The Claber hose reel is a quality brand with a wide range of hose reels with the same high level of technological design and functionality. Whether you are looking for a compact unit for small gardens or a larger hose reel for commercial use, you will get it at Claber. Read this Claber Hose Reel Review to know more about this brand reels.

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Apart from offering all kinds of hose reels, Claber hose reels are made of ABS plastic and also in aluminum or stainless steel and are UV stabilized. Most Claber hose reels are weather-resistant and very easy to mount. So, if you want a simple reel for your garden or lawn or a professional grade reel for a large garden, continue reading our review to find out.

Most Popular 2 Best Claber Hose Reel Review 2024

If you want a high-quality reel, then you should consider Claber reels.


Claber 8990 Automatic Rotoroll Wall Mount Garden Hose

The Claber 8990 Automatic Rotoroll wall mount swivel garden hose reel is a lovely and stylish hose reel that will change the look of your patio or any place that it is installed. It is made of polypropylene and then molded in glass fiber reinforced plastic that is shockproof and UV-resistant. As a result, it is weather-resistant and extremely durable.

Technical Features of the Claber Automatic Rotoroll Wall Mount Garden Hose Reels:


Claber Automatic Rotoroll Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Metal: Aluminum
Aluminum pin: rustproof
Made of : polypropylene and moulded in glass fibre reinforced plastic that is shockproof and UV-resistant
Automatically shuts off water: Yes
Assembly: required
Includes: 66-feet 1/2-inch hose, 6.5-feet 1/2-inch lead hose, spray nozzle, quick-click couplings, and wall mounting hardware
Easy to mount it to the wall: 180-Degree swivel wall mount hose reel with automatic rewinding of hose
guarantees safety: Yes, it has patented locking device
safe hose rewinding: Spring-loaded powered with locking device
Maximum Temperature: 122°F.
Maximum Pressure: 435 PSI
Weight: 22.8 pounds
Dimensions: 18.1 x 10.2 x 21.5 inches
Price: Claber 8990Check Price on Amazon

Moreover, this is a 180-degree swivel wall mount hose reel with an automatic rewinding system for easy retracting of the hose. It is also spring-loaded powered with a locking device for easy and safe hose rewinding. The reel comes with a 3-layer braided hose resistant to high water pressure and bursting pressure of 435 PSI. After using the hose, the smart guide will glide the hose uniformly back to the reel. In addition, the hose reel is shockproof and very easy to assemble.

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Claber 8894 Metal Gemini Garden Hose Reel

Tired of mounting your hose reel on different parts of your home? The Claber 8894 metal Germini garden hose reel is here to help you. Besides being made of a steel drum, handle, and frame, this unit features an epoxy resin finish for the resistance of the elements. It has two 8-inch polypropylene plastic wheels that are sturdy and can move on any terrain. It also features 6.5 feet of 5/8-inch lead hose and quick-click couplings.

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Technical Features of the Claber Metal Gemini Garden Hose Reels:


Claber Metal Gemini Garden Hose Reel

Metal: Aluminum
Holds up to: 230-Foot 5/8-inch
wheels : 8-Inch polypropylene plastic, sturdy for smooth rolling
Drum, handle, and frame: made of steel with epoxy resin finish for resistance to the elements
Assembly: required
Includes: 6.5-feet 5/8-inch lead hose and quick-click couplings
Crack handle: can be mounted left or right, depending on your preference
Maximum Temperature: 122°F.
Weight: 14.42 pounds
Dimensions: 25.3 x 18.1 x 34.1 inches
Price: Claber 8894Check Price on Amazon

One of the most unique features of this hose reel is the capacity that allows it to hold up to 230 ft of 5/8-inch hose. Also, it comes with a crank handle that can be mounted on either the left or right-hand side of the hose reel. Furthermore, the hose reel is easy to assemble and comes with a 2-year warranty. With such features and a great price, this is a wonderful hose reel for professional use.




Claber is a wonderful hose reel with great products to offer. It also has a great support team and provides a warranty on all of its products. The above Claber hose reels are sturdily made with advanced features. Depending on your needs and budget, you may find either the Claber 8990 or Claber 8894 hose reel to be good for you.

If you want a professional-grade hose reel, then the Claber 8894 hose reel is great for you. But for those who want a simple and convenient hose reel for their small lawns or garden, then the Claber 8990 will be a great option.


Question: Is it possible to use any type of spray nozzle on my Rotoroll, or must it be a Claber nozzle?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. But it is advisable to use Claber nozzles for the best water performance. Also, ensure that you get the right nozzle to avoid issues.

Question: If I install my hose vertically, will there be a change in pressure?
Answer: Of course, yes. For every 33 ft, whether lined up or down, there will be a gain or loss of 14.5 PSI. So, when you decide to install the hose vertically, you should have this in mind. Still, have a question after reading this Claber Hose Reel Review? Comment below.

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