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Greenworks 40V Pole Saw Review 2021[Cordless]

Do you want to get rid of the small dry hanging tree branches in your compound or want to prune the trees over your fence? Greenworks 40v cordless pole saw is a great and powerful tool that will help to perform such simple tasks. Read this Greenworks 40V Pole Saw review to know more about this.

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The Greenworls GMax pole saw can help you to trim branches up to 8 feet from the ground. It provides clean trimming and it is very safe to use. The GMax 40v cordless pole saw features an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain with an automatic oiler to keep the bar and chain lubricated.

Technical Specifications of the Greenworks 40V Pole Saw


Greenworks 40V Pole Saw

Cuts per charge: up to 65 cuts
Pole Length: 8 feet
Smooth Operation and Less Noise : Yes
Power Source: battery-powered
Chain Tensioning: easy adjust
Includes: 2Ah Battery and Charger
Automatic oiler: Yes
Electric Start: Yes
Weight: 8.360 pounds
Dimensions: 107 x 7 x 7.5 inches
Price: Greenworks 40v cordlessCheck Price on Amazon

The pole saw can provide up to 65 cuts when fully charged and it has an easy to adjust chain tensioning system. With its lightweight design and comfortable grip, you won’t feel burdened as you tidy your garden or compound. Just ensure to follow the right steps and you will be done even before you know it.

Cordless Greenworks 40V Pole Saw Review 2021

Greenworks 40V saw one of the best-selling pole saw on the market.

Powerful motor and battery

One of the most vital features to look at when choosing an electric pole saw is it’s motor and battery. The Greenworks pole saw has a powerful motor and sturdy battery. The motor can work continuously without having any issue. Additionally, its motor is very strong as it can perform against thick branches accurately. With the powerful motor and strong battery, you will be able to cut precisely and quic0ker. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about acquiring a new battery is the battery is rechargeable.

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Outstanding design

This is a perfectly designed pole saw that you will like a lot. Its excellent design allows you to easily carry it for over a longer period of time. Thanks to its holding system that is easy to handle and works as stated. Apart from that, this is a good looking pole saw that you will fancy carrying around your garden as you trim tree branches.

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Clean trimming

When looking for a pole, you should consider one that trims well so that you don’t leave your tree branches looking awkward of in a bad state. The Greenworks 40v cordless pole saw provides neat trims which will leave your garden looking good and admirable. You won’t have to go back and forth trying to cut the same tree branches as it is very effective in what it does.

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Adjust the chain tensioning system

This is one of the most unique features of this saw. It comes with an adjustable chain tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain. All you need is a screwdriver to tighten the chain if the saw without much difficulty. Just like many other users, you can follow the instructions in the manual carefully in order to tighten it as required.

Automatic Oiling System

Just like most machines, the bar and chain of the pole saw need oiling more often. What is astonishing is that the bar and chain of this cordless pole saw oils itself automatically. So, you don’t have to get messy as you oil the machine as it will oil itself. Simply ensure that oil is in the oil container and you can view its level in the translucent oil window that the unit comes with.


Unlike other pole saws on the market, the Greenworks 40v pole saw is very safe to use and you don’t have to worry about a thing as long as you use it as recommended. The saw provides ultimate protection but you should not use it anyhow. For instance, the low kickback chain is a great safety feature of this saw. But even with this, never allow kids to use this device as it can bring damage or even hurt them.

Another safety feature of this pole saw is its switch lock, built into the rear handle of the device and it prevents it from accidental starting. This lock has to be depressed in order for the throttle to be activated.

Firm grip

It doesn’t matter if you intend to prune or trim tree branches the whole day, you will still have comfort and be okay when you use the Greenworks 40v pole saw. This is because it has a non-slip grip which will not only protect you as you trim branches but as well offer comfort. So, no more burn as you put the gadget into operation.


Most pole saws hamper operating speed by rotating automatically. At times, you will detect that your saw is changing in the middle of work. This not only wastes your time but as well your concentration. With this pole saw, this will be a thing of the past as it has an anti-rotation function that prevents this from happening.

Standard length

Regardless of being of a standard length, the Greenworks Gmax 40V cordless power saw can be extended to cut the tallest branches. The saw can reach up to 8 feet which is an ideal size and will help you to trim even the tallest branches.


Another feature that sets this pole saw from the rest is its amazing warranty. Greenworks provides a 4-year warranty to buyers of this product. This means that you are covered for 4-years and in case of any issue or defect, you can always return the gadget and have it repaired or replaced.

Summary: Why buy Greenworks 40V cordless pole saw?

  • It operates smoothly and silently
  • It has a powerful battery with an excellent runtime
  • It is very easy to operate
  • It is lightweight and easily maneuverable
  • It provides up to 65 cuts on a full charge
  • The battery has an amazing LED fuel gauge that lets you know how much power is left
  • It is very easy to start as it is electric
  • Faster cutting with the powerful battery and motor
  • It has a non-slip grip for comfortable use

Cons of the Greenworks 40V pole saw

  • The battery is quite difficult to pull out from the compartment
  • It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap that can relieve you when using it for over a long period
  • Some users have complained that the battery overheated when used for a long time

The Greenworks cordless pole saw will help you to keep your tree’s branches in check and the surrounding in order around your home. The unit comes with lots of outstanding features that make it be an exceptional pole saw for use at home. Greenworks GMax pole saw can b used to cut all kinds of branches and it is very powerful and easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use as it is also safe.

However, this device is nowhere near a gas-powered saw but it does a great job especially for home use and not for commercial use. I hope this Greenworks 40V Pole Saw review will help a lot to take the right decision.


Question: Does this pole saw come with oil in it?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. You will have to purchase it separately and you will get it in almost any hardware store.

Question: Is it okay if I add a longer bar to the pole saw?
Answer: No, it’s not a good idea. This is because the maximum height with the middle pole attached to it is around 97-inches long. So, adding another bar to the cordless saw will make it dangerous to use or operate.

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