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Predator Generator: Change Engine Oil and Clean the Air Filter

Changing the engine oil of a generator for the first time can be difficult for new users. The air filter cleaning is also difficult for them. But both of the tasks can be easier if you have a sufficient idea. Now, we’ll go over how to change the engine oil in the Predator generator and clean the air filter to make the tasks easier for you.

What type of oil does a Predator generator take?

The Predator is a well-known company that manufactures durable and portable products. It is an important task to select the best oil for the generator.

The most suitable oil for a Predator generator is SAE 10W-30 engine oil. The oil keeps the Predator’s engine smooth and free from damage.

Why is it important to select a good engine oil? Generators, motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles use oil for their engines. Oil selection is an essential task for the engines. Low-grade oil may damage the engine soon and cause several malfunctions in the vehicle.

How to change the engine oil on the Predator generator?

Go through the following steps to change the oil in the Predator generator. There are some essential tasks, including cooling the engine.

Step 01: Run the engine

Running the engine is not a must before changing the engine oil. But, if you want to check the sound and compare it with the after-oil-change condition, you can run the engine for several minutes.

Step 02: Make the engine cool

Turn off the engine and wait for a while until it becomes cool. If the engine remains hot, you should not change the oil at this time. You may get hurt by the hot temperature of the engine. There is a vent on the gas cap, and you have to close it.

Step 03: Remove the access panel

The panel is attached to the generator with a screw, which should be removed to recharge the new engine oil. Turn the screw anticlockwise with a suitable screwdriver and remove the panel from the generator.

Step 04: Clean the top of the oil fill plug

There is an oil fill plug under the panel, and it is easily visible when you open the access. Take a soft and clean cloth and clean the plug with it. Be careful; no speck of dirt should be left here because it can mix with the engine oil.

Step 05: Remove the plug and take out the old oil

The oil fill plug will be removed if you turn it counterclockwise. In the meantime, you may notice a small amount of oil leaking automatically. But it is not enough. So, take a small bucket and keep the generator over the center of the bucket by using two strong blocks of wood. Now, tilt the generator, and therefore, the oil will easily be poured into the bucket.

Step 06: Fill the generator with new engine oil

You are now in charge of adding new oil to the generator’s engine. Take a sufficient amount of SAE 10W-30 engine oil and pour it inside the engine oil tank. A funnel is necessary to complete the task perfectly. Now, close the oil fill plug by turning it clockwise, and attach the panel.

How often should I change the engine oil of the Predator generator?

The break-in period of an engine is the time when you should follow some restrictions when operating the engine. During the break-in period, the engine oil must be changed on time.

At this time, the new engine has a strong possibility of overheated. However, once the time is up, you can use the engine oil as usual.

There are several types of predator generators. If you use the following models of Predator, you must change the engine oil every six months.

i) Predator 1400-watt inverter generator

ii) Predator 2000-watt inverter generator.

iii) Predator 3500-watt inverter generator

iv) Predator 4400 Watt inverter generator.

v) Predator 4550 Watt inverter generator.

vi) Predator 9500 Watt inverter generator

The other models of the Predator generator, including the Predator 1800-watt, 4000-watt, 4375-watt, 6500-watt, 8750-watt, and 9000-watt generators, need their batteries changed monthly or after every 20 hours of use.

If you are a Predator generator user, you have to change its engine oil after 30 hours of use. This time duration is for the models that need to change the engine oil after every six months of regular use. However, the rest of the models require changing the engine oil after 20 hours of break-in.

How do I clean the air filter on the Predator 3500 inverter generator?

Now, we are in another part of the discussion: the air filter cleaning. The air filter is an essential component of the engine. It prevents air, mold, and dust from mixing with the engine. If the air filter is not cleaned, it may be an obstacle to preventing damage to the engine. The following easy steps will show you how quickly you can clean your generator’s air filter.air filter cleaning

Step 01: Remove the back panel

The back panel of the Predator generator is attached by Phillips screws. Take a suitable screwdriver and turn the screws anticlockwise. You should continue turning the generator until the back panel comes out automatically.

Step 02: Remove the plastic cap and take the air filter out.

The air filter is covered with a plastic cap, which you can easily remove. After that, you can find the air filter, which is like foam. If you see that the air filter is unclean, you can easily wash it with soap and water.

Step 03: Attach the air filter

For the air filter, you can use either the air drying or sun drying process. Finally, you can attach the clean air filter to the generator and cover it with the back panel. Start the engine again and check to see if the air filter is perfectly positioned.

How often should I clean the air filter of the Predator generator? There are different frequencies for cleaning the air filter on different Predator generators. If you use the Predator 3500 inverter generator, you have to clean the air filter after 50 hours of use.


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