Oregon Pole SawOregon is a compact and lightweight pole saw a device that will make pruning and trimming unwanted tree branches in your compound to be easy and fast. Unlike most cordless pole saws, the PS250 is very powerful and has the ability to offer more than 500 cuts in one full charge. This unit comes with a reliable battery that can be used for 60 minutes continuously before having to be recharged. Read this Oregon Pole Saw Review to know more about this saw.

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The Oregon PS250 pole saw is powered by a 40v maximum lithium-ion battery that perfectly cuts 2 to 3-inch branches. The pole saw is ergonomically designed for convenient use. It has a mid-mount motor design for a better balance of the tool and the saw can be extended up to 10 feet for easy access of taller limbs. Besides, this saw is very fun to use as it doesn’t need gas-oil mixing and it has no pull cords.

Technical Specifications of the Oregon PS250 Pole Saw


Oregon PS250 Pole Saw

Cuts per charge: up to 500 cuts
Extendable reach: up to 15 feet
Adjustable Collar:  7 to 10 feet
Power Source: battery-powered
Chain Tensioning: easy-adjust
Includes: 4.0Ah Battery pack and  shoulder strap
Battery charged: up to 1,000 times
Electric Start: Yes
Weight: 13.5 pounds
Dimensions: 75 x 4 x 5 inches
Price: Oregon PS250Check Price on Amazon

Furthermore, your neighbors won’t be distracted as it is silent in operation and doesn’t vibrate. So, you can continue with your pruning work without having to be stopped by angry neighbors. With its compact cutting head and lightweight design, this is a great tool for keeping your homestead tidy and good looking.

Oregon Pole Saw Review 2024

Oregon Pole Saw isn’t a cheap saw. You have to invest money if you want a high-quality saw.

Mid-mount motor design

This is one of the unique features of this gadget. A good number of pole saws are not balanced and this becomes a huge problem for many users. For this model, the device has a mid-mount motor design that makes it be well-balanced with reduced elevated weight.

Compact cutting head

Unlike most pole saws on the market, the PS250 pole saw features a compact cutting head with an 8-inch bar. This allows it to easily maneuver through tree branches and cut the ideal branches. In addition, it has a cast aluminum branch removal hook that allows better cutting agility and an increased line of the area to cut.

Lightweight design

If you plan on working the entire day, then this is the right tool for you. The Oregon PS250 40V pole saw is very lightweight as it only weighs 13.5 lbs with a battery. This means that you will have better balance and less fatigue as you work on your garden or lawn. Additionally, you can access far to reach branches easily as you can extend the saw up to 10-inches or even 15-inches.

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Ergonomic design

When it comes to the handling of this pole saw, you will have an easy time and fun at the same time. This is because it is ergonomically constructed for easy use. From its handle to the shoulder strap, you will have an easy time using this device.

4.0h powerful battery

Another great feature of this pole saw is its powerful battery. The Oregon pole saw comes with a 40v maximum lithium-ion battery. This battery comes with a premium cell technology with constant no-fade power. It can provide you with up to 500 cuts on 2 to 3-inch branches. In addition, it has a planetary great reduction system that produces a proficient transfer of power.

When the battery becomes low, this saw has a battery level indicator that will let you know when to recharge the battery. So, you will never be caught unaware or completely drain your battery. Many users say that the saw lasts up to 1 hour and it only takes around 2 hours to fully recharge it.

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Comfortable design

Some pole saws can drain you, especially if you are working for longer hours. This is not the case with the Oregon pole which is not only lightweight but also comfortable. The battery is located at the base of the saw, the motor in the middle and the saw at the end. This means that the weight is well-balanced and not a problem at all as you try and reach distant or shorter branches.

Quiet operation with no vibrations

One of the greatest challenges that many homeowners face in using a pole saw is the amount of noise they produce. Most pole saws are very loud and this can cause a lot of distractions to the people around. Oregon PS250 is very silent in operation and it doesn’t vibrate at all. This means that you will not be distracted as you trim bad or damaged limbs in your compound.

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Easy to use

Using this saw is very easy as it is not as demanding as gas-powered saws. It doesn’t need gas-oil mixing, no pull cords, it doesn’t emit any harmful substances, and there is no warm-up. With such features and an instant start, you will really enjoy using this device.  Also, you don’t have to the saw as it has an automatic oiler.


The manufacturer provides buyers of this unit with a 2-year warranty. So, you can purchase this saw without having to worry about anything as it will be fully covered for 2 years. In case you receive a damaged product or with a defect in material or workmanship, you can return it for replacement or repair.

Why buy Oregon Pole Saw PS250?

Cons of the Oregon cordless Pole Saw


Generally, the Oregon PS250 is an amazing pole saw that will provide you with great power and efficiency during use. It is lightweight, compact, comfortable, and versatile. Unlike gas-powered saws, this one is silent in operation and doesn’t vibrate. So, you will have an easy time utilizing it for over a long period of time before having to recharge it.

However, this pole saw is quite expensive when compared to other similar devices on the market. Overall, this is a nice tool that you will enjoy using to keep your fence in order and bring down dried or ugly tree branches. I hope this Oregon Pole Saw Review article will help a lot in take the right decision.


Question: Can the chain saw be removed from the pole easily for storage?
Answer: No, it is not. Since the saw is mounted on the pole and the entire assembly is fastened to the motor with screws, this will take you some time. So, it won’t be a quick change and it will take some time for it to be disassembled.

Question: Is this saw capable of cutting through 5-inch branches?
Answer: Yes, it is. With an 8-inch bar length and a powerful motor that produces 40v, expect this pole saw to cut through branches that are 5-inch thick or even slightly higher.

Question: How should I treat my battery to ensure a longer life?
Answer: Always keep the battery inside your house in ideal temperatures. Also, never leave the battery out in the sun. When the battery indicates low, recharge it as soon as possible and don’t drain all of it.

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