The Simpson MS60805-S 3000 PSI gas pressure washer is built for residential use. Equipped with a Honda GCV160 engine, this pressure washer produces up to 3000 PSI with a maximum GPM of 2.4. It is also secured with a durable steel frame that holds the unit and its parts in place. It also has wheels for easy movement and a long hose for accessing a larger area. Read this Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews to know more about this.

Whether it is cleaning your pavement, Sidewalk, truck, deck, or even fencing, the Simpson 3000 PSI pressure washer will still deliver. Moreover, Simpson pressure washer is a reliable brand with good customer support. They also offer one of the best warranties, and the company is based in the country.

Technical Specifications of the Simpson MS60805-S  3000 PSI at 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer:


Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure Washers

GPM: 2.4
Cleaning Power: 3000 PSI
Engine: HONDA GCV160 premium residential engine
Power Source: gas-powered
Pump: OEM Technologies Axial
Hose Type: 1/4 in. x 25 ft. MorFlex hose
Hose length (in.): 300
Wheel: 12 in Never-flat wheels
Wheel Diameter: 12 in
Nozzles: 4 Quick connect nozzles tips: 0°, 15°, 40°, and soap
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons): .245
Water capability: Cold
Included: Detergent tank, Engine oil, Hose, Onboard storage, and Wheels
Weight: 66 pounds
Dimensions: 26 x 35 x 18 inches
Price: Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure WashersCheck Price on Amazon

Read this review and make an informed decision in the end. We’ve included its features, pros, and cons.

MSH3125 MegaShot Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews 2024


Durable steel construction

Due to the environment that they work in, Gas pressure washers face a lot of challenges when compared to electric pressure washers. Therefore, when choosing a gas pressure washer, you should consider its durability. This model is made of a sturdy steel frame that holds the unit and its parts together. The frame also protects the engine and other parts from tough outdoor conditions.

Powerful Honda GCV160 engine

Another vital part of this pressure washer is its powerful Honda GCV160 engine. This is a very reliable and powerful engine that produces up to 7200 cleaning power. This is ideal for most heavy-duty jobs but not for heavy industrial use. So, if you’re a homeowner who wants a gas pressure washer that will remove dirt, grime, and other stubborn stains from your surface, then this unit has the power to do so. Despite the power, you should put up with the loud noise.

4 quick-connect nozzle tips

Most of the mid-ranged pressure washers such as Ryobi 1700 PSI and Greenworks 2000 PSI come with 3 different nozzle tips. But this pressure washer features 4 different nozzle tips. This means that you can use it to clean a wide range of surfaces instead of sticking to a few. There are nozzles tips for handling the toughest dirt and wide nozzles for handling fragile surfaces like wood. The soap nozzle can be used on any surface as long as the right cleaning solution is utilized. With such a feature, you will get to clean your car, windows, outdoor furniture, fencing, driveway, deck, patio, and much more.

Maintenance-free axial cam pump

A pump is one of the vital parts of a pressure washer. Therefore, you need to consider a machine with a durable pump that can last for a long time. The Simpson 3000 PSI pressure washer comes with a maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump. This is one of the best pumps on the market, and it doesn’t need any maintenance. Nevertheless, you need to use it in the right way so that it can last even more.

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25-ft MorFlex hose

Apart from being long, the 25-foot MorFlex high-pressure hose is non-marring and kink-resistant. In addition, it is abrasion-resistant. As a result, using this pressure hose is not challenging but very convenient. It also covers a larger area which means that you won’t struggle to move the unit from one place to another during use. This hose can be extended but with a hose that has a heavier gauge.

12-inch flat-free tires

Weighing 66 pounds, the Simpson 3000 PSI pressure washer is quite heavy and not easy to move around. The good news is that it has two large wheels that measure 12-inches for ease of maneuvering. The wheels are flat-free. Thus, no maintenance is required. However, these are not the best wheels for all terrains, as moving them on a rocky or slippery surface will be challenging. All in all, they are vital for this pressure washer and will make your movement easier.
Simpson 3000 PSI Pressure WashersCheck Price on Amazon

Onboard detergent tank

Most Simpson 3200 PSI gas pressure washers don’t come with an onboard detergent tank. But this is not the case with the Simpson MS60805-S gas pressure washer. It has a tank where you can fill a cleaning solution and easily apply it to the right surface. This is a plus as it makes using the pressure washer convenient.  In addition, you no longer have to carry the cleaning solution jar as you clean different sections of your home.

5-year limited frame warranty and 2-year limited Honda engine warranty

Last but not least, the manufacturer offers an outstanding 5-year limited warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on the Honda engine, and a 1-year warranty on the pump. Note that this is one of the best warranties as most brands offer a 3-year warranty on the frame or even less. This just shows how Simpson believes in its products, and they are ready to stand behind them.

What we liked about Simpson 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

What we didn’t like Simpson 60808 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The Simpson MS60805-S 3000 PSI gas pressure washer is best suited for heavy-duty home use and a few industrial tasks. Delivering an excellent cleaning power of 7200, this unit can tackle different cleaning tasks such as removing paint and getting rid of stubborn stains and sap on your driveway. It is also easy to use with a simple start function. The flat-free tires make maneuvering the pressure washer simple, and it has a compact design for easy storage.

However, this pressure washer has a few shortcomings that you should deal with. First of all, it is louder than other Greenworks electric pressure washers, and secondly, it is heavy. Besides this, the Simpson 3000 PSI pressure washer is a good investment considering it can be utilized for a wider range of home cleaning tasks.


Question: If I add an extension hose, will my pressure still remain the same?
Answer: No, it won’t. It is estimated that the pressure washer losses around 25 PSI per 100-ft. So, in this case, adding a very long hose reel may make the unit lose around 50 PSI or more, depending on the length of the extension hose. For instance, the Simpson cleaning 3000 PSI pressure washer will lose around 50 PSI, making it produce 2550 PSI.

Question: Is it okay if I use hot water with this unit?
Answer: No, it is not. The manufacturer recommends using cold water. Hot water may cause damage to the O-rings and the pump. The moment the water temperatures go beyond 140˚F, your hose will be put to the test, and things may turn out bad.

Question: Which one is more important – PSI or GPM?
Answer: Both pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) are vital when picking a quality pressure washer. If the PSI is high and the GPM is low, the unit will not have the same power as one with a high PSI and high GPM. PSI is the water pressure, while GPM is the water flow rate. These two work together to deliver great cleaning power. Actually, to get cleaning power, you have to multiply PSI and GPM.

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