A nail is one of the essential things in everyone’s house. It helps people to build their homes or give a place to hang something. But what if there are nails that are not supposed to be in specific places? We want to pull it off. The main problem with nails is that not all nails can be pulled off easily, especially if it is already old and has no head. That is why in this article, we will talk about the best nail puller in 2024.

Nail pullers arrive in an assortment of shapes and estimates, and that can make it elusive the correct model for your next undertaking, and your spending plan. Shopping on the web can be unhelpful, as it very well may be difficult to discern whether an item portrayal is giving you acceptable data or attempting to sell you a disappointing instrument.

We accept that it shouldn’t need to be that way. Our audits should show you the upsides and the drawbacks to each display on this rundown. That way, you can pick the model that best meets your requirements, and you won’t end up with one with a defect you can’t stand.

We likewise incorporated a purchaser’s guide, which strolls you through a portion of the exciting points before you purchase. That way, you can settle on a decent choice, regardless of whether you’ve never claimed a nail puller. In addition, we’ve remembered a few hints for getting incredible worth, so it’s a decent asset to counsel in case you’re searching for a lot.

1. Estwing Nail puller – 12″ Double Ended Pry Bar

Estwing Nail Puller – 12′ Double-Ended Pry Bar with Straight & Wedge Claw End – DEP12

First on our list is Estwing Nail Puller. It 12 inches as its length and known as the most durable among the other nail puller. It also has a high leverage design that has two kinds of a header to do two different types of work. One head for the small nails and the other head for the big nails. The head is shaped into a rounded head for added torque, and the precision thin cloth helps us to get access to places that is hard-to-reach or confined places. This design also has a claw on it that was designed to remove the headless nail with minimal wood damage. We do not need to worry that this tool will break in the middle of the work because it is hefty enough to do a heavy-duty process. It is perfect for the window, baseboard, door trim, and hilling. It is also known as the longest-lasting striking tools. This tool perfect for small and big nails, especially headless nails. Since you can get it for a small amount of what different models would cost, this model is the best for your cash. In case you’re hoping to get it on an extraordinary nail puller and would prefer not to pay extra for highlights you realize you won’t use, this model is effectively the one you should purchase. The main drawback to it is that it’s not extraordinary with longer nails, particularly those three inches or more; however, it performs similarly also with shorter nails as different models do. In case you’re hoping to get a lot, look no farther than this extraordinary model. We can get this tool on Amazon for $14.97. It gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

2. Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller

Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller, Silver

Second on our list is Dead On Tools nail puller. This is a traditionally styled nail puller. This design comes with a circular saw wrench we can regularly use by using the circular saw. But this design has some flaws. This design comes with claws on both ends that are oddly sized. It can be a problem because it’s tricky to remove a number of standard size nails. Also, this design is struggling badly with smaller nails, so we do not suggest you buy this design if you are planning to pull out small nails. Another size will be fine. It also can take a tool out of the toolbox without losing the ability to do some tasks. This tool is available on Amazon for $17.59. It gets a 3.8 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

3. Crescent NP11, 11-Inch Nail Pulling Pliers

Crescent 11′ Nail Puller Pliers – NP11,Red/Black

Third on our list is Crescent NP11. This nail puller considered the most lightweight nail puller on our list, with only 1.5 pounds. We do not need a big box to store this tool because it is not that big. It is a medium size. This design may have similarities with traditional design, but there is still a difference. The head of this tool differs from the traditional one. With this design, we can save more than half of the time of de nailing. The functionality of the pliers allows us to easily remove nails from the front or back of the wood. The dual handles make it quick and easy to grip, roll, and remove nails. But not every tool is perfect for every nail. This nail puller has its own flaws that need to be recognized. This tool works fine with a variety of nails except for pallet nails. It is really hard to pull off pallet nails with this design. Their handle is also too small and it may become a hand safety problem if it is slippery. This tool is available on Amazon, and you can have it for $22.99, it gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

4. Shark CORP, 21-2028 Hardened Steel Alloy Nail Pullers

Shark CORP 21-2028 Hardened Steel Alloy Nail Pullers

Fourth on our list is Shark CORP. This tool is composed of hardened steel, has durability properties and capabilities to withstand a harsh environment. It is 11 inches long and does not end up bending or chipping. This tool is perfect for small and medium-sized nails. It has enough leverage for that size. The design comes with a rounded head that provides more torque, so it makes the process easier. This design also has claws sharp enough to grip on embedded and headless nails. Rather versatile in a construction environment. Based on the information provided by the company, there is a list of the nails. For finish nail will be 2 to 3 inches, for the common nail will be 2 to 3-1/2 inches and ring shank. This tool is available on Amazon, the price starts at $16.99, it gets a 4.2 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

