Getting rid of grime, gunk, or even tar from your driveway or concrete can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right tools. Despite a garden hose being a better tool, it is nowhere close to a pressure washer. The best pressure washers like the Sun Joe electric pressure washer will remove all the stubborn stains, gunk, and other dirt and grime from your surface. Read this Sun Joe SPX3001 Review to know more about this.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 corded-electric pressure washer is not only a high-performing device, but it is also sold at a great price. Producing an excellent PSI of 2030 and GPM of 1.76, this is a unit that you can rely on for all of your cleaning needs. It is more suited for residential use than commercial use because of its power and size.

Technical Specifications of the Sun Joe SPX3001 pressure washers:


Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer

Motor: 14.5-amp motor
Cleaning Power: 2030 PSI
Maximum cleaning power: 1.76 gallons per minute
Hose Type: 20 ft (6m) high-pressure hose
Hose Reel: Yes
Quick Connect Spray Tips: Yes
Detergent Tank: Yes
Power source: corded-electric
Included: 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and Soap)
Weight: 32 pounds
Dimensions: 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches
Price: Sun Joe SPX3001Check Price on Amazon

Overall, this is a portable, compact, and durable unit that you will love using for different cleaning tasks. Also, carrying this unit is quite easy as it is lighter than the powerful Sun Joe SPX3500 electric pressure washer. In this review, we’ve highlighted the Sun Joe SPX3001 pressure washer’s features, pros, and cons, so that you can make an informed decision in the end.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Review 2024



The Sun Joe is a compact-sized electric pressure with a vertical design. It has a strong plastic body with a hose reel on board. In addition, it features two wheels for movement and a powerful motor. Besides, it is easy to use as it comes with other parts like the garden hose adapter, total stop system, quick-connect nozzles, and a comfortable handle. The unit is also appealing to the eye as it comes in the Sun Joe green and black finish.

Powerful 14.5-amp motor

For normal residential tasks, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is a beast. This is because it features a 14.5-amp motor with a maximum of 1800 watts which is similar to the Sun Joe SPX4000 14.5 Amp electric pressure washer unit. As a result, the motor can generate up to 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM. These two combined to ensure that the unit has great cleaning power for taking care of most cleaning tasks. It doesn’t matter if it’s light, medium, or heavy-duty tasks. This unit will complete all that tasks.

Sturdy wheels

When it comes to movement, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The Sun Joe SPX3001 pressure washer features two sizeable wheels that allow the user to easily maneuver on different surfaces. This means that this is a good unit for both indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, it is lightweight and compact for easy movement and storage. With the comfortable handle, pulling or pushing this pressure washer on your yard or indoors isn’t a problem at all.
Sun Joe SPX3001Check Price on Amazon

Onboard reel

With the onboard reel, maintaining and storing your reel is made easy. Also, you can clean it with much ease as it doesn’t kink. The 20 ft high-pressure hose can be easily retracted by hand as it comes with a nice handle. The only problem is that the hoe is short, but you can extend it. Note that the extended hose won’t fit on the reel as it is solely made for the 20 ft hose.

5 quick-connect nozzles

Whether it is performing simple tasks like cleaning outdoor furniture or getting rid of tree sap from your driveway, the Sun Joe SPX3001 will get the job done quickly. Like the Sun Joe SPX3000 -2030PSI 1.76 GPM pressure washer, It features 5 quick-connect nozzles that allow the user to select the right tip for their work. The nozzles include 0˚, 15˚, 25˚, 40˚, and soap. This is why this unit is extremely versatile and great for a wide range of cleaning needs. Moreover, it has two pressure settings to choose from, with the working pressure being 1450 PSI and the maximum pressure 2030 PSI.

Additional accessories

The best part about acquiring this pressure washer is that it saves you the cost of buying some accessories separately. It comes with a 20 ft high-pressure hose, 35 ft power cord, total stop system, needle clean-out tool, and garden hose adaptor. These make using the machine fun and easy.

What we liked about the product Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Why we didn’t like the product of Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI

Who will buy this SPX3001 pressure washer?

This pressure washer is suitable for all tasks as it can be utilized for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty tasks. However, since it is not very powerful, it should not be used for the toughest cleaning tasks as it will not perform exceptionally well. Use it to remove gunk on your concrete or driveway, remove road tar, clean the patio, clean the deck, or even get rid of grime and dirt on your outdoor furniture.

In short, it is more suited for all residential cleaning tasks. If you want a more powerful unit for industrial or commercial use, then you should consider picking a high-quality gas-powered Ryobi 3100 PSI pressure washer.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 electric pressure washer is a durably made unit with outstanding features. It is also quiet in operation, powerful, and very reliable in performance. With two pressure settings and 5 quick-connect tips, you can use this unit for a wide range of cleaning jobs. It is also lightweight and compact for easy transportation and storage. Besides, it is easy to maneuver on different surfaces as it features two durable wheels.

Moreover, this pressure washer is convenient to use as it has a hose reel onboard that makes storing and cleaning the hose easy. With such amazing features, the SPX3001 is a reliable and versatile tool best suited for residential use.


Question: Is it okay to purchase a hose extension and attach it to my standard hose?
Answer: Yes, it is. Actually, you can buy a 30 ft extension hose and attach it to your 20 ft hose. The extension will just work fine as long as the extension hose is of similar quality or even better. However, the detergent won’t work well with an extension hose. Also, you need to acquire a hose that has comparable fittings.

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Question: Which PSI is stronger – 3000 PSI or 3500 PSI?
Answer: Even though a pressure washer with 3500 PSI might seem stronger than that with 3000 PSI, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is more powerful. This is because the PSI alone doesn’t determine the cleaning power of the unit but for the GPM as well. For instance, if a pressure washer has a PSI of 3500 with a GPM of 1.0 GPM and the second unit has a PSI of 3000 PSI with a GPM of 1.5 GPM, then the second unit will be more powerful as it will have a total of 4500 cleaning power while the former will have a cleaning power of 3000. The PSI is the pressure at which the water flows, while the GPM is the rate at which the water flows per minute.

Question: Is the type of hose important when picking a pressure washer?
Answer: Yes, it is. This is because not all high-pressure washers are easy to use as some are stiff while others kink. Pick a quality hose that doesn’t stiff and is easy to use even at high pressure. This will not only allow you to control the hose but as well as keep it with much ease.

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