In this review of the best palm nailer, you will find the solution for fixing those tight spots where hammering is complicated. Palm nailers have become increasingly popular in today’s carpentry world. The ease of use and the accuracy in delivering along with the time it saves makes palm nailer one of the go-to tools for nailing jobs at home or constructional purposes. The list below contains the top 10 best palm nailers in the market for 2024. The list is put together after considering several aspects of the nailers.

10 Best Palm Nailers Review

#1. Bostitch Pn100l Palm Nailer

BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit

Bostitch PN100L tops the list as the best palm nailer 2024. The tool comes with a complete kit, which is the best for first-time users as well. The kit comprises lubricant oil, three noses of different sizes, a carry case, and leather gloves. This tool uses operational air pressure of 70-100 PSI and can perform with even an average air-compressor. The three magnetic noses are made of hardened steel and support different nail lengths. Bostitch PN100L is highly versatile and unique as its one of the rare nailer with 5-inch nail length support. It can perform both sequential and contact modes, which can be easily switched using the trigger button. The tool sits comfortably in palm and is ergonomically designed for a longer duration of use.

#2. Powernail Palm Nailer – Best Palm Nailer For Flooring

Powernail PowerPalm Floor Nailer

Looking for the best palm nailer for flooring? Presenting the Powernail Palm nailer! An incredibly lightweight model that boasts of steel body and rubber- grippers maximizes its versatility and durability. This tool uses both 16 and 18 G L-style and T-style power cleats, which guarantees excellent gripping power to your flooring. Additionally, the magnetic cleat holder enhances the precision of nailing. With this model, you can be stress-less from top nailing. This pressure-activated tool requires a minimum of 70 PSI to deliver optimal performance. Another highlighting feature is the 360-degree swivel tip, which gives you full freedom to position nailer in any direction. However, such excellent features come with a price that makes this tool a little expensive but completely worthy.

#3. Milwaukee Palm Nailer – Best Palm Nailer 2024

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2458-21 Cordless Mailer Kit, 1-3-1/2′

Milwaukee makes it into this list as the best cordless palm nailer. The small, compact-sized nailer can interestingly nail into small spaces. This battery-operated palm nailer can power up enough to perform jobs around the house and doesn’t require any air compressor. The tool is best for home DIY but of little use when it comes to professional use. The catch is the LED light and on-board fuel gauge features included in this model. The LED light makes working more comfortable and precise. The tool is provided with a rechargeable lithium battery and charger. Though it is relatively small and lightweight, some may find it cumbersome for prolonged use.

#4. Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer

BOSTITCH Palm Nailer, Mini Impact (PN50)

Considered as the best mini palm nailer in this list is the Bostitch PN50 mini impact nailer. The astonishingly lightweight model is small and compact yet sturdy in performance. This model offers a rubber hand grip that provides comfort and high stability. This tool can be used for heavy-duty purposes, and still, you won’t feel hand fatigue due to its weight and the insulation from rubber grip. The model also offers 360-degree swivel air fitting for use in any position as you like. Another notable feature is the frontal placement of air exhaust, which doesn’t interfere in your comfort. This tool does not come with any accessories. It requires 70-120 PSI operational air pressure to perform.

#5. Porter-Cable PN650 – Best Mini Palm Nailer

PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit

A highly versatile tool, Porter-cable PN650, is quite popular in the market for its excellent ergonomic built and accurate nail delivery. This model delivers powerful performance using four nose tips. The four types of nose tips included are the magnetic nose, finishing nose, steel hammer, and wide nose tips. The noses can drive 3d-70d nails. The magnetic noses can drive 3d- 16d nails while the standard nose capacity is upto 70d nails. PN650 operates at 50-120 PSI air pressure and delivers a powerful performance at 100PSI. This model comes with a depth-of-drive adjustment for accurate nailing. The tool includes accessories such as gloves, carrying case, lubricant, and a wrench.

