No one wants to spend the entire weekend raking leaves in the backyard, garden, or pathway. So, why not get a quality cordless backpack blower like the GreenWorks pro 60v electric leaf blower? Read this Greenworks Pro 60V Blower review to know more about this backpack blower.
Greenworks Pro 60V Blower ReviewA good leaf blower such as the GreenWorks Pro 60V device will ease your work and get the job done quickly and effectively. Also, the unit is lightweight than the Husqvarna 580BTS backpack blower.

Days are gone when you had to spend the entire day tidying your backyard using a traditional manual rake. Powerful and efficient leaf blowers like the GreenWorks Pro not only ease your work but as well but are comfortable to use.

Technical Specifications of the Greenworks Pro 60V Blower:

Type Backpack
Fan Design: Axial
Trigger Speed: Variable
MPH: 140
CFM: 540
Voltage: 60V
Cruise Control: Yes
Turbo Button: Yes
Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah
Tool Warranty: 4 Year
Battery Warranty: 2 Year
Run Time: 45 Minute Average
Price: Greenworks Pro 60V BlowerCheck Price on Amazon


The GreenWorks Pro 60V device is a cordless electric leaf blower. It is powered by either a 2.5 Ah battery or a 5.0 Ah battery. It is very powerful with the ability to clear both dry and wet leaves effectively. It is silent in operation and doesn’t produce dangerous fumes like gas leaf blowers.

Greenworks Pro 60V Blower Review 2024

At such a great price, you will get a device that is lightweight and comfortable to use. However, buying the battery and charger separately makes it be slightly expensive than similar models. Overall, this is a nice leaf blower that will get the job done easily and without straining a lot. Check out our review on this device to make your final decision.

Durable construction

Not all leaf blowers that you see out there are sturdily made. Some offer great power and comfort, but when the device falls down, that’s the beginning of problems. The GreenWorks Pro blower is sturdily constructed for longevity. GreenWorks is a reliable brand and offers a wide range of garden tools. Many users recommend this tool and say it is very durable and great for residential use.

Quiet operation

Tired of the loud gas leaf blowers? Worry not, as the GreenWorks Pro 60V leaf blower produces half the noise produced by most gas leaf blowers. So, no more noise disturbance to the neighbors, and it also allows you to clear leaves in your backyard in the early morning or late evening. At 89 dB, this is a great tool that you will also enjoy using without damaging your ears.

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Powerful leaf blower

This is a very powerful leaf blower that will get the job done quickly and easily. The device features a high-efficiency brushless motor that maximizes power, run time, and motor life. In addition, it has a turbo boost that delivers 540 CFM at 140 MPH to move the most difficult stubborn leaves and grass from your backyard or garden.

Variable speed trigger with cruise control

This is another amazing feature of the GreenWorks 60V leaf blower. Both the variable speed trigger and cruise control allow you to select and maintain a speed that you want without being fatigued. Therefore, if you intend to work for longer hours, you will find this feature to be very important. But if you are looking for an affordable gas-powered unit, then check this Husqvarna 350BT Leaf blower Reviews article.

Comfortable blower

When looking for a leaf blower, comfort is one of the key features to consider. Some leaf blowers are not comfortable at all and will make your backache after using them. But with this leaf blower, you will be okay using it for long hours as it has well-padded shoulders that offer much-needed comfort. The settings are also positioned on the handle; thus, you don’t have to strain.

Lightweight and compact

Weighing around 12 pounds with measurements of 36 x 12 x 10 inches, this is a lightweight and compact device when compared to heavy and large gas leaf blowers. You can carry it for long hours without being fatigued, and you won’t feel any challenge doing so.

Eco-friendly product

GreenWorks Pro and Echo PB-580T are both eco-friendly leaf blowers. So if you don’t want to pollute the environment or endanger your health, then the GreenWorks Pro should be your most preferred leaf blower. Unlike gas-powered leaf blowers that produce dangerous fumes into the environment, this one is an electric leaf blower that doesn’t produce any fumes as it uses electricity instead of gas. So, you’re safe using this device, and you will not pollute the environment.

Easy to use

There is nothing challenging about using this gadget. No refueling or hard starts. Just charge the battery to full capacity and easily start the leaf blower. It is better if you’ve more than one battery so that it can be on standby when the one you’re using runs out.


GreenWorks offers a 4-year limited warranty to buyers of this product. This is a good warranty considering the average warranty for leaf blowers is a 2-year warranty.

Why buy Greenworks Pro 60V Leaf Blower?

Cons of the Greenworks Pro 60V Blower


The GreenWorks Pro 60V cordless electric backpack leaf blower is an outstanding device that delivers great power and is easy to use. It is lightweight and comfortable for extended use and very easy to maintain. The best part about this blower is that it is eco-friendly, and you will love using it over a longer period of time.

Whether you’re a professional or just a DIY enthusiast, you will find this leaf blower to be exceptional in performance. It does the job well and doesn’t make a loud noise like most gas-powered leaf blowers. Above all, the 4-year warranty is something that sets it above competitor leaf blowers on the market. I hope this Greenworks Pro 60V Blower review article will help a lot to make the right decision.


Question: How long does the blower last?
Answer: It depends on the type of battery you’re using and the speed at which you’re using the blower. For a 5.0 Ah battery, it will last for 180 minutes, while for a 2.5 Ah battery, it will last for 45 minutes. But if you run the electric backpack blower at full speed, it may last less than 17 minutes.

Question: Does GreenWorks offer a warranty for this particular product?
Answer: Yes, it does. GreenWorks offers one of the best warranties on the market. This is because this leaf blower model comes with a 4-year limited warranty, while most blowers have a 2-year warranty. As a result, the buyer has enough time to know how the device performs, and in case of a defect, they can get a replacement or have it repaired.

Question: How long does the battery last?
Answer: First of all, this model doesn’t come with a battery; thus, you will have to purchase one separately, which is an added cost after buying the blower. But after adding the battery, it generates more power than the Husqvarna 150bt leaf blower. If you use a 5.0 Ah battery, the runtime will be around 180 minutes on a full charge, and for a 2.5 Ah battery, the runtime will be around 45 minutes on a full charge.

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  1. Why does my pro shut off after 10 minute run time and then will run again if let set for a few minutes? Something overheating in trigger mechanism? Less than two years old!

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