A load shedding or other power outage issue is so common that everyone is familiar with it. So, the generator has been becoming very popular nowadays. If you are a new generator user and do not know how to connect the device to your breaker box, this article is for you.

How can I connect the generator to the electrical panel?

It is better to learn the process of connecting a generator to a breaker box or an electrical panel. Many people get it done by an electrician. But if you learn the following process, it will not be hard for you. First, you have to collect the following components.

Now, follow the steps for connecting the generator.

Step 01: Remove the main breaker’s connection

First, you have to identify the main electrical panel. Generally, the panel is located very close to the front door of the house.

Disconnect the main breaker to protect yourself from any unwelcome events. Working with electricity is dangerous if you do not take any protection against its harmful effects. You may use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screws while removing the connection.

Step 02: Remove the cover panel

Before beginning the work, all electrical devices must be turned off. Therefore, you can be safe from any accident caused by electricity.

There is a circuit in the main breaker panel that must be shut down. Without shutting it down, there is a possibility of getting shocked by the circuit. Moreover, the circuit can damage your devices. So, shut it down first.Remove the cover panel

Now, remove the main panel cover from the panel, and therefore, you will get access to the main panel.

Step 03: Connect the generator and the breaker box

Connect the generator and the breaker box

Take the cord of the generator and connect it to the breaker box. Therefore, you will be able to set up a connection between the generator and the electricity of the entire house. The circuit breaker installation is completed through this process.      

Step 04: Check the connection

When all the connections are okay, you can re-install the cover panel now. There are several screws on the sides of the panel. Screw them up, and therefore your task will be completed.

Finally, you can turn on the electrical devices now to check whether the connection is okay.Check-the-connection

You can also check the connection before installing the cover panel. As a result, if a disconnect occurs, you can easily resolve the issue.

Cautions of using a portable generator

Using a portable generator is very easy. It is not hard to connect it to the main source of electricity. Still, there are several cautions about using the generator to stay safe from any unwanted issues.

i) All electrical types of equipment must be grounded properly. There is a possibility of getting an electric shock from several types of equipment.

ii) You must hook up the generator to the fuse box. If you do it, you will be able to stop the electricity flow. Short circuits are likely to occur in the flow.

iii) Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common environmental problem that is caused by generators. So, you have to set up the machine in a safe place so that you can be free from pollution.

iv) You must not turn on the electrical appliances with the generator before turning the generator on. Otherwise, the connection of the lights and fans may be like an overload on the generator.


Maintaining proper caution is necessary for any electrical device. Significantly, it will keep the electrical device and generator in good working order. However, if you can perfectly set up a new generator, there is no need to call an electrician.

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