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Can I use synthetic oil in my pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a necessary element in our daily lives. But we should take sufficient care of the product to maintain its good performance.

Pressure washers are operated with gas, battery, or electricity. Significantly, gas-powered pressure washers are very popular now. Whatever type the pressure washer is, you must lubricate every part of the device if you want better performance.

Some users cannot start their engines in the cold winter. In most cases, the issue stems from using incorrect engine oil, which fails to keep the engine hot.

Is synthetic oil safe to use in my pressure washer?

Yes. There is no significant disadvantage to synthetic oil without its pricing issue. Generally, high-grade synthetic oil is slightly expensive. Synthetic oil can give outstanding performance with some pressure washers. Even so, it can make their performance better. But it is not suitable for all types of pressure washers. Most pressure washers that run on gas can easily be operated with synthetic oil. But when it comes to electric pressure washers, the best way is to check the user manual before purchasing the pressure washer. Here, you can easily understand whether your device is ready to get synthetic oil inside it.

But which engine oil is suitable for most pressure washers?

Several grades of engine oil are suitable for various weather conditions. Therefore, you do not have to suffer in cold weather.

Gas-powered pressure washers recommend 5W-30 engine oil. It is a fully synthetic engine oil. Using the 5W-30 synthetic engine oil with your pressure washer delivers better performance and a better engine sound.

Generally, SAE 30 engine oil is a good solution for the engines of pressure washers. But the engine oil is good for areas where the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you want to use the pressure washer at a lower temperature (about 0 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit), you must switch to 10W to 30W engine oil. Therefore, you can get better performance and a more reliable start from the engine.

How can I check the engine oil level?

Checking the engine oil level is very necessary after recharging it. The level will show you when you should change the engine oil again. But the process is not difficult at all.

Now, follow the steps and do the tasks carefully to get the result of how much engine oil your motor has.

Step 01: You must carefully keep the pressure washer on the leveled surface to keep it straight on the ground. Therefore, you do not need to face any problems while checking the oil level.

Step 02: You should wait for several minutes so that the engine gets a chance to cool. It is risky to check the oil level of a pressure washer when its engine is very hot.

Step 03: When your pressure washer stands level on the ground, you can easily sink a dipstick into the oil and check its measurement. An “F” or the word “Max” is written on the top of the dipstick, ensuring that the engine oil is sufficient. The letters “L” or “Min” at the bottom of the dipstick indicates that you must quickly recharge the engine oil.

How can I change the engine oil of my pressure washer?

First, collect the following items to complete the task:

  • A sufficient amount of 5W-30 engine oil (about a quart)
  • A set of wrenches.
  • A pan where you will drain the oil

i) Keep the engine on the ground: Be careful; the engine must be in a level position so that you can perfectly measure the oil.

ii) Make the engine hot: Surprisingly, changing the oil of the motor engine is easier when it becomes hot. So, you have to run the engine for a while to raise its temperature.

iii) Take the dipstick out: Now, you should remove the dipstick from the oil container. After measuring the old oil, the task of the dipstick is complete.

iv) Drain the oil: The old oil is inappropriate for use. So, you should remove the drain oil screw from the pressure washer engine and drain the oil entirely.

v) Attach the screw: Turn the screw clockwise and attach it to the engine. The engine is completely prepared for the new oil.

vi) Apply oil: Finally, you can apply a quart of oil and fill the tank. Now, attach the cap to the engine oil container.

Bottom lines

Finally, we can conclude that the 5W-30 synthetic oil is the best synthetic oil for almost every pressure washer in all weather conditions. If you change the oil timely, your pressure washer’s engine will stay sound.


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