Warranty: 5 years
Commercial Warranty: 2 years
Price: ECHO PB-580TCheck Price on Amazon


  • It starts easily without hesitation
  • It is very powerful, with 215 MPH
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable with the extra padding on the backrest and shoulder straps
  • Great for wetter climates
  • 5-year warranty


  • It is quite louder
  • It is slightly on the higher side

Poulan Pro PR48BT Best Backpack Leaf Blower

If you’re tight on the budget but still want a durable backpack blower, then the Poulan Pro PR48BT leaf blower is for you. This small and compact leaf blower is sturdily built and lightweight. It is easy to control with the cruise control feature.

In addition, it has a variable throttle control that provides more control over the unit than a standard leaf blower. With a 48cc 2-stroke engine, this is a very powerful blower for using on a large area.

Technical Specifications of the Poulan Pro Leaf Blower PR48BT:

Type Poulan Pro PR48BT
Cylinder Displacement: 48 см³
Air Speed: 200 mph
Air Flow in Pipe: 475 cfm
Engine Type: 2 Cycle
Fuel Tank Capacity (oz.): 49.3
Noise rating (dB): 96.7
Power Type: Gas
Start Type: Recoil Start
Product Weight (lb.): 22 lb
Straps: Adjustable shoulder straps and padded
Price: Poulan Pro PR48BTCheck Price on Amazon


  • Variable speed throttle control offers more control
  • Cruise control allows the user to maintain a consistent speed for less strain during large tasks
  • Durable frame
  • It is very affordable
  • 2-year warranty


  • The blower is quite loud
  • Starting the unit in the cold is quite challenging

Makita EB7650TH Backpack Blower

Makita is a brand that is known to produce high-quality leaf blowers. The Makita EB7650TH backpack blower is no exception. Even though this model is cheaper than the one we discussed earlier, it is still quite expensive when compared to other leaf blowers on this list.

But the unit is powerful, comfortable, easy to use, easy to start, and can cover a huge area as it features a 64 capacity gasoline tank. Apart from the basic features, this unit also features an adjustable tube, tool-less handle adjustment, and a large grip for easy use.

Technical Specifications of the Makita 75cc Engine Backpack Blowers:

Type Makita EB7650TH
Engine displacement: 75.6 cc
Engine: 4-Stroke
Max. Air Velocity: 200 MPH
Maximum Air Volume: 670 cu. ft. per minute
Fuel Tank Capacity: 64 oz.
Max power (7,000 RPM) (hp): 3.8
Fuel: Straight Gas
Dry Weight : 24.1 lbs.
Tools Included: Blower
Sound Pressure Rating(dBA): 76
Price: Makita EB7650THCheck Price on Amazon


  • Comfortable leaf blower with its padded back panel
  • It fits easily with the adjustable straps
  • Easy to start and powerful engine
  • The large-capacity engine can be accessed or replaced with much ease
  • Can work for hours as it has a large capacity of 64 ounces


  • It is heavy when compared to other blowers on this list
  • It is slightly expensive

Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Leaf Blower

Featuring the X-torq engine, this Husqvarna 150BT backpack leaf blower increases fuel efficiency by up to 20% and reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60%. Furthermore, it has an outstanding air volume and velocity that aids in the clearing of leaves.

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This unit shares the same features with the 350BT blower, and the difference is in the amount of air volume produced. The 350BT model has an airspeed of 180MPH, while the 150BT has an airspeed of 250 MPH. But also, the 350BT has some superior features to this unit, such as cruise-control, adjustable ergonomic handle, and LowVib.

Technical Specifications of the Husqvarna Backpack Blower 150BT:

Type Husqvarna 150BT
Blowing Force: 20 N
Fuel consumption: 455 g/kWh
Power output: 2.15 hp
Fuel tank volume: 42.27 fl oz
Spark plug: NGK CMR7H
Air speed (round nozzle): 214.75 mph
Maximum Air speed: 251 miles per hour
Air flow in pipe: 434.37 cfm
Air flow in housing: 710 cfm
Cylinder displacement: Standard
OEM Nozzle type: Round
Price: Husqvarna 150BTCheck Price on Amazon


  • It has a great airspeed of 250 MPH
  • It has an air purge function, which makes it be easy to start
  • Ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the user
  • Great engine power with reduced emissions
  • 2-year warranty


  • There have been some complaints about the trigger being loose
  • Other users have reported that it is quite challenging to start in cold conditions

Troy-Bilt TB4BP Backpack Blower – Gas Leaf

Troy-Bilt is one of the oldest brands on this list. It has been creating some of the best outdoor tools with leaf blowers included. The Troy-Bilt TB4BP is a sturdy and reliable best backpack blower with outstanding features. The device is beautifully made with a compact design.  Actually, it is one of the lightest backpack blowers on this list.

It has up to 150 MPH airspeed and 500CFM air volume for blowing piles of leaves quickly. It is also comfortable, and the long flex tube allows the user to maneuver around. If you’re looking for a sturdy and powerful backpack blower at a great price, this is the machine for you.

