Shoveling the earth to get a hole for a post won’t be an excruciating or a messy task anymore with the best post hole digger. Whether you need to dig holes for a mailbox or fence or just wish to plant some trees, the post hole digger will make the task easy and hassle-free.

You can choose to go for a powered one or a simple manual unit. The list will assist you with the best post hole digger 2022 that will offer you convenience and ease at work.

Top 10 Of The Best Post Hole Digger

1. Electric earth auger 10525 by Hiltex

Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger with 4′ Bit 1, 200W and 1.6 hp Powerhead

If you are looking for a high-performing and powerful hole digger, try the electric earth auger 10525 by Hiltex. The Hiltex 10525 features a powerful motor of horsepower of 1.6 that gives high performance. The unit gives 90 feet lbs of torque while delivering a speed of 200 revolutions every minute. The post digger is suitable for several digging activities such as installing decks and fence posts, planting trees, and much more. The unit is engineered with the safety of the user in mind. The safety lock of the unit makes sure that the power does not trigger until you decide to switch the power on. Along with the anti-vibration grip, the handle is made to fit your hands perfectly. The position of the handle provides the utmost stability and the feature coupled with increased leverage allows single-handed operation.

2. GoPlus 1200 watts electric post hole digger

Goplus 1200W Electric Post Hole Digger 110V 1.6HP Earth Soil Ice w/ 4′ Auger Bit

The rugged equipment built by GoPlus is made to impart sheer strength and maximum durability. Irrespective of the condition of the lawn surface or the strength of the soil, the unit has a drill bit that can bear any harsh impact or working conditions, making it the best post hole digger for rocky soil. To impart additional durability to the unit and to make sure that it remains functional for long, the unit is coated with a black paint that makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.

Moreover, the unit features two anti-slip and vibration-proof grips that enable the user to take advantage of the utmost stability and leverage while you use it. Also, the handle features two controls for start key and automatic lock. To offer enhances safety, the machine halts automatically when the start button is released.

3. Arksen 1200 watts 1.6 horsepower electric post hole digger

ARKSEN 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger Auger Earth Ice w/ 4 inch Auger Bits Set

The Arksen electric post hole digger brings together versatility and performance in a single unit. The machine features a power supply of 110 volts 60 hertz and its bits revolve at a maximum speed of 200 revolutions every minute that moves the earth easily and quickly while you dig it. The unit can be used for planting trees and shrubs, installing fence posts and deck, and for many more purposes. It is the best post hole digger for tractor. The 4-in-1 drill bit is engineered to give the utmost drilling capacity. Also, the product is light in weight and easy to use. The Arksen electric post hole digger can break the soil easily as it features an auger bit of 4 inches in diameter that are 31 ½ inches long. The unit can stand a maximum torque of 90 feet lbs.

4. Landworks cordless heavy-duty earth auger

Landworks Earth Auger Power Head Steel 6′ Inch x 30′ Inch Bit Heavy Duty Electric Cordless Lithium Ion Battery for Earth Burrowing Drilling Post Hole Digging (Earth Auger 6′ Inch Set)

Landworks cordless earth auger is a great choice for those looking for an environment-friendly digger. The unit is guaranteed with a warranty of three years while the eco-friendly cordless electric power earth auger assures you of its durability. The machine features a steel auger of 6 inches x 30 inches and the powerhead features a lithium-ion battery.

The machine does not produce any terrible after-effects such as smog and also, produces less noise while operation. The equipment features an overload protector to safeguard the unit from overheating. Also, the handles have adequate spaces between them to get proper balance while drilling. The machine is designed to provide efficiency and the planetary gear system provides higher transmission. The brushless motor design makes digging and drilling efficient and smooth. The packages consist of a charger and a 2-amp hour battery (lithium-ion).

5. GoPlus 1200W 1.6 horsepower electric post hole digger

Goplus 1200W Electric Post Hole Digger 110V 1.6HP Earth Soil Ice w/ 4′ Auger Bit

GoPlus 1200W electric post hole digger is an easy-to-use, simple and durable equipment that is a great option if you wish to install decks, fence posts, plant shrubs and trees, and other things. The one-man digger is convenient to start and use. The post hole digger features a power supply voltage of 110 volts and 60 hertz and possesses a speed of 200RPM. This makes the process of drilling efficient and fast. The machine offers adequate force and power for drilling holes in the garden, lawn, and patio to a torque of 90 feet lbs being the maximum. The unit features an auger bit measuring 4 inches in diameter and measuring 31 ½ inches in length.