5. Stiletto TICLW12 ClawBar Titanium Nail Puller

Stiletto TICLW12 Clawbar Titanium Nail Puller

Stiletto nail puller enables us to get any embedded nail without weighing our tool bag. It provides incredible strength but remains lightweight and made from solid titanium. It also comes with nail exposure. We just need to turn the nail puller on its size and hammering it around the nail carves divots. This product is manufactured in China and consider as less recoil shock than steel bars. Its weight is 8 ounces. This model has flaws on its price. This model is expensive, an excellent tool but not worth it for most people because of the price. This tool is available on Amazon, the price starts at $99.25, it gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

6. Crescent 56 Nail Puller

Crescent 19′ Nail Puller – 56

If you’re looking to remove a lot of embedded nails without doing too much damage to the underlying surface, you need the Crescent 56 nail puller. Based on the company information, this model is based on a traditional slide hammer nail puller, which operates by driving a small head into the wood around the nail head, and then uses leverage to pull the nail out. This nail puller was made from Alloy steel. With this tool, we put little damage to the wood, and the nails will not bend because of this. It also can remove headless nails. The jaws can form a tight grip on the body of the nail. This design is an easy-to-use and effective nail removal solution. This design also has a flaw that is inconsistent quality. This tool is available on Amazon, and you can purchase this tool starts from $59.81. It gets a 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Amazon review.

Buyer’s Guide

Nail removing power

When we want to buy a nail puller, we need to consider the strength of the tool. The strength plays a big role in finishing the job, and we can also see the quality of the tool from the strength. When the nail puller has good strength, it will come in a perfect design to support it from bending or chipping.

Nail removing design

Strength is an important aspect of a nail puller, so it does design. We need to consider the design of the head or the claws of a nail puller. If the design does not come in a handy and good shape, it will be most likely to make the job harder. We need to choose a nail puller with a design that can pull every type of nail, head, or headless and damage or no damage.


The other factor to consider is compactness. Nails can exist in secluded places really hard to reach, so buyers need to have a nail puller that can fit into smaller or higher places.

Compact nail removers come in two varieties. The first is plier-style, this style excels in removing nails from the top down, so it needs little horizontal clearance to work. The second is lever-style; this style requires a lot of horizontal clearance but needs as little as an inch or two in height to work.

Which Nail Puller is the best?

Finding the correct nail puller may appear to be a difficult task. However, it’s anything but difficult to do when you approach it with the correct mentality. While many individuals start by taking a gander at costs, a superior thought is to make sense of what usefulness you require and continue from that point. By making sense of what highlights you have to have a decent encounter, you abstain from winding up with a model you don’t care.

Make a rundown of nail pullers that meet those standards. Pick the most economical one, which will give you the best incentive to your cash since it provides an incredible involvement with the least cost.

If you have extra money, consider the design and quality. These two aspects should be considered important because we do not want to get an extra job for picking the economical one and ended up the tool that does not do the job for us.


As indicated by the audit from a ton of purchasers, the Crescent 56 Nail Puller is the best generally speaking model because of its incredible structure, capacity to expel headless nails and limit harm to wood, and clean conventional styling. Next is the Stiletto TICLW12 ClawBar Titanium Nail Puller, which is produced using titanium, making it lightweight and stun retentive and lightweight, however its significant expense wrecks it to second place. The Estwing Nail Puller DEP12 accompanies an adjusted head for high torque, a slender body, and is manufactured in one piece, besides it’s accessible at an exceptionally low value, settling on it the best in a general decision for the cash. The Crescent NP11 11-Inch Nail Pulling Pliers are useful for headless nails and arrived in a smaller casing that sometimes harms wood. Yet, they need incredible influence and often twist nails.

The Shark CORP, 21-2028 Hardened Steel Alloy Nail Pullers composed of hardened steel that perfect for small and medium-sized nails, we do not recommend if or big nails. This nail puller comes with a specific size for which nails can be pulled off. The Dead On Tools EX9CL 10-5/8-Inch Exhumer Nail Puller incorporates a round observed wrench and a high cost, yet its odd paw measuring and its battles with little nails mean it can ascend no higher than the keep going spot on our rundown.

We trust that our surveys and purchaser’s guide have helped you locate the correct model for you at a value that your wallet will adore.

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