The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is an excellent storage power station for campers and people who live in areas with rampant power outages. Thanks to its small and lightweight construction, you won’t have issues moving it from one place to another. However, when compared to Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable station, this unit is slightly heavy, as it weighs around 30 pounds. This is because of the built-in 396Wh ATM lead-acid battery and Pure Sine Wave inverter. Read this Goal Zero Yeti 400 Review to know more about this portable generator.

Aside from being heavy, the Yeti 400 portable power station is a perfect one-stop backup power. Instead of buying the solar controller and inverter separately, this device has both of them built-in inside. Therefore, you will only be required to purchase a solar panel of your choice. A small solar panel will make the unit portable, while a bigger one will enable you to recharge the battery quickly.

Technical Features of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station:


Goal Zero Yeti 400

Compatible with: iPhones, MacBooks, Samsung, Dell laptops, and much more.
Gas-free generator alternative: with no noise, no fumes, no maintenance
Surge Wattage: 600W
Charging: up to 7 devices at once
Running Wattage: 300W
Peak Capacity: 428Wh (10.8V, 39.6Ah)
Outlets: AC, 12V, and USB outputs
Operating Usage Temp: 32-104F (0-40C)
Weight: 29 pounds
Dimensions: 8 x 10.2 x 8 inches
Price: Goal Zero Yeti 400 ReviewCheck Price on Amazon

Furthermore, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 features several outlets for connecting different devices at once. It has three charging options, which makes it convenient everywhere you go. Aland with the power management system, you cannot overcharge the unit. The unit will stop the flow of power before it is completely depleted.

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If you’re still uncertain whether this is the battery for you or not, then read our entire review to make a well-informed decision.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Review 2024


Compact and lightweight

Even though this inverter generator is powerful than gas-powered generators, it is of the same size as a regular battery. As a result, keeping or transporting this unit shouldn’t pose a significant challenge. On top of that, it features a sturdy casing that holds it in place and protects it from the elements. With the ergonomic handle, lifting this power backup unit to and from your truck as you go camping will be easy and fast.

Safe to use

What’s more, the power station generates clean power that is safe to use for sensitive electronics such as laptops, phones, cameras, etc. This is because of the Pure Sine Wave inverter. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about polluting the environment as it is with gas-powered units. Unlike Generac 7117 GP2200i gas-powered generator, Yeti 400 doesn’t produce fumes that are dangerous to the environment.

Powers multiple devices

The 396Wh lead-acid portable power station has a 33Ah capacity that can run several electronics for hours. The user can plug in a maximum of 7 devices at a time. This is provided that they don’t exceed 3000 running watts. Also, they should use a maximum of 600 starting watts. What’s more surprising is that the unit runs quietly without making noise, despite the excellent power that it produces. But Goal Zero Yeti 1400 features a lithium-ion battery that more durable than this power tool.

Three recharge options

Whether you’re heading to a cabin, off-road, or the woods, this battery will still be able to serve you even if it runs out of power. This is because it provides the user with three different recharging options. When you’re off-grid, you can recharge it using the solar panel or in your car. However, you will be required to purchase a solar panel and a car charger. Also, it gives you the option of recharging it via a wall outlet.
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power StationCheck Price on Amazon

Expandable power

Are the party at the campsite big and you need it to last longer? Worry not! The Goal Zero Yeti storage power station can be linked up with other 33Ah lead-acid batteries to increase overall power delivered.

A built-in charge controller and inverter

A unique feature of this portable battery is the integrated charge controller and inverter. These are two crucial features of solar storage units. In the case of the Yeti 400, you don’t need to buy them separately as they are built inside the unit. The only thing that you will have to buy to start charging the unit using solar is solar panels. It is a setback but the unit is safer than the Pulsar electric generator.

Controlled temperature

Heat is one of the destroyers of electronics. So, to keep your gadgets and battery running well, you need to keep it cool and within the right temperatures. That’s why the heat sink and two fans are fitted in this battery. These help to maintain the temperature of the Yeti 400 throughout use.

Easy to use

Using this battery is fun and straightforward. Thanks to the LCD screen that displays all the vital info. The display tells you how much power you’re using. This will allow you to estimate how long the power will sustain you. Also, its well-organized control panel doesn’t need any explanation as everything is clear.

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Despite being made by one of the best portable power station companies, the Goal Zero Yeti 400 has one of the shortest warranties on the market. The battery comes with a 6-month warranty, while the other parts have a one-year warranty.

Pros of the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable power station

Cons of the Yeti 400 Portable Power Station, 400Wh Battery Powered Generator Alternative with 12V


The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a reliable and powerful portable generator. It is best suited for outdoor enthusiasts who want to power their phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, flashlights, and other small electronic devices. Also, this unit runs more quietly than the Wen 56380i inverter generator. It can support up to 7 devices at once as it comes with seven outlets. It is also very convenient as you can charge it using a wall socket, car charger, or solar panels. So, wherever you go, you will have an option for recharging your unit.

For those who have large appliances like air conditioners, this is not the unit for you as it produces a maximum of 600 surge watts. Overall, this is a reliable and convenient portable lead-acid battery that will last you for hours when fully charged. I hope this Goal Zero Yeti 400 Review article has given a clear idea about this portable generator.


Question: Can I use the Yeti 400 to charge my air conditioner and water heater?
Answer: No, you can’t. This is because the Yeti 400 produces a maximum power surge of 600 watts, while a standard air conditioner requires at least 900 surge watts, and a water heater needs at least 1100 watts. So, you need a more powerful Goal Zero Yeti generator to run these devices, such as the Goal Zero Yeti 3000 inverter power station.

However, you can still use this battery to run devices with lower power needs such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, some fridges, flashlights, LED lights, small TVs, CPAP machines, and much more.

Question: Will I be able to use this portable power supply throughout the year?
Answer: Of course, you will. However, different seasons have different effects on the Goal Zero Yeti 400 power station. When it comes to charging the battery, the wall socket takes longer to recharge than using solar power. During winter, this might be a challenge as there is no enough solar, which means restoring using solar will also take longer. But this will not affect the performance of the portable generator in any way. So, you can be confident in using this unit all year round.

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