A solar power station is considered a safe and profitable source of electricity. It helps us by providing a sufficient amount of electricity at the time of a power outage.

The Goal Zero Yeti is a popular power source for use during a power outage or a long day of traveling. Every user wants a long-lasting power source for their devices. However, most users consider the durability of an electronic product because this feature provides us with a lot of utility.

This article will show the durability and charging capability of the Goal Zero Yeti power station.

How many hours does a Goal Zero Yeti power station last?

The Goal Zero Yeti power station is very popular among users for its long-lasting capacity. If you fully recharge it, the Goal Zero Yeti can provide backup service for up to 50+ hours after a single charge. This time span is excellent for a power station to pass the emergency time.

The self-life of a Goal Zero Yeti power station is about 3–6 months. The higher lifetime depends on perfect charging. If you charge the battery at its 80% capacity, the Goal Zero Yeti will give you more service.

How many charge cycles does a Goal Zero Yeti power station have?

A charge cycle is a very important term for battery users. When you use the full charge of your battery, a single charge cycle is utilized. The Goal Zero Yeti has 500 charge cycles. Its lifetime depends on the cycle.

How many times does a Goal Zero Yeti charge a smartphone?

There are several models of Goal Zero Yeti power stations. The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Power Station has a charging capacity of 70 times. The other models, including the Goal Zero Yeti 150 and the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station, can recharge your smartphone 15 to 40 times.

How can I charge a Goal Zero Yeti Power station?

It is not difficult to charge a Goal Zero Yeti power station. There are several methods for charging it.


Mainly, sunlight is the most popular and efficient way to recharge the battery quickly. However, if you want to charge the device with infinite sunlight, you have to connect a solar panel to the device.

Keep in mind that if you want to charge it perfectly, your 400-mAh lithium Yeti should be compatible with the solar plate.

Electric power source

If you want, you can also charge your Goal Zero Yeti with a power source. You only need to connect the power source to Goal Zero Yeti to complete the task. Only 7 hours are necessary to fully recharge it. However, keep in mind that this process is only appropriate when you are at home.

Charging inside a car 

If you are on a long drive with your car, you can easily charge your Goal Zero Yeti. But a 12V adapter must be available inside the car so that you can plug in the device.

Final thoughts

We can easily conclude that Goal Zero Yeti products are an excellent choice for power station users based on their features. However, the medium price of the power supply made it easy to collect for those who could not afford a generator.

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