Technical Specifications of the Troy-Bilt Backpack Blower:

Type Troy-Bilt TB4BP
Engine/Motor: 32cc*, 4-cycle full-crank
Noise Level: 72 dBA
Power output: 2.15 hp
Starting System: SpringAssist with JumpStart™ capability
Choke System: Standard
Handle: Overmold
Airflow Velocity: 150 mph
Air flow volume: 500 cfm
Weight (Approx.): 17.7 lbs
Price: Troy-Bilt TB4BPCheck Price on Amazon


  • Easy to control with the cruise control and variable throttle features
  • Easy to maneuver with the flex tubes
  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Not the most durable backpack blower

Greenworks PRO 80V Backpack Blower

This is one of the most powerful electricity backpack blowers on our list. It is powered by an 80V battery, which is very powerful. The unit is lightweight and compact for easy use. It has a cruise-control feature that allows the user to have an easy time working in a large area.

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The Brushless motor offers gas equivalent performance, and variable speed trigger and a turbo button provide on-demand power. This unit won’t weigh you down as you tidy up your compound. With a 4-year warranty from a reliable brand, this leaf blower is worth investing in.

Technical Specifications of the Greenworks Backpack Blower- 80V:

Type Greenworks Pro 80V
Fan Design: Axial
Trigger Speed: Variable
MPH: 145
CFM: 580
Voltage: 80V
Cruise Control: Yes
Turbo Button: Yes
Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah
Tool Warranty: 4 Year
Battery Warranty: 2 Year
Weight: 14.64 lbs
Price: Greenworks PRO 80VCheck Price on Amazon


  • Easy to use with the variable speed trigger and turbo buttons
  • Easy to control with the cruise control
  • It is very powerful
  • The Cruise-control feature allows you to easily control the tool
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 4-year tool warranty


  • The battery is not included

Best Backpack Blower Buyer’s Guide

After looking at some of the best backpack leaf blowers on the market, we’ve also narrowed down to some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a great leaf blower for your needs. These are as follows:


Backpack blowers have to be physically held up by the user. With this in mind, the weight of the blower has to be put into consideration. A lightweight backpack blower will allow you to perform the job without straining a lot, while a heavy blower may weigh you down, especially it’s hot outside. So, choose a lightweight blower for an easy and fun experience.

Type of power

When it comes to power, leaf blowers are usually divided into two. This is the gasoline operated blowers and the electricity operated blowers. Gasoline blowers are the most popular, but electricity blowers are also becoming popular. But still, gasoline backpack blowers are the best and offer the best performance.


Loud backpack leaf blowers can wake up your neighbor and even cause bad blood between the two of you. So, why not go for a leaf blower with a lower sound? If you live in a remote area, having a louder blower isn’t a big issue as most people leave far apart. But if you have neighbors close, having a leaf blower with decibels of less than 65 is okay.

Tank/battery size

Whether it is a gasoline-powered or electricity powered leaf blower, you need to have one with the right power so that it can last you through. You don’t want to stop halfway in order to refill gasoline or recharge the electricity-powered blower. Therefore, it is a good idea to opt for a larger tank or larger battery blower. The only problem is that the larger the tank or battery, the heavier the device will be.

Cruise control

The cruise control feature makes the work of the user to be easy and fun. The cruise control allows you to adjust the speed of the leaf blower so that you don’t have to be constantly on the throttle. This means that you will have less strain, and the entire leaf blowing process will be less strenuous for you.


Since a leaf blower costs a lot, you need to buy a product that has a warranty. This will help you to receive a replacement or repair in case the product delivered has a defect in material or workmanship. Always ensure to acquire a leaf blower with at least 2 years warranty or more. Most of the best brands have a warranty and great customer support.


If you want the best performance, then you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. The best backpack leaf blowers come at a hefty price but will serve you for a long time. But still, there are some affordable models at favorable prices. Go for one with the features that you want.

Final thoughts
Finding the best backpack leaf blower is not an easy task. But with our guide and review, you should be able to pinpoint a leaf blower easily. Ensure that the backpack blower you choose has the features that you desire and at the right price. Go for the best backpack blower, as this is a huge investment. The blower that you choose should be comfortable, sturdy, strong, lightweight, and easy to use.


Question: Who requires a backpack blower?
Answer: A backpack blower is ideal for homes or properties with trees. Leaves can become a nuisance in your home when they fall throughout your lawn. This can cause some serious issues such as fire, insects can breed, and it as well becomes unsightly.

Using the old method of raking up leaves can be tiresome and time-consuming. Instead, getting a quality backpack leaf blower will aid you to get the job done quickly and comfortably.

Question: What Backpack leaf blower should I purchase?
Answer: A backpack leaf blower will cost you a lot, and thus you need to select a quality and reliable blower. Ensure that you purchase a device that meets your needs and demands. The backpack leaf blower should be durable, strong, and powerful. Additionally, you don’t want a heavy blower that will weigh you down as you clear leaves on a large property. Do some research and find the best machine for your needs and budget.

Question: Are backpack leaf blowers worth the money?
Answer: Yes, they are. But this also depends on the type of leaf blower that you select. If you want to have returns on investment, then you should go for a high-quality, powerful, and sturdy leaf blower that will last for many years to come. A good leaf blower will allow you to clear the leaves on your compound quickly and efficiently. Unlike a rake, a leaf blower is easy to use and gets the job done quickly.

Still, have a question after reading this Best Backpack Blower Reviews? Comment below.


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