ReelWorks is a major player in the global hose and cord reel market. They offer several high-quality and high-performing hose reels. This is a Chinese brand but it is still affordable and reliable. Since the company started its operation, they’ve been improving their products by coming up with exceptional designs great for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. In this Reelworks hose reel reviews, we’re going to talk about some of the best selling ReelWorks hose reels.

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Reelworks hose reels are durably constructed and very easy to use. Mounting them is not a problem and they have an automatic retracting function.  The hose reels have no leak and kinking will be a thing of the past. The hose reel that you choose should be able to meet your needs and demands as they vary slightly.

Most Popular 2 Best Reelworks Hose Reel Reviews 2024

Without much ado, let’s look at some of the best ReelWorks hose reels.


ReelWorks 27807153A Polypropylene Heavy Duty Retractable Air Compressor or Water Hose Reel

The ReelWorks 27807153A plastic retractable water hose reel is a lovely and compact unit that will help you to wash your car or clean the pavement. This lightweight device is very easy to mount as it can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Additionally, it is very easy to use as it comes with a swivel bracket that rotates up to 180 degrees. This allows changing directions to be easy without having to worry about the plastic hose reel.

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Technical Features of the ReelWorks Spring Driven Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel:


ReelWorks Spring Driven Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel

Material: Cast Aluminum
Holds up to: 50-feet of 3/8-inch
Maximum Pressure: 300PSI
Maximum Temperature: 176°F
Prong & Plug Type // Inlet / Outlet (inches): 1/4″ MNPT / 1/4″ MNPT
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Dimensions: 18″ x 8″ x 15″
Price: ReelWorks 27807153ACheck Price on Amazon

Since it is made of high-quality sturdy impact resistant polypropylene material, this unit will last longer and you will enjoy using it. The garden hose reel has an automatic guide rewind system that retracts the hose smoothly without causing any kinks. Moreover, it has an improved ratcheting and double adjustment function that locks the hose at any preferred length. The hose reel features a 3/8-inch x 50’ ft hybrid flex polymer hose.



ReelWorks L815153A Steel Retractable Air Compressor/Water Hose Reel

This is another exceptional hose reel from ReelWorks. The ReelWorks L815153A garden hose reel is more durable than the one we’ve discussed above as it is made of steel while the former is made of durable plastic. This hose reel is made of steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coating that prevents rusting. Moreover, it has 4 direction non-snag rollers that help to reduce abrasion and wear on the hose. The hose inlet connection is properly sealed to prevent leaks and keep the workplace safe.

Technical Features of the ReelWorks Retractable Spring Driven Steel Construction Heavy Duty Industrial Hose Reel:


ReelWorks Spring Driven Retractable Air/Water Hose Reel

Material: Cast Aluminum
Holds up to: 50-feet of 3/8-inch
Maximum Pressure: 300PSI
Maximum Temperature: 212°F
Includes: Hose, Adjustable Hose stopper, and Mounting Bolts
Weight: 32.1 pounds
Dimensions: 19.1 x 17.6 x 8.8 inches
Price: ReelWorks L815153ACheck Price on Amazon

The ReelWorks L815153A garden hose reel is built with a single L-shaped arm base that has four groove reinforcement ½-inch drilled holes for installing the hose reel perfectly. It also has a full flow solid brass swivel joint that ensures there is a smooth and uninterrupted fluid flow. With its new auto-rewind system, using this unit is easy and fun as it automatically retracts and locks the hose at desired lengths.

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ReelWorks is an amazing brand with lots of amazing products to offer. The Reelworks hose reels that we’ve discussed above are exceptional in performance and will make your work of watering your garden or lawn to be simple and fast. They are very easy to mount and simple to use. Just install the hose reel that you choose on the wall, ceiling, or floor and you will be good to go.

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If you’re looking for a more flexible and convenient hose reel, I suggest you go with ReelWorks 27807153A, but if you want a more durable hose reel with easy to use features, then the ReelWorks L815153A garden hose reel is the best option. Make a wise choice!


Question: Is ReelWorks a USA brand?
Answer: No, it is not. ReelWorks is made from China and supplied by GreatCircle USA. So, if you are looking for a USA-made hose reel, then look elsewhere. But if you want an affordable and easy to use hose reel, then you can buy from ReelWorks, which is a Chinese brand.

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