Remington Pole SawSince 1921, Remington has been providing powerful and dependable pole saws. The brand has a great reputation for quality workmanship, and that’s why many pole saw users love it. They provide both electric and gas-powered saws, which are also very powerful and easy to use. Remington released both electric chainsaws and pole saws in the 1990s. In our Remington pole saw reviews, we are going to look at three different Remington pole saw models that are effective in performance and very powerful.

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When choosing a Remington pole saw, you should know what you intend to do with it so that you can select the right tool. Read our review to the end in order to pick the right tool for your job.

Top 2 Best Remington Pole Saw Comparison Chart

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Best-Selling Remington Pole Saw Reviews 2024

If you are looking for a high-quality pole saw, then you should consider buying Remington pole saws.

Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas pole saw

The Remington RM25PS Maverick gas-powered pole saw is great for cutting through the hardest tasks that electric pole saws can’t. This sleek and compact device is very easy to handle as it is properly designed for difficult cutting or trimming tasks. It comes with a powerful engine with a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine that will cut lots of branches before having to refuel it.

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In addition, it has an automatic oiler, which means that you won’t get dirty or manually oil the machine. Also, the machine will stay lubricated and in the best condition most of the time due to the oil.

Technical Specifications of the Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas-Powered Pole Saw


Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas-Powered Pole Saw

Extended Pole: 8-inch bar and chain
Pole Length: up to 12 feet
Quick start technology: Yes
Power Source: gas-powered
Engine: 25cc 2-cycle gas engine
Includes: 2Ah Battery and Charger
Automatic oiler: Yes
Easy-to-use: Yes
Weight: 13.9 pounds
Dimensions: 38 x 10.8 x 12 inches
Price: Remington RM25PS MaverickCheck Price on Amazon

The Quickstart function makes pulling this pole saw to be easy and quick. All you need to do is to get in a good position when pruning or to trim tree branches so that you don’t endanger yourself. The unit comes with a 7-foot extension that allows you to reach up to 12 feet to cut the tallest limbs or branches without having to climb a ladder. This pole saw also comes with a 2-year warranty, which assures buyers that it is a reliable product and the brand can be depended on.

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Summary: Why buy Remington RM25PS Maverick Gas pole saw?

Cons of the RM25PS Maverick pole saw

Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric Pole Saw

The Remington RM1025P Ranger 2-in-1 pole saw/chain is a compact, and lightweight saw, easy to use by anyone. This pole saw features a powerful 8-amp motor that drives the saw, and it has a quick choice of changing the saw from a pole saw to a chain saw. This is vital when you want to cut a branch into pieces that you’ve just brought down. The 10-inch bar and chain are great for trimming small to medium-size branches or limbs. Additionally, if you want to reach distant branches, you can easily attach the telescoping pole and reach the tallest branches in your compound or garden.

Technical Specifications of the Remington Ranger Pole & Chainsaw Saw RM1025P


Remington Ranger Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Extended Pole: 10-inch bar and chain
Pole Length: up to 15 feet
Adjustable: Yes
Power Source: corded electric-powered
Motor: 8 amp
Easy-to-use: Yes
2-IN-1 Functionality: Yes
Weight: 12.4 pounds
Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 66.8 inches
Price: Remington RM1025PCheck Price on Amazon

The Remington RM1025P electric pole saw is very easy to use. Thanks to its non-slip grip that offers comfort even when you use it for over a long period of time. Furthermore, it has an anti-rotation pole design that provides stability during use. Another great feature is the automatic oiler that works with just a press of a button to oil the chain and bar. When you extend the pole to reach tall branches, ensure to flip and lock clamps quickly for safe operation. These and many other features make this unit to be an exceptional pole saw for use at home.

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Summary: Why buy Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric Pole Saw?

Cons of the RM1025P Electric Pole Saw

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

With 2-in-1 Functionality, the Remington RM1025SPS Ranger electric pole saw is a nice tool for trimming, pruning, and cutting ugly or unwanted tree branches in your garden. This electric pole saw from Remington can be easily detached to turn it from a pole saw to a chain saw. Similar to other pole saws, it has an extended reach of up to 10 feet, and depending on your height, it can reach up to 15 feet. This makes it be ideal for cutting or pruning long limbs.

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Technical Specifications of the Remington rm1025sps ranger 10-inch 8-amp electric chainsaw


Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

Extended Pole: 10-inch bar and chain
Pole Length: up to 15 feet
Adjustable:: Yes
Power Source: corded electric-powered
Motor: 8 amp
Includes: 2Ah Battery and Charger
2-IN-1 Functionality: Yes
Easy-to-use: Yes
Weight: 12.4 pounds
Dimensions: 39.8 x 8.4 x 9.2 inches
Price: Remington RM1025SPSCheck Price on Amazon

The RM1025SPS comes with an 8-amp motor that instantly starts to drive the chain over the low-kickback, 10-inch bar. The bar and chain are automatically oiled and thus they will remain lubricated most of the time for enhanced performance.

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In addition, this pole saw is very comfortable to use as it has a non-slip grip and an anti-rotation shaft. One of the best things about this pole saw is that when converting it from a pole saw to a chain saw, you don’t need any tool to do it.

Summary: Why buy Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Pole & Chainsaw Saw?

Cons of the RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Pole Saw

Which is Better Remington Pole Saw?

The Remington RM25PS Maverick is the most powerful saw on this list and it is suitable for cutting thick limbs. That’s why it is also the most expensive when compared to the other two. On the other hand, the Remington RM1025P Ranger and Remington 25SPS Ranger are ideal for cutting taller branches due to their lightweight and adjustable aluminum pole.


Looking at this three Remington pole saw reviews, it is clear that Remington is one of the best brands with many outstanding saws on the market. All the Remington pole saws that we’ve looked at are durable, powerful, and very easy to use. The final decision depends on whether you want a very powerful pole saw that can cut thick limbs or branches or if you want a saw that can reach tall limbs without climbing a ladder.

All-in-all, these are amazing saws that will help you to properly maintain your garden and get rid of unwanted limbs and branches easily. Pick the right pole saw for the job.

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