A furnace is a useful piece of equipment for every house, especially in the winter. Suppose you have been living in a cold country for several days, and your furnace has suddenly stopped working because of a blackout or load shedding. You’ll have to spend the rest of the days running the furnace with a portable generator.

Is it possible to run a furnace with a portable generator?

The gas furnace is easily run with a portable or stationary generator, so you can take the generator inside your bag for use as necessary.

When you decide to use a portable generator for running a furnace, you must know about the ability of the generator and the wattage requirement of the furnace. Therefore, you can easily determine that the generator is perfect for running the furnace.

A furnace typically requires around 15000 watts of energy. The device utilizes energy and makes your home warm with its power.

So, if you decide to run the furnace with a generator, it should produce sufficient energy that is necessary for running the furnace. Otherwise, the furnace will have an electrical problem and may be unable to work or cause other technical issues.

Fortunately, there are several brands of stationary generators that can easily provide enough power to a furnace to keep your room cool.

But the generators that have a small backup are not appropriate for providing sufficient watts of energy to run a furnace.

How do I connect a generator to the furnace?

First, make sure that your generator will provide enough power to run the furnace. Now follow the steps.

i) Disconnect the generator’s main circuit breaker and disconnect the generator’s grounding.

ii) Now, connect the furnace to it.

iii) Find the gas furnace’s input terminal and the generator’s output terminal. Now, connect them.

iv) Finally, turn on the furnace. If it starts working successfully, you will be able to confirm that the connecting process was okay.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is totally impossible. Electricity is a component for running furnaces, which run the blower by igniting the gas. So, if you do not have an electrical connection at home, you must use a generator to run it.

Significantly, a portable generator is not a harmful device for a furnace. But if the generator does not have sufficient energy, it will not be able to run the furnace. So, you must check the ability of your portable generator to run the furnace perfectly.

Electric furnaces do not use any natural resources to generate sufficient power for heating your room. So, it takes the electricity from your home’s electrical connection or a generator. As a result, it is not surprising that your home’s electrical bill may gradually rise after installing a furnace.

Final thoughts

People in cold areas have to set up a furnace to maintain a suitable temperature at home. So, if you want to use it and use a perfect generator to run the device, you must consult with an engineer or electrical consultant immediately.

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