A great method to destroy things is to strike them with the best sledgehammer. The heavy chunk is one of the preliminary tools for extreme destruction. You can attribute sledgehammer with a vast range of models with different constructions and characteristics.

The review of the best sledgehammer 2024 has been given below to help you pick the best for you.

Best Sledgehammer Reviews

1. Wilton 22036 BASH sledgehammer 36-inches

Wilton – 20 Lb Head, 36′ B.A.S.H Sledge Hammer (22036)

Wilton 22036 BASH sledgehammer 36-inches

The Wilton 22306 BASH sledgehammer is made from drop-forged 46 HRC steelhead with a core made of pure steel. All these components impart a weight of 18 pounds to the tool. The huge steelhead is crafted to tackle the toughest jobs. The strength of the hammer is held accountable in the super tough and strong solid core of steel. It is unbreakable, even if you overstrike with it.

For the safety of its users, the Wilton 22306 BASH features a safety plate that safeguards the head of the handle and prevents it from loosening. It also possesses a hole in it so that you can secure it to a stationary object or your hands by using a lanyard. Additionally, it has a tapered and thick neck that swallows a noticeable part of the vibrations that can wear the user.

2. Stanley 57 554 Compo Cast soft face hammer

Stanley 57-554 11-1/2-Pound Compo-Cast Sledge Model Soft Face Hammer

The Stanley 57554 hammer features a 36-inch handle that provides you sufficient leverage while striking despite its lightweight (11 ½ pounds). This makes it one of the best small sledgehammers. The tool is made using reinforced steel handle, coated by a later of urethane that cuts down the noise generated during work. It also features a soft non-sparking striking face along with a dead-blow system to minimize bounce back and eliminate vibration.

The Stanley soft face 57 554 hammer features a flat head region that provides it suppored to stand straight during storage.

Else, it can be tethered to any stationary object or wall. This makes it easy to store the tool.

3. AMES companies 16 pounds Jackson Sledge Hammer

Jackson 1199800 J-450 Sledge Hammer with 36 in. Fiberglass Handle 16-Pound

The AMES companies Jackson sledgehammer has a 36-inch handle made of fiberglass. The fiberglass handle offers the utmost core strength for safety and reliability. The sledgehammer features a forged steel double-faced head. The hammer weighs 18 pounds, 16 pounds of which is solely concentrated in the head. The AMES companies Jackson Sledgehammer is the best sledgehammer for breaking concrete. It is a great option for heavy hammering or demolition work. The model is lightweight and has a long handle that provides you good leverage. The surface of the head that hits is circular and works well if you want to break concrete or other hard material. The hammer features a well flat surface for striking.

4. Fiskars 36-inch Pro ISoCore sledgehammer

Fiskars PRO 750620-1001 IsoCore 10 lb Sledge Hammer, 36 Inch,Orange/Black

The Fiskars Pro IsoCore hammer features an inseparable head made of steel that cannot get loose from the handle. The head possesses a wedged demolition face that increases the damage when you destroy something. Also, it possesses an extra-wide face for driving that imparts improved accuracy while you strike a particular spot. For additional comfort, the hammer features an IsoCore shock control system that absorbs a large portion of the vibrations created while striking any surface. Moreover, the dual-layered handle of 36-inches absorbs the rest of the vibrations or shock. The Fiskars Pro IsoCore sledgehammer is the best sledgehammer for splitting wood.

The hammer weighs only 12 ½ pounds and it is comfortable and effortless to use it. The tool is well-balanced that makes it easy to gain a good command over it.

5. Stanley 56 808 8-pound hickory handle sledgehammer

Stanley 56-808 8-Pound Hickory Handle Sledge Hammer

The Stanley 56 808 sledgehammer is a premium quality tool that is said to be tough and durable. The tool weighs about 9.45 pounds. The eight pounds of the sledgehammer is solely from the forged steelhead. The hammer features a hickory handle that measures 23 ½ inches and offers the required strength and force that you require while striking the hammer. The steelhead of the Stanley 56 808 has a machine-finished face. The forged steel head is tempered and hardened and the hickory handle is coated with a clear lacquer to impart additional strength to the unit. Moreover, the unit comes with a lifetime warranty that is a bright spot offered by the company.

6. Stanley FMHT 56019 10 lbs sledgehammer

STANLEY FATMAX Sledge Hammer, 10-Pound (FMHT56019)

The Stanley FMHT 56019 is ideally designed for striking jobs. The fiberglass handle of the unit offers increased durability than usual wood handle pieces will offers. The handle is made using vibration-dampening particulates that reduce the vibrations produced in the handle. This in turn, increases the comfort and control over the unit while using it. Also, the unit possesses an anti-vibe handle grip for additional comfort during work. The hammer also features a bullet nose strike face on its one end that offers half times more power than usual heads. Moreover, the shatter-proof fiberglass handle of the unit increases the durability of the unit. The head of the unit weighs about 10 lbs and the handle measures about 33 inches.

All these features coupled together make the tool the best sledgehammer for workout. Furthermore, the unit is backed by a lifetime warranty of Stanley.

7. Ludell sledgehammer with 35 inches double wedged hickory handle

Ludell 11420 Sledge Hammer with Double Wedged Hickory Handle, 20lb, 35′ Handle Length

Ludell sledgehammer is a great tool for causing destruction. The premium-quality hammer has solid built and also absorbs shocks generate during strikes. The high-quality sledgehammer is available in 6 different weights. The Ludell sledgehammer can be used for both residential as well as commercial industrial use. The Sledgehammer features a 35-inch long Hickory Double wedged handle that is built using shock-absorbent technology. Also, it features a poly guard-inch that offers overstrike protection. The hammer is a great option for dealing with heavy-duty destruction and tough materials.

The Ludell sledgehammer has black enameled heads with polished faces. The tool is double wedged and possesses high-performance, double injection handles made using fiberglass. The handle also has a rubber grip that provides a firm grip.

8. Estwing MRF3LB Sure Strike

Estwing Sure Strike Drilling/Crack Hammer – 3-Pound Sledge with Fiberglass Handle & No-Slip Cushion Grip – MRF3LB

Estwing MRF3LB is a tool that combines innovation with excellence. The well-balanced sledgehammer features a jacketed fiberglass handle of 11 inches that provides both, comfort and strength. It consists of a forged steelhead (3 pounds) that has been tempered and hardened. The hitting surfaces are beveled for improved contact. The tool is a comfortable, durable, attractive tool that offers impressive strikes. The tool is made using premium tool grade steel that is accountable for its durability, longevity, and strength.

The Estwing Sure strike features a steelhead painted in blue. The tool is constructed for striking brick chisels, cold chisels, star drills, punches, hardened nails, and spikes. This aids in being versatile on the job. The jacketed handle enables heavier blows in confined regions. Designed with professionalism, the sledgehammer is a strong and reliable tool on which you can always count.

9. Performance Tool 2 lbs 1935 sledgehammer

Performance Tool 1935 2lb Fiberglass Handle Sledge Hammer

The Performance Tool 1935 sledgehammer is made using premium quality material. The head of the sledgehammer is made using steel and weighs about 2 pounds. it features a handle made of fiberglass that measures about 14 inches. The fiberglass handle possesses rubber cushion grips and anti-shock property. The handle of the unit is a bit small that makes it quite tough to control the tool. However, with continuous use, you will get habitual of it and develop command over the tool. The tool is the most affordable model and is a good choice for looking after household tasks.

10. Council sledgehammer with hickory handle

Council Sledgehammer, 8 lb. head, 36′ hickory handle

The Council sledgehammer features a hickory handle measuring 36 inches. It is dual-faced and has a rawhide. The sledgehammer weighs about 9.45 pounds out of which the steelhead accounts for 8 pounds. It is an affordable option for households who do not need to carry out heavy-duty tasks. The handle of the hammer possesses a firm and comfortable grip. The tool is lightweight and thus, allows you to work with it for longer hours.

Buying guide (FAQs)

What length of the handle is most suitable?

Generally, the handles of a sledgehammer are 36 inches long. This length goes well with most of the people. However, if you prefer a short handle, some manufactures also build 30-inch and 24-inch alternatives. Moreover, if you have to work in a small space, a sledgehammer with a short handle (12 or 15 inches) will be a suitable alternative.

Is the head of all the models of sledgehammer similar?

The heads of all the sledgehammers are not the same. The hammers that are flat cannot be used for breaking tough material such as concrete but you can use them for striking in fences.  Whereas, the mildly domed heads serve dual-purpose. Furthermore, some models are dual-faced- one wedge-shaped that focuses on destruction and the other flat.

What are the heads of sledgehammer made of?

Usually, the heads of all the sledgehammer are made using drop forged or forged steel. The handle is constructed by compressing a chunk of steel into shape by the use of huge presses or hammers. The process makes it hard- nearly 30 percent harder than usual steel.

Some models feature heads layered in urethane or a plastic material much alike that. The coating makes it safe to use the sledgehammer in places where sparking due to friction is a concern.

How should I select a sledgehammer?

Sledgehammers are available in different sizes and weights. The choice of the sledgehammer is dependent on how you want to use it. If you want to pound in a fence post you will require a huge head. However, you won’t require the same in splitting wood.

The most crucial factor to consider in deciding your level of comfort when you use it. If you find the tool too long or too heavy, you might not develop a good command over it. Also, you will get tired faster using a tool with which you feel uncomfortable.

What is considered as an ideal weight of a sledgehammer?

The sledgehammers are available in different weights- depending on the kind of job they look after.

The heads light-duty small sledgehammers weigh around three pounds. If you need to crack a tile in a restricted surrounding, then this weight will be more useful. The best sledgehammer weight around 8 to 10 pounds caters perfectly to household tasks. It is sufficiently light in weight so that most people can use it and still heavy enough to strike in fences or break average regions of concrete.

Moreover, the sledgehammers weighing 20 pounds or more are called as professional tools. It requires a lot of strength to use these tools. However, these tools demolish efficiently and quickly.

What is the cost of a sledgehammer?

You can get a durable and quality sledgehammer for $15-$20. However, a premium-quality sledgehammer from a reputed brand for professional use can cost you a much as $50-$70. These brands offer you several additional features such as alternate faces and shock-resistant technology, making them worth the price.

You should avoid using the cheapest models for safety purposes. Because of poor construction, the handle of the cheap models might break or split easily.

What are the safety measures that I must bear in mind while using a sledgehammer?

Before you start working, you must make sure that the head is attached firmly to the handle. Make sure that the handle isn’t cracked or split. Also, you must wear gloves that offer you a firm grip. You should also check the animals or people are not going to hinder you while working.

What should I do if I am facing problems working with a long-handled sledgehammer?

Of course, one cannot substitute practice. You must choose a region of hard-packed soil, an old wooden log or stump. Place the head of the hammer on the object. Extend your arms but make sure that they are relaxed and do not stretch. Position your feet at some distance with each other. Focus on the area where you have to strike and swing slowly.


Going shopping for the best sledgehammer does not demand much worry. All you need is a hardened and reliable steelhead with a vigorous handle that possesses a comfortable and firm grip. We discovered that Wilton 22306 is the best one as it tough and durable. Also, it features useful features such as vibration-absorbance technology. Progressively, Stanley 57 554 is an all-around small sledgehammer because of its lightweight and the ability to still offer the required leverage. Moreover, the other hammers on the list are also excellent. Above all, you must also look for safety features and shock-absorbent models.

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