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Pressure washer wand won’t shut off- Problem fixed!

Pressure washer wand won't shut offThe wand is the most important part of the pressure washer, which works with a pressure pump. Why does my pressure washer keep running even though I shut it off? Some users may face this issue. But there are several easy solutions to the problem.

Why is my pressure washer wand not shutting off?

Reason 01: Unloader valve issue

If you face the problem of the pressure washer not shutting off, it may be a problem related to the unloader valve. When the trigger wand is released, the valve must stop switching into bypass mode. But a faulty unloader valve cannot do the task, so the pressure washer wand cannot shut off.


This issue is a significant reason for damaging or cracking the trigger wand. You have to remove the unloader valve. Now, check whether there is any repairable issue with the valve. If it is possible to repair it, you can take the steps; otherwise, you can change it, which would be a better solution.

Reason 02: The trigger wand is problematic

When you push the trigger, the water will turn on, and when you release it, the flow of water will be stopped. But the trigger itself can be a reason for the wand issue when it gets damaged. In this situation, you will notice that you have released the trigger but that the water flow has continued.

There is a washer seal attached to the trigger wand. The seal blocks the water spike and then communicates with the unloader valve to turn the water flow off. But when the washer seal is problematic, the flow of water cannot be turned off. As a result, the wand of the pressure washer cannot be shut off.


Changing the trigger wand and the washer seal is necessary now. Changing these tools is very easy, and you can do it yourself.

Other common issues related to the pressure washer

Now, we will discuss some common issues with pressure washers among users. We are presenting them shortly so that you may acquire a little knowledge about them and find a way to solve them easily.

My pressure washer motor keeps running

When the motor of your pressure washer keeps running, you can realize that there is an issue with the machine. When the pressure machine loses the necessary pressure, the motor falls in this situation. Line leaking is a significant reason for this issue.

My pressure washer keeps bursting

It is a furious issue that makes the users worried. But it will be easier for you if you can handle this issue. First, the improper installation of the pressure washer is mainly responsible for this issue. So, disassemble the pressure washer and reassemble it. Excessive driving over the hose or abrasion can also be the reason for the issue. These hose conditions can block the water flow, so the hose keeps bursting automatically.


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