Gain a bit of extra height you require to work overhead with the best drywall stilts.

The fact is that the drywall stilts come handy in DIY projects, wall painting, job site, or repairs. They help you to get your leg up on your task. Although they demand a bit of getting habitual, once you are comfortable, they will be your best assistants. Whether you need to sheet the ceiling of your workshop or tape and mud gypsum board for your basement renovation, the drywall stilts will help you with everything.

Moreover, you need a pair on which you can rely and it is difficult to judge a pair. To make things easy for you, an overview of the best drywall stilts 2022 has been given below.

Best Drywall Stilts Reviews

1. Surpro S2.1 Drywall stilts

SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24-40 in. (SUR-S2-2440MP)

If you are in a search for an efficient pair of drywall stilts, why not look for the best-rated drywall stilts. The SurPro tools know exactly how they can get your task done and this is the reason for the magnesium drywall stilts are the top pick.

One of the major perks of Surpro S2.1 Drywall stilts is their lightweight. Also, they are incredibly comfortable and convenient to work in. It is very easy to make height adjustments in the tool. The user can adjust from 40 to 24 inches with the help of double-wing bolts that don’t demand any tools.

The tool also features several safety features. It also possesses side supports for enhanced stability- you would demand it when the pair is fully extended. The design is lightweight and wide to gain a better balance.

2. GYPTOOL Pro drywall stilts

GypTool Pro 36′ – 48′ Drywall Stilts – Silver

The GYPTOOL pro drywalