If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy kid’s wheelbarrow, then you will love the Truper 30347, CAT-KID-T garden wheelbarrow. Truper is a hand tool manufacturing company based in Mexico. The company has been in existence for more than 40 years and they have been offering modern and advanced tools to users. Their products are very efficient and guarantee optimum quality and value to users around the world. Read this Truper Wheelbarrow Reviews to know more about this.

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Technical Specifications of the Truper Wheelbarrow:


Truper Wheelbarrow – 6 Cubic Foot Poly

Maximum Capacity: 375 pounds
Handle Material: Steel
Wheelbarrow load capacity: 6 cu. ft.
Overall Depth: 62 inch
Sleek & Stylish: Yes
assembly required: Yes
Wheel Material: Pneumatic Rubber
Tires: 16 in. two-ply pneumatic tires
Included: 16″ dual pneumatic wheel, Heavy-duty steel handles,  and 6 cu. ft. capacity poly tray
Weight: 42.56 pounds
Dimension: 29.09 x 44.50 x 61.00 Inches
Price: Truper WheelbarrowCheck Price on Amazon

The Truper 30347 kids garden tool wheelbarrow is well-made to last long. It also features medium-sized handles for easy use by kids. The wheelbarrow is easy to assemble and comes with instructions. Since it’s spacious, you can carry a lot of things such as sand, plants, weed, stones, and even mulch.

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Truper Wheelbarrow Reviews 2024


Durable construction

Even though the Truper 30347 is a kid’s wheelbarrow, it is still strongly built to withstand tough garden conditions. The wheelbarrow is made of steel metal, which is then painted. This implies that it is very sturdy, unlike other kid’s wheelbarrows that are made from plastic. However, the steel metal is not as durable as traditional wheelbarrows. Therefore, your kids will use this wheelbarrow for many years without having to purchase a new one.

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Easy assembly

Putting together this wheelbarrow is not difficult as it comes with some instructions on the flap of the box. Many people have complained about the wheelbarrow being loose after a few uses. This is mostly because most of them don’t fix the tire or wheel very well which ends up causing the bolts to loosen fast and thus the wheel becoming loose as well. Ensure to fix the wheel very well to minimize tire movement during use.

Sleek and stylish

The wheelbarrow is very appealing to the kids as it is beautifully painted. As a matter of fact, a quick look at the wheelbarrow may suggest that it is made of hard plastic. But when you come closer or touch the wheelbarrow, then you will realize that it is made of strong metals that will last for several years and put up with the tough garden and lawn conditions.

Robust wheel

One of the major parts of a wheelbarrow is its wheel (s). This is because the wheels enable the wheelbarrow to be moved or pulled around with much ease. The Truper 30347 garden wheelbarrow features a strong and nice wheel that moves on different surfaces easily. All you need to ensure is that the wheel is properly bolted so that it doesn’t loosen during use.

Compact and lightweight

Since this wheelbarrow is specifically made for kids, it is lightweight and compact in design. If you’re more than 5 ft, you may find it quite challenging to use. Kids will have an easy time dumping contents in the wheelbarrow as it is of the right size and suitable for their height.

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This is the perfect wheelbarrow that will keep your daughter or son busy in the garden or lawn. The Truper 30347 kids garden wheelbarrow can be used for a wide range of uses such as planting, weeding, mulching, or even harvesting. It can also be used to carry tools, stones, several rocks, and sand.

What we liked about the Truper TM6 6Cu Ft Steel Wheelbarrow

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What we didn’t like about the Truper Wheelbarrow 6 cubic feet

The Truper 30347 kid’s wheelbarrow is a nice and durably made tool. As stylish as it looks, this wheelbarrow can perform a wide range of tasks such as carrying trash, sand, and several stones. It is very ideal for kids due to its size but can still serve as a garden wheelbarrow. Kids can use it to plant, weed, feed, and even harvest. Nevertheless, many people have complained about the wheel not being stable and getting loose most of the time. Apart from that, this is a wonderful wheelbarrow for simple home and garden use.


Question: Is it important to consider the size of the garden when buying a wheelbarrow?
Answer: Yes, it is. This is because if you purchase a small wheelbarrow and have to cover a larger garden, then you will have to make several trips. However, you should also note that the bigger the wheelbarrow, the heavier it will be and the harder it will be to pull it around.

Question: Does this wheelbarrow come with a user manual to direct the user?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. But the good news is that the instructions are written on the box. So, to see the instructions, you will have to take the box apart and you will see them on the flap of the box. Follow them and easily setup the wheelbarrow for your kid or simple garden use.

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