A pressure washer is a necessary tool for every modern homeowner. Sometimes, the pressure washer turns off automatically when the user connects the water flow. It is a sign of some functional issues with the device. Now, we will discuss the reasons for the issue.

Reasons why the pressure washer turns off when the water is turned on

Faulty valve

The unloader valve of the pressure washer releases the trapped air from the tank. Therefore, the motor can restart. But a faulty unloader valve cannot run the process through the inside electrical elements of the pressure washer. As a result, the power turns off immediately after starting the flow of water.

There is a cold water shut-off valve in the pressure washer’s tank. This valve is made for controlling the water flow into the engine. This process is necessary when the engine is cold. But when the valve stocks, the controlling process is badly

Turned off regulator

The regulator of the pressure washer is a very important thing to connect the machine to the electricity. You can quickly get the signal when the regulator is not connected or is damaged. There is a red light that gives you the signal. If the red light is off, you have to check the regulator and repair or replace it.

Clogged filter

The filter of the pressure washer plays an important role. An overworked filter can damage the entire system of the pressure washer. So, the solution is to check the filter after several months of use. If you notice any filter damage, you must change or repair it soon.

Faulty Carburetor

Every vehicle’s engine needs a carburetor that supplies the mixture of fuel and air to the spark-ignition engine. A good carburetor can last for years, but sometimes technical issues and improper use of the vehicle are responsible for damaging it. As a result, the pressure washer turns off immediately after turning on the water supply.

So, if you do not get any reason for the issue, which means all functions are okay, do not forget to check the carburetor a single time.

Can I turn on the pressure washer without the flow of water?

The answer is “no,” because this process can damage your pressure washer’s system or unit. If you do not turn on the water flow, your pressure washer will not be cooled and lubricated. As a result, it would be the reason for damaging the engine soon, although it could be suitable for lifetime use.

So, if you want to run the pressure washer with a sound engine, you must keep sufficient water in the machine.

Why is my pressure washer not have enough pressure?

When the electrical connection and the water supply are perfect, the device will be able to run smoothly. But, sometimes, the users find that the pressure of the washer is comparatively low.

This situation is the result of insufficient water in the pressure washer. A smaller amount of water cannot exert much pressure on gravity, and finally, the pressure washer’s performance becomes down.

A hose-related issue can also be the reason for this situation. If the hose of the pressure washer leaks or is torn, the force of the water will slow down.

Have you thought about a problematic nozzle? If the nozzle does not work properly, the pressure washer will fail to generate sufficient pressure water. So, you must check everything about the pressure washer and solve the problem with discretion.

Pressure washer pump: How can I diagnose low pressure?

Before we start the device, we must properly diagnose it. There are several ways of diagnosing the pump, and you can easily fix it.

Check the head of the pump: If you can see any significant damage on the head of the pump, you should immediately fix it.

Check the valve: Sometimes, the pump valve may have a blockage. You should hire a technician to clear the blockage if you get it.

Diagnose the inline filter: A significant amount of dirt or debris may be accumulated in the inline filter of the pressure washer. As a result, the water cannot come through the filter easily, and finally, the machine can stop working.

In this situation, you have to make the filter clean. Remove all the dirt and debris from the filter.

Pump inlet diagnosis: A significant correlation exists between the pump inlet and sufficient water supply to the pressure washer. If there is any leakage, the water flow to the pressure washer will be restricted. A significant amount of water will come through the leak, which is necessary for making pressure.

So, you must check the pressure washer’s pump inlet and all of the hose points. If you find any leaks, you must try filling them up.

Check the motor for malfunctions: If you use an electric pressure washer, your machine will use a motor to power the water pump. A problematic or damaged motor cannot produce the power and pressure necessary to operate the washer. Sometimes, the water pressure decreases gradually, and one day it ends up being too low.

Solution: If you notice that the water pressure is slowing down, you should not wait to repair or replace the motor. Taking the initiative immediately will save you from more harm.

Final verdict

So, the user must be careful about turning on the water supply and then starting the pressure washer engine. If the pressure washer has a major issue, you have to call for an expert technician.

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