There are similarities and differences between the Honda EU 2200i and Predator 2000 generators. To compare them properly, you must compare their characteristics, such as power, runtime, fuel holding tank size, and price.

Predator 2000 vs. Honda EU2200i: Full Comparison

The size difference between the tanks of the Honda EU 2200i and the Predator 2000 is not much. But the Predator 2000 generator has a longer runtime. Here you can find more differences-

Feature Predator 2000 Honda EU2200i
Rated Output: 1600 Watts 1800 Watts
Maximum Output: 2000 Watts 2200 Watts
Engine Type: 79.7cc OHV gas engine 121cc GXR120 OHC gas engine
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters) 0.95 gallons (3.6 liters)
Runtime: 4 to 10 hours 4 to 8 hours
Outlets: 2x 120V 13.3A 2x 120V 15A
DC Output: 12V 8A 12V 8.3A
Parallel Capability: Yes Yes
Noise Level (25% load): 65 dBA 48-57 dBA (Eco-Throttle)
Tank Volume: 1.27 Gallon 0.95 Gallons
Start Method: Recoil Recoil
Fuel Type: Unleaded gasoline Unleaded gasoline
Low Oil Shutdown: Yes Yes
Overload Protection: Yes Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22.6″ x 12.6″ x 18.5″ 20″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″
Weight: 56 pounds 46.5 Pounds
Warranty: 5-year warranty 4-year warranty

Predator 2000 generator

Compare Runtime

Because it has a larger fuel-carrying capacity, the Predator generator has a longer runtime after a single fuel recharge. The Predator gives 4 to 10 hours of service after a full recharge. On the other hand, the Honda EU 2200i can run for 4 to 8 hours with full fuel.


The Predator 2000 provides shorter warranty times with their products than the Honda generators. Only a 90-day warranty is available with the Predator generators as a whole system. But it is good news that two years of warranty service are available on the emissions control system of the engine. This warranty period is available for Predator generators, pumps, and pressure washers.

In comparison, the Honda generator has a much longer warranty period. The Honda provides consumers with a 4-year warranty and after-sale service. In this warranty period, 36 months are fixed for non-commercial users. However, several Honda generator models, including the HRN, HRR, HRS, and HRX, come with an additional one-year warranty for commercial use. Moreover, the Nexite Deck generator from Honda assures a 5-year warranty and after-sale service.

If you are unsure about the performance of the generator, you can undoubtedly buy a Honda EU 2200i.

Manufacturing country

Most of the Honda generators are made in China. Moreover, the United States and Japan also manufacture these generators. Almost all vehicle users know that Honda is a Japanese company. But it is good news that American and Chinese manufacturing processes also enriched the products.Honda EU2200i

The Predator generators are entirely made in the United States. The Harbor Freight Tools company manufactures Predator products. The company was founded in 1977. The headquarters of the Predator is in Calabasas, California. So, the Predator products also ensure American manufacturing.

Compare Engine size

The Predator 2000 generator is a powerful one with a 459 cc engine. It is appropriate to provide a nonstop service for 18.5 hours. But the Honda EU 2200i generator includes a 121 cc engine. Although the engine does not go for a long time like the Predator, it has a low sound, good fuel efficiency, and smooth performance.

Price Difference

If you compare the Predator 2000 generator with the Honda EU 2200i according to price, the Predator will be more worthwhile. The Honda EU 2200i is much pricier, costing more than $1000. But the Predator 2000 inverter generator is available only for $329. It is an excellent chance to get a lot of advantages from the Predator generator while also saving money.

Honda EU2200i vs. Predator 2000: Which one is better?

It is easily determined that the Predator generator is better than the Honda generator according to its larger tank and longer performance. The engine in the Predator is also high-performing due to its large displacement (459 cc) and improved performance.

However, in several ways, the Honda EU 2200i outperforms the Predator 2000. Significantly, the long warranty of the Honda generator attracts a huge number of customers.

My Recommendation: According to the price range and many other features, the Predator is the best choice for generator users.

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