#6. Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer

Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer with Magnetic Tip Ergonomic & Lightweight Nail Gun for Tight & Hard To Reach Spaces

In this best palm nailer review, Freeman PMP nailer is considered as the budget pick. This is a small and most affordable nailer on this list. The small-sized, lightweight nailer can drive nails of  6d – 16d with 3.5 inches in length to any surfaces. The ergonomically designed nailer comes with rubber-coated soft palm rest, which ensures comfort while performing the job. This palm nailer is best for works at home as it does not require huge compressors to function. As it supports nail lengths of 3 ½ inches, it may not be of great use in constructional purposes. The small size also may not be comfortable for people with large palms. However, this mini nailer delivers powerful performance for small tasks.

#7. Hitachi NH90AB Palm Nailer

Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer, 360 Degree Swivel Fitting, Accepts 2-1/2′ to 3-1/2′ Bulk Framing Nail, 5 Year Warranty (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

Hitachi NH90AB nailer comes with a magnetic nose and 360-degrees swivel fitting. Along with these features, it boasts of the ability to drive nails of length 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. This makes NH90AB an excellent tool for varieties of jobs such as nailing of the metal connector and joist hangers. The over-molded rubber palm grip is another feature added to this tool to ensure comfort and ease while working. These grips act as shock absorbers while firing. The front air exhaust is placed to direct air away from you. The accessory available with this model is safety glasses. This tool requires an operational air pressure ranging between 80-100PSI to deliver the best performance.

#8. Senco PC0781 – Best Palm Nailer For Joist Hangers

Senco PC0781 Pneumatic Palm Nailer

A basic palm nailer certified by a professional carpenter for years is what makes Senco PCO781 into this list. This tool is highly durable and designed using high-quality material. PCO781 is here to stay as it is the best palm nailer for joist hangers, metal straps, and assembly of the pole barn. This model comes with a magnetic nose tip thatcan drive nails ranging from 5d to 70d fast and efficiently. As its pressure-activated, this nailer helps in faster installation and accurate delivery of nails. Another notable feature is a leather palm grip provided with a tool to secure hold and ease hand fatigue. However, it comes with only one magnetic nose tip. This model also operates at 50-125 PSI like the other tools in this list.

#9. Metabo HPT NH90AB Nailer

Metabo HPT Palm Nailer, Pneumatic, Accepts Nails From 2-1/2′ to 3-1/2′, 360° Swivel Fitting, Over-Molded Rubber Grip, Ideal For Joist Hangers & Metal Connectors (NH90AB)

Metabo NH90AB is an amazingly lightweight nailer that helps you nail at tight spots effortlessly. This model is equipped with a rubber-coated grip, which secures the hold and ensures a comfortable working experience. Another feature of this, too, is the 360-degrees swivel fitting that allows you to work at any smaller space without any disturbance form the hose. The fasteners of the magnetic nose range from 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. The magnetic nose helps in accurate driving of nails. Being a newer version of the original Hitachi power tools, Metabo HPT has not compromised on its power and functionality. It delivers the right amount of job, which some other tools in the market offer but at a lower price. If you are looking for a high-powered nailer, Metabo HPT is the one for you.

#10. Porter-Cable PN350 – Best Palm Nailer

PORTER-CABLE PN350 Mini Impact Palm Nailer

Porter-Cable PN350 is a small and sturdy palm nailer that doesn’t shy away from delivering a performance like a regular nailer. Weighing around 1.1 pounds, this lightweight nailer prevents hand fatigue from use for a longer duration. The recessed nail slot in the nose of this model helps in easy nail placement. The operation air pressure required is 50-120 PSI for this tool and can deliver upto 3 nails from different angles at 100 PSI. PN350 comes with a swivel male connector, which ensures a comfortable working experience. This nailer has a front air exhaust which directs heated air away from your palm. This versatile model offers a multitude of functions, which includes the ability to use any length of metal or framing nails.


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There are several palm nailers in the market. Bostitch PN100L palm nailer is the best value nailer for accurate and versatile jobs. It also comes as a complete kit, which helps you to start working right away. If you are looking for a budget-friendly palm nailer, then Freeman PMP nailer is the one to lookout. Carefully read through the list and choose the best one according to your work requirement.

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