There are several reliable pressure washer brands, and GreenWorks is one of them. It performs well, and washing with the GreenWorks pressure washer can make things gorgeous. But sometimes, the pressure washers become problematic; improper maintenance is mostly responsible for the issue. 

You can only use soap in your pressure washer specially designed for working with the device. These types of soap are biodegradable. So, there is no chance of damaging your pressure washer by using these soaps.

The reasons why Greenworks 2000 Psi pressure washer soap is not working

GreenWorks pressure washers are well-performing and very popular. But inappropriate use can cause the following issues:

Clogged nozzle

The spray nozzle is the first thing to check when soap is not coming from the pressure washer. The nozzle sprays water at an extended speed. Therefore, sufficient water and soap should come out forcefully for washing your car, driveway, or other elements.

Generally, the overuse of the nozzle is the most likely reason for its clogging. You can take out the nozzle and hold it under a tap. Now, wash the nozzle with an extended water force. If the nozzle is totally inappropriate for use, you should replace it soon.

Clogged intake filter

The intake filter is a necessary item for running the pressure washer smoothly. But when it becomes clogged, the pressure washer may work with less water force. So, in this situation, you have to open the filter and rinse it with warm water. Finally, install it on the pressure washer again and start using it.

Thick detergent

When you put the pressure washer’s hose into the detergent, it will use the detergent to clean anything with more perfection. But the washer will not get sufficient pressure for efficient cleaning if the detergent is thick. So, in this situation, you have to dilute the detergent with a sufficient amount of water and make the solution thin.

There are several guides for using detergent with your pressure washer. You can easily find them on Google or in the user manual for the pressure washer. If you always select the perfect detergent with your pressure washer, you will get the best result for washing everything.

Clogged detergent tank

Suppose your pressure washer soap is not working. When you check the nozzle and the detergent used and noticed that everything is okay, you should check the detergent tank. Sometimes the waste soap may be left in the detergent tank after the previous use. So, clean the tank properly and use the pressure washer again.

Broken soap injector

Primarily, you can check the electrical connection and the power switch. The power switch may be turned off if the device is connected to electricity. You have to turn it on.

The soap injection system adds a sufficient amount of detergent to your pressure washer so that it can clean anything by using the detergent. Sometimes, the soap injection system of a pressure washer becomes broken. So, it must be repaired in the correct way.

If you check the soap injection system of your pressure washer and find it broken, you should take it to an efficient repairman. The soap from the pressure washer cannot come out because of the broken system.

Wrong-sized siphon tube

The detergent goes through the siphon tube and reaches the end of the nozzle to wash the targeted thing. The size of the tube must be perfect for suitable cleaning. Otherwise, the nozzle cannot present a clear detergent flow.

So, you may change the siphon tube if the pressure washer soap does not work because it is the wrong size. But, if the size of the tube is perfect, you have to clean it properly. Now, you can notice that your pressure washer’s soap is working again.

Why is my GreenWorks pressure washer’s pump noisy?

Sometimes you may find that the pump of your pressure washer is noisy. It happens in the presence of air inside the pump. Almost every user hates the noise. If the noise is terrible, you can stop the power supply to the pressure washer and squeeze the trigger. The water or air inside the pressure washer will gradually come out and make it noise-free.

There is no rational reason to stop using soap if the pressure washer performs worse. Instead, changing the soap and applying another suitable one can give you the perfect experience of washing anything.

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