6. MXBAOHENG electric post hole digger

MXBAOHENG Electric Post Hole Digger with Earth Auger Bits/Ice Auger Bits Hand Held Planting Machine Ice Drilling Machine (Digger+Earth Auger Bit(Diameter: 200mm)

The MXBAOHENG post hole digger is made from high-grade materials that are tested professionally and promise durability. The machine is built with extreme precision during the manufacturing process and along with an improved design that makes it more efficient to use the machine. The drilling speed of the motor is 200 rotations every minute that ensures that the machine digs holes deep and fast. Moreover, the unit is light in weight and is easy to use and start. The product is an ideal option for planting trees, geophysical exploration, ice fishing, road construction, and fencing decks and posts. The machine promises efficiency, durability, and stability. The post hole digger can be attached to several drill bits as per the requirement to meet the needs of different tasks.

7. Post hole diggerEZ by AMEZ

The Post Hole digger EZ by AMEZ is one of the best manual post hole diggers that you would come across. The model features an excellent design coupled with a handle of fiberglass that works great in preventing any kind or chances of a collision. **The high-grade post hole digger assures deep penetration with less effort- credit goes to its well-treated blades of steel. Also, the handle made of fiberglass offers increased core strength to the user and also increases the durability of the tool.

The tool can be used for digging holes for mailboxes, fences, flowers, on rocky surfaces, and many more. Also, the sharp head of carbon lasts longer due to the durable construction. The tool has a preferable weight and gives good service.

8. XtremepowerUS 1.6 horsepower electric post hole digger

XtremepowerUS 1200W 1.6HP Electric Post Hole Digger w/ 4′ Auger Bits

The XtremepowerUS is an electric hole digger that features amazing quality and features. The design of the unit is simple and the machine is simple and easy to use and assemble. Also, the unit is light in weight and its auger bit gives a drilling depth of 4 inches. The unit has a power supply of 110 volts and 60 hertz and drills with a speed of 1200W RPM. The set comes with one 1200 watts electric earth digger, one auger bit, two bolts, two nuts, one hex spanner, and one manual.  The durable and strong digger is made from manganese steel that features high strength. It can bear material wear, extrusion, impact and other harsh conditions.

9. Titan Model 100 3-point hitch earth auger

Titan 60HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger w/9′ Auger 3 Point Tractor Attachment

The manual post hole digger, Titan Model 100 earth auger is ideal to be used with CAT 2 and CAT 1 tractors and can be attached to six spines PTO. The unit is designed for heavy-duty usage as it offers high strength. The unit features tubing of 2 7/8 inches OD, shear bolt protection, and high-grade gearbox. The shear pin ensures safety to the user and offers flexibility while making different sizes of holes. The model can be affixed with augers of various sizes- 6 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches.

10. Titan 60 horsepower HD steel fence posthole digger

Titan 60HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger w/12 Auger 3 Point Tractor Attachment

The Titan 60HP steel fence digger is a great choice if you demand great strength. The post hole is designed with a frame material of high-grade steel tubing that measures 27/8 inches. The model assures ruggedness and durability. The tool can be used with tractors with a maximum of 60 HP. The tool can be integrated easily with PTO and three-point connection of your tractor. It is a great choice for heavy-duty work.

The Titan 60 posthole digger comes with an instruction manual and a safety manual and features matching augers for 12 inches, 9 inches, and 6 inches. The 12 inches auger bits can dig a hole of 24 inches for tall posts.


The selection of earth auger will be based on the count of use and the size of the holes that you wish to dig. Once you have decided on the utility of the tool, then the selection process will become convenient and quick.

If you want a powerful digger with incredible performance, then the earth auger 10525 by Hiltex would be the most preferable choice. We have also got some manual earth augers that offer great versatility and performance coupled with amazing features.

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