Started more than a decade ago, the Greenworks brand has grown to become one of the most sought-after electric pressure washer brands on the market. But unlike other pressure washer brands, Greenworks focuses on creating eco-friendly pressure washers, and that’s why they only sell electric pressure washers instead of gas washers. Read this Greenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews to know more about this.

In this review, we’re going to look at one of the most versatile and powerful electric pressure washers from Greenworks. This is the Greenworks GPW2005 pressure washer. Producing a maximum of 2000 PSI, this is a nice tool for individuals looking for a powerful and reliable pressure washer for all of their residential cleaning needs. It is portable, easily maneuverable, versatile, and compact.

Technical Specifications of the Greenworks 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer:


Greenworks GPW2005 Pressure Washer -2000 PSI

Motor: 13A universal motor
Cleaning Power: 2000 PSI
Maximum cleaning power: 1.2 gallons per minute
Hose Type: 35′ power cord (GFCI) high-pressure hose
Hose length: 25 ft
Included:  25°, 40°, turbo nozzle, and high-pressure soap applicator
Power source: corded-electric
Quick connect: Yes
On-board hose reel: Yes
Weight: 33.2 lbs
Dimensions: 15.2 x 13 x 23.4 inches
Price: Greenworks GPW2005Check Price on Amazon

Before you select any pressure washer, it is important to go through its features and find out if it will serve you well. In this review, we’ve highlighted all the vital points that you need to know about the Greenworks GPW2005 pressure washer. Read the review to the end and make an informed decision.

Electric Greenworks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews 2021



The Greenworks GPW2005 pressure washer is well-built for easy use. It is compact in design, and the vertical design ensures that it takes up less space in tight areas. Made of durable plastic, this unit will last longer if properly maintained. Moreover, it has a green and black finish which is appealing to the eye. The wheels are also sturdy and will easily maneuver on different surfaces. With the built-in rack, storing items is made easy. In short, this is a well-made unit, especially for home use where the environment is not very tough like in industrial use.

Universal motor

Featuring a universal motor, this is a very powerful device that will work with both AC and DC power outlets. The motor generates exceptional power than the Greenworks 1700 PSI pressure washer as it delivers 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM, which brings the maximum cleaning power to 2400. This is enough power for medium-duty and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. However, universal motors are not very long-lasting like induction motors, but they still perform at a high level. Also, the motor is properly housed and away from danger.

Quick-connect nozzle

Another key feature of the GPW2005 pressure washer is the 4 quick-connect nozzles. These include 25˚, 40˚, turbo nozzle, and high-pressure soap applicator. All of these functions are featured on the metal quick-connect wand. They allow the user to perform a wide range of functions by adjusting the right nozzle during use. The only challenge is that the soap applicator has to be connected separately as it doesn’t come on board.

High-pressure hose with power cord

Some pressure washers come with a short hose reel which makes cleaning a larger area to be quite challenging. But with the Greenworks GPW2005 pressure washer, you don’t have to worry about this. The unit features a 25-foot high-pressure washer and a 35 power cord with GFCI protection. Both of them are long; thus, moving your pressure washer around will be easy s you don’t have to keep on changing from one power outlet to another.
Greenworks GPW2005Check Price on Amazon

Sturdy wheels

Having a pressure washer with wheels is very convenient as you’re able to maneuver easily on different surfaces. The cleaner is quite heavy than the Greenworks lightweight 1600 PSI pressure washer, but this device comes with two large wheels that allow the user to push this unit on a wide range of surfaces. This makes it great for both outdoor and indoor use. However, using it on slippery surfaces can be quite challenging. Apart from the wheels, this pressure washer has a telescoping handle that allows the user to adjust it to a more appropriate size for easy handling.

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Built-in rack

Not every pressure washer is very convenient to use as some lack storage areas. But with this unit, you will be able to securely keep your different nozzles and access them at the right time. This is because it features a built-in rack that houses the different quick-connect wand attachments. Hence, there will be no more misplacing of the wands as you can get them every time that you want to.


Buying from a reliable brand is important, especially if you suspect that the product may arrive damaged or with a defect. As a result, you must purchase from a brand that offers a warranty and support. GreenWorks provides a 1-year to buyers, which is not as sufficient as the Karcher K1800 electric power Washer. This ensures that they are covered from defects in material or workmanship.

Pros of the Greenworks 2000 PSI electric pressure washer

Cons of the Greenworks gpw2005 pressure washer

Why buy this Greenworks 2000 PSI pressure washer?

Since it generates a maximum PSI of 2000 and GPM of 1.2, this unit is more suitable for medium-duty and heavy-duty home cleaning tasks. So, you can use it for cleaning tasks like patio furniture, deck, sidewalk, trucks, fencing, boats, driveways, windows, and much more. However, you can also use it for a few light-duty cleaning jobs, but you should stand from a distance so that the pressure doesn’t damage the surface.

Greenworks is a top-rated brand with lots of amazing electric pressure washers. The Greenworks GPW2005 pressure washer is an affordable but powerful pressure washer with lots of exceptional features. From offering 2400 cleaning power to having a long power cord and high-pressure hose for accessing hard-to-reach areas, this is the ultimate pressure washer for your home cleaning needs.

The GPW2005 is also a compact device that can be stored with much ease, and it is easy to maneuver with its two wheels and a telescoping handle. It is more suited for medium-duty and heavy-duty cleaning jobs but not great for industrial or commercial cleaning. I hope this Greenworks 2000 PSI pressure washer reviews article will help a lot to make the right decision.


Question: Is this pressure washer suitable for heavy-duty jobs?
Answer: With a maximum of 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM, this is a powerful pressure washer that can handle most of the home cleaning needs. It produces a maximum cleaning power of 2400, which is great for most heavy-duty jobs like cleaning the driveway, siding, sidewalks, mildew, garage floors, and much more. However, it won’t tackle industrial cleaning needs like removing graffiti or stripping paint from metal. So Simpson 3200 PSI heavy-duty pressure washer would be ideal for industrial use.

Question: Does it come with a warranty?
Answer: Yes, it does. Greenworks comes with a 1-year warranty for most of its pressure washers, while some products are offered a 4-year warranty. This is to show how the brand is confident in its products as you can have the pressure washer repaired, replaced, or even refunded within 90-days if it has a defect.

Question: Which one is better – gas or electric pressure washer?
Answer: If power and faster cleaning are what you’re looking for, then you will prefer going for a Simpson gas-powered pressure washer instead of an electric one. But if you want a portable, affordable, quiet, and eco-friendly pressure washer, then electricity will be the best choice. Electric pressure washers are also easy to use, maintain, and are lightweight. On the other hand, gas pressure washers are heavy and take up a lot of space.

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