A wall-mounted hose reel is a suitable device for watering the garden. The aristocratic gardeners want the plants’ growth and the proper beauty of their gardens. A wall-mounted hose reel makes the garden’s outlook more beautiful and saves sufficient water. However, the wall-mounted hose reel makes it easier to water the plants. Installing a wall-mounted hose reel is a straightforward process. Now, we are going to discuss it.

Installing a wall-mounted hose reel

Marking out the drill holes

You must drill some holes in the wall to insert screws. So, take the bottom part of the hose reel, which will be attached to the wall, and mark the holes on the wall with a pencil. The next steps will come according to the markings.

Take a suitable drill machine for making the holes. If the hose reels are 20 meters long, you can use a 10 mm drill bit. On the other hand, if the house reels are 10 meters, your drill bit should be 8 mm. Run the drill machine and make the holes.

Install the plugs

Now, you have to install wall plugs inside the holes. To install them properly, you must tap them with a hammer. The wall plugs will safely hold the screws and help to mount the hose reel on the wall tightly.

Attach the reel to the bracket.

The wall-mounted hose reel bracket has four holes for screws. Set the bracket perfectly where you made four holes and attach the wall plugs. Screw it tightly to the wall, and tighten the screws clockwise with a spanner.

Now, the bracket is ready to hold your wall-mounted hose reel. You will attach the reel to the bracket and match their inside holes. Insert a lock into the hole to secure the hose reel to the bracket.

Finally, your garden’s hose reel has become wall-mounted and is ready to use now.


If the user works with a retractable hose reel, it may move at any time and disrupt the work. But the wall-mounted hose reel is strongly attached to the wall, so it is not possible to come out of the wall. However, a wall-mounted hose reel increases comfort for the users.

Removing the hose reel from the wall is possible. When you decide to keep the hose reel inside your house, you must remove it from the wall. It may be required during the off-season when the plants do not grow. Moreover, the task can also be important for repairing or replacing the hose reel if it is problematic.

Final thoughts

A wall-mounted hose reel can be considered the best option for watering the garden. The easily attached hose reel has become popular gradually. However, it can also be used for many other necessary tasks.

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