If you wish to get a smooth texture on your woodwork task, you must get your hands on the best spokeshaves. Spokeshaves have always been there to look after the job of woodworking since it begun. Once you learn to handle the tool, it will become an inevitable item of your toolbox. With the modifications and advancements made in the tool, the fundamental use of the tool has not been changed. However, the tools have become specialized to perform specific tasks.

Whether you are experienced in the field of woodworking or are new to the realm, it is a daunting task to find the ideal spokeshave. Making yourself familiar with the various spokeshaves will aid you to find out the one that best caters to your needs. The given list of the best spokeshave 2022 will assist you to solve your dilemma of choosing the best spokeshave that not only helps you to carry out your tasks with utmost ease but is also economical and efficient.

Top 10 Of The Best Spokeshaves Review

1. Robert Larson Flat Spokeshave 580 1000

Robert Larson 580-1000 Kunz 151 Flat Spokeshave

The Robert Larson Flat spokeshave is the best all around spokeshave designed to provide a blend of quality and comfort. The flat sole of the blade is a great choice for sprucing and finessing up both convex as well as straight areas.

The tool has a finely sharpened blade made of steel. The blade is positioned by two adjustable screws to hold command over the thickness of the shavings. The blade produces fine curves by holding on the edge firmly. Also, the body design of the tool is well-assembled and is made of iron that makes it durable and hard. Moreover, the size of the tool is great- not too small or too large. The perfect size of the tool is ideal for comfortable shaving and cutting. The rich and even painting of the tool indicated that it is of premium quality.

2. Woodriver adjustable spokeshave

WoodRiver Adjustable Spoke Shave

The Woodriver adjustable spokeshave features an adjustable flat sole, making it convenient to deliver various cuts at varying depths. The threaded rods secure the blade in its place. However, the threaded rods can be removed from the blades while honing. The WoodRiver spokeshave is built in such a manner that it provides a comfortable and firm grip to the user while increasing the control over the cuts.

The body of the tool weighs 1.05 pounds and is made using the iron. The iron body is accountable for imparting durability and toughness to the tool. It possesses curved handles for increased control. The user can control the depth of the cuts and thus, increases the precision of the shavings. The tough blade can carve outward-curving and flat surfaces. Moreover, the tool requires a couple of touch-ups before being used. Also, the iron body demands some additional care.

3. Swpeet 10 inches spokeshave

Swpeet 2Pcs 10” Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base, Metal Blade Wood Working Hand Tool Perfect for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working

If you are looking for a basic tool, then the Swpeet spokeshave would be the best pick. It can be titled as the best spokeshave for money. The tool consists of 46 mm long blades made of carbon steel. The blades are incredibly sharp and can perform tasks like shaping legs or chair seats. And that is not enough, the blades are treated with heat to make them tough, durable and resistant to wear.

The bottom body of the tool is made using wear-resistant material that promises continuous quality work throughout the lifetime of the spokeshave. Also, the adjustable screws will assist you to adjust the length of the blade without a heck. The handles of Swpeet spokeshave is layered with corrosion-resistant epoxy to impart durability to the tool. Moreover, the handles are contoured to offer an excellent grip.

4. Anndason adjustable spokeshaves

Anndason 2 Pcs Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base and Metal Blade Wood Working Wood Craft Hand Tool

The Anndason adjustable spokeshaves are a pair of spokeshaves that offers a combination of durability and quality. The pair of spokeshave is a great option for beginners is it possess contoured handles that provide a good grip, that is particularly needed during the leaning stage. The pair gives you flexibility while working as you can adjust both the tools in a different setting as you work on different surfaces. This saves time as you do not have to change the settings frequently.

The 9 inches carbon steel blade is an excellent option for shaping wood as it is neither too short nor too long. The body is made using high-quality material that increases the stability and durability on the surface that you have to shave. Also, the blades have been treated with heat that increases the hardness and toughness. The set also includes an anti-rust oil.

5. Stanley Spokeshave 12 951 

STANLEY Hand Planer, SpokeShave, Flat Base (12-951)

The Stanley Spokeshave 12 951 is built to create fancy curved pieces. Whether you wish to build circular tables or curved baskets, the Stanley spokeshave got you covered. The tool is the best Stanley spokeshave. The tool features adjustable cutters that enable the user to cut at varying depths- making it an excellent curving tool. The tool possesses a width of 2 1/8 inches and the cutters noticeably minimize the chattering. Also, the blades can be replaced effortlessly, in case of any damage.

The Stanley 12 951 possesses dual handles to provide a firm grip- a factor that is essentially required when you are working on legs or seats of chairs. The tool is most suitable for convex and flat surfaces as it features a flat blade. Furthermore, the body of the tool is made from iron that makes it durable and tough.

6. Kunz round bottom spokeshave

Kunz Round Bottom Spokeshave

The Kunz round bottom spokeshave is specialized for sprucing up rugged wood and its flat bottom is a great option for shaving concave surfaces. The Kunz spokeshave features a German steel blade that measures 2 inches. The blade can produce a cut as thin as the thickness of a paper. The tool needs to be pulled and pushed, both, using both the hands to shave rough edges. Nonetheless, its lever cap holds the blades safely in its position. The tool makes woodworking easy with its cool features. Also, the set comes with two brass adjustment screws that can be operated easily.

7. Accesssbuy 10 inches adjustable woodcraft cutting edge spokeshave

Accessbuy 10‘’ Adjustable Wood Craft Cutting Edge Spoke Shave Spokeshave For Woodcarver

The versatility of the Accessbuy adjustable woodcraft cutting spokeshave can be seen in the fact that it can be used to shave hard surfaces as well as soft surfaces without any room for complications. It can plane irregular and complex patterns such as arcs and curves. The tool is made from iron that makes the unit bulky, which adds to the stability of the tool during use. The blades are incredibly sharp and maintain their efficiency for a longer period.

However, like all other objects made of metal, you will have to clean the unit after every use. Also, it has to be kept away from moist surfaces to prevent the tool from getting rusted. Occasionally, the base needs to be flattened to brush off the paint that tends to get accumulated.

8. Pinnacle spokeshave 151

Pinnacle No 151 Spokeshave

The Pinnacle Spokeshave 151 is a versatile spokeshave that produces outstanding results. Its technically engineered design keeps your fingers away from the blade while your shave to increase the comfort while working. It is a preferred choice if you have to shape chair legs, wheel spokes, and all kinds of rods. The flat bottom of the spokeshave can deal with tight concave and convex curves.

The Pinnacle 151 possesses a ductile body made of iron. The spherical structures of graphite strengthen the body of the tool. With continuous use, you will develop a firm control over the tool eventually which will make it easier to use it single-handedly. The 1/8 inches thick blade of the spokeshave is an advantageous spot as if it is made from Carbon RC60 64. Moreover, the blade is treated to high temperatures to enhance its wear-resistance.

9. Meolin wood craver woodworking adjustable spokeshave

Meolin Wood Woodworking Adjustable Spokeshave Flat Base Plane Bench Planer

Do you showcase your creativity in woodwork and are fond of DIYs? If your answer is yes, then this model is made for you. The tool can be pulled and pushed with both the hands and the heavy body of the unit that is made using metal steel promises the required finish. The unit is more suitable for short surfaces. However, you can also use the tool to work on longer dimensions. The flat base of the unit imparts proficient curved surfaces. The brass screws (adjustable) facilitate vertical and horizontal blade setting to deliver results on joints and slanting flat surfaces. The fixation screw and lever cap guarantee that the blade is positioned properly.

10. Taytools 469553 2 pieces set spokeshave

Taytools 469553 2 Piece Set Flat and Round Bottom Spokeshaves Fine Adjustment 2 Inches Wide High Carbon Blade RC 55-60 9-1/2 Inches Overall

The Taytools 469553 spokeshave comes consists of a set of one flat bottom and a round bottom spokeshave. The sole of flat spokeshave is flat that makes it preferable for shaving and cutting wider surfaces and concave

shapes. On the other hand, bottom-shaped spokeshave creates amazing concave shapes. The units possess a dual-blade adjusting system that holds command over the thickness of the shavings precisely. The adjustments knobs are made from brass that is covered with stainless steel screws. The steel blades are 2 inches thick and deliver clean cuts in all sorts of wood material. It also has a strong ductile cast body of iron with dual handles for additional control. This imparts a comfy grip to the user during pull and push.

Buying guide (FAQs)

What are the different kinds of spokeshaves?

The spokeshaves may vary from 240-305mm to 90-170mm in length. Also, the types of spokeshaves vary depending on the kind of work they perform.

Chamfer spokeshaves are used to design symmetrical slanting edges at right angles. Flat spokeshaves are used on flat surfaces and curves that are wide. A convex spokeshave curve outwards whereas a concave one works on the corners. Moreover, a round-shaped spokeshave works on inward corners, and cylindrical spokeshave is used for cutting gentle curves. The double spokeshave has a concave-shape sole and a flat blade.

Why do I need to use different kinds of spokeshaves?

The quality of precision of your work is determined not only by your experience or skills but also by your tools’ quality. The need for different kinds of spokeshaves increases as you switch to professional working. You will need different spokeshaves to perform even a single task as you have to work with various curves.

What are the fundamental points to consider while buying a spokeshave?

Making use of good quality tools is necessary. Therefore, you need to ensure that the sole of your tool is even and that the blade is sharp. Also, you need to ensure that the pieces are well constructed and there aren’t any uneven or loose parts.

How should I hold a spokeshave?

Usually the spokeshaves possess two handles- that you hold on firmly using forefinger and thumb of each hand. For additional comfort, you must not place your hands near the edges of the spokeshave as that inhibits a proper control over the cuts. For effective and precise end products, you must bend the spokeshave in a bit opposed to up-down straight movements. Moreover, you must cut in the direction of progressing to the grain.

What is the difference between a compass shave and a flat sole?

A compass spokeshave possesses a circular sole to reach the concave edges. For hollowing edges, it is made circular in the front-back direction. On the contrary, the bottom of a flat sole spokeshave is flat and features a wooden or brass plate. This tool is versatile as it works well on round-bottomed, concave, convex as well as straight surfaces.

How can I sharpen a spokeshave?

A spokeshave demands regular sharpening. Even if you are using it for the first time, you need to hone the blades before using the tool. Therefore, it becomes important for a woodworker to know how to sharpen a spokeshave.

First of all, you will need flat stones for sharpening- superfine, medium, and coarse. You need to hold your blade at an angle of 25 to 30 degrees to your stone. You must stroke, full, and sometimes circularly to eliminate the swarf. Continue the process until you start feeling a burn. Keep lifting the blade till you achieve a bur on the corners of the blade and continue the process until you get a burr. Lift a side of the blade about a quarter-inch and rub it on the sharpening stone. Repeat the same with the other side.

Switch to the medium-grit sharpening stone and repeat the same process. Along with the edges of the blade, work on the heel also. Now, put the blade on a strop and pull it towards yourself for about 30 to 40 times.

Which is preferable- pull stroke or push stroke?

The push strongly preferable when you go uphill and the pull stroke is more suitable while going downhill. However, the decision of either pushing or pulling your spokeshave is a matter of an individual’s preference.

What is a wooden body spokeshave?

The wooden body spokeshave is an ancient model of spokeshave that was built to cut the wood at a low angle (27 degrees). The blade also possesses a 27 degrees bevel to provide a long-lasting sharpness.

What should I do to maintain my spokeshave?

To maintain your spokeshave and keep it working as new, you must clean all the machined components of the tool regularly. Most of the spokeshaves are made using a rust-resistant substance. In case, your tool gets rusted, you must clean it with a cloth soaked in mineral spirits. Moreover, you can also coat the sole with paste wax to prevent the moisture from inhibiting and thus, preventing rust.

After using, make sure that your brush and wipe off the tool before storing it. You need to oil the adjustable parts such as screw caps once in a while.

How is a drawknife different from a spokeshave?

A drawknife and spokeshave, both cater to the needs of curving and woodworks but in a different manner. a noticeable difference can be seen in the shavings’ depth. A spokeshave makes finer and small cuts, much suitable for intricate designs. Whereas. Drawknives deliver deep and rough cuts. Also, while shaving, a spokeshave can be pulled or pushed in any direction whereas, a draw knife can only be driven towards the user.


Focusing on the main aspects, the Robert Larson 580 1000 Kunz 152 flat spokeshave has been proven the most efficient. However, if the costs of the tool are concerned, the Swpeet adjustable spokeshave is a preferable choice.

The latest spokeshaves have brought a transformation in the woodwork and whether you need to fine-tune table surfaces or the legs of a chair, you require a model that offers good value for money. irrespective of the model you are settling for, the cleanliness of the tool is necessary. A moist cloth comes handy but along with it, comes the chance of the tool getting rusted so you need to dry it before storing. Also, smoothing and shaving are necessary to be practiced to achieve the best results.

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