Jackson Wheelbarrows are one of the best on the market. They offer high-quality, durable, and dependable wheelbarrows for professional use. The wheelbarrows are normally made of heavy-duty steel, which is strong and durable and features robust hardwood handles that make them very tough. Read this Jackson Wheelbarrow Reviews to know more about this.

In addition, their industrial-grade steel trays put up with the most challenging day-to-day use, and the flat-free tires can easily maneuver on different terrains. Assembling the Jackson wheelbarrow is simple as it comes with an instruction manual for guiding the user on how to do it.

In this Jackson Wheelbarrow review, we’re going to look at two popular Jackson wheelbarrows with 6 cubic feet. This is the Jackson M6T22 Jackson steel contractor wheelbarrow and Jackson steel medium duty wheelbarrow. It can’t carry as much load as the Worx WG050 Aerocraft 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow, but if you intend to carry out rigorous tasks in your garden or to carry heavy loads, then you should choose a Jackson wheelbarrow.

Top Two Jackson Wheelbarrow Comparison Table

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Besides, the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty which is a great period for the buyer to determine if the wheelbarrow is right for their work or not.

Jackson Wheelbarrow Reviews 2024


The Ames Companies, Inc M6T22 6-cu ft Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow

The Jackson M6T22 6 cubic foot Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow is a sturdily made unit that will withstand tough use.  It is made out of steel, and most people love it because of this. Besides, the product comes with instructions, even though some users say that they are vague. As a result, setting up the wheelbarrow is not a challenge, but you can still hire a person if you feel that you cannot do it on your own.

Technical Specification of the m6t22 Jackson steel contractor wheelbarrow

Features Jackson Steel Contractor Wheelbarrow- M6T22
Material: Metal
Handles: 60-Inch heavy duty wood handles
Tire: 16-Inch tubed tire
Hauling capacity: 6 cubic foot
Easy-to-maneuver: Yes
Easy to assemble: Yes
Included: Heavy-duty steel trays, professional-grade steel undercarriage, and strong hardwood handles
Weight: 10 pounds
Dimension: 58.8 x 25.5 x 27 inches
Price: Jackson M6T22Check Price on Amazon

Regardless of having wooden frames, this wheelbarrow is still strong and comfortable to use. It is strong and will support the hauling of heavy loads. Furthermore, the wheelbarrow is very easy to push as the flat-free tires move with much ease. The wheelbarrow is built for carrying rocks, heavy tools, and stones. However, this doesn’t make it fit for construction work, but it is still great for garden use. Like the R625 True Temper Steel Wheelbarrow, it features wooden handles that may become uncomfortable when using the wheelbarrow for longer hours.

Other than that, this is a great tool that will be fun to use. It has an ideal height that won’t cause any backache, and it is extremely efficient in use. If you want the grip to be comfortable, you can insert a rubber on the tips and have some relief.



Jackson Steel Medium Duty Wheelbarrows, 6 cu ft

This is another quality wheelbarrow from Jackson. The Jackson steel medium-duty wheelbarrow is also durably constructed to last long. It is made of a steel tray with a black finish. This is a medium-duty wheelbarrow that is also great for residential garden use. The unit comes with tray braces that offer additional strength and support when pushing or pouring heavy loads. Besides, the glide-ring design on the trays won’t catch hoes or shovels.

Technical Specification of the Jackson steel Medium duty wheelbarrow

Features Jackson Steel Wheelbarrow, Medium Duty – 6cu ft
Bin Material: Metal
Handles: 60-inch seal-coated hardwood handles
Handle Material: Wood
Hauling capacity: 6 cubic foot
Garden Center Tool Type: Wheelbarrow
Tires: Pneumatic Tires
Included: 60-inch seal-coated hardwood handles and  Seamless steel tray
Weight: 36.5 pounds
Dimension: 40,449.4 x 60 x 24 inches
Price: Jackson Steel Medium Duty WheelbarrowsCheck Price on Amazon

The Jackson medium-duty wheelbarrow has a black finish which is ideal for garden use. It is also easy to utilize as it comes with wooden handles that can be made better by inserting rubber for added comfort. Apart from that, it has a flat tire that can easily maneuver in the garden without getting stuck. Maintaining heavy-duty steel is also very easy, and you will use this wheelbarrow for many years to come.

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So, if you’ve lots of heavy-duty work that you need to carry out in the garden, this will be a perfect wheelbarrow for you. Steel wheelbarrows make the best garden and heavy-duty wheelbarrows as they are better than synthetic materials that easily crack or break when carrying heavy loads. With the 6 cubic foot capacity, this wheelbarrow will allow you to carry lots of loads and complete the job quicker than most wheelbarrows.



Key differences between the Jackson M6T22 and Jackson medium-duty wheelbarrow

Besides having the same name, these wheelbarrows are made by two different manufacturers. The Jackson steel contractor M6T22 wheelbarrow is made by Ames True Temper, while the Jackson Steel Medium-Duty wheelbarrow is made by Jackson Professional Tools. Also, the Jackson M6T22 wheelbarrow has a blue finish, while the Jackson medium-duty wheelbarrow has a black finish.


Looking at these two wheelbarrows, it is clear that they are both sturdy and very easy to use. They have the same capacity of 6 cubic foot making them suitable for garden use. The handles are wooden but very good to use. The steel construction makes them sturdy and able to withstand tough use. That’s why they can be used to carry different types of loads such as stones, tools, and even rocks in your garden.

So, if you want the most versatile wheelbarrow between these two Jackson wheelbarrows, then you will be better off with the Jackson Steel Medium-Duty wheelbarrow. However, it is slightly costly than the Jackson M6T22 Contractor and Allsop folding Wheelbarrows. But both are very versatile and a great investment that will last for several years to come. I hope this Jackson Wheelbarrow reviews article will help a lot to make the right decision.


Question: What determines a good wheelbarrow?
Answer: Having the right wheelbarrow for your job is vital. Never evaluate a wheelbarrow basing on the quality of the material. Instead, you should pick a wheelbarrow depending on your needs. Also, ensure that the wheelbarrow is user-friendly and of the right height for your back. If you’re a small individual or are injured, then you should not carry heavier loads or use very heavy wheelbarrows. Pick a wheelbarrow that offers even weight distribution making transportation easy. It should also be of the right height so that you don’t have to struggle to lift it or to push it forward.

Question: What should I look for in a good wheelbarrow?
Answer: There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a wheelbarrow. Start by searching for a wheelbarrow with the ideal ground clearance. If your garden is on an uneven surface, then you need to get a wheelbarrow with enough ground clearance so that you don’t have to struggle to push it around with loads.

Besides ground clearance, the pivot distance is also vital. A larger pivot is good for garden use as the wheelbarrow will be easy to move around quickly. Wood and metal handles are the most common, but they also cause blisters. If you want a more comfortable handle, consider one with rubber grips.

Question: Can I assemble the Jackson wheelbarrow by myself?
Answer: Yes, you can. Assembling the wheelbarrow is easy as it comes with instructions to help you. But if you’re not sure about assembling the wheelbarrow, then you can hire someone to do the job for you. Also, you can check out video guides on how to assemble the Jackson wheelbarrow on YouTube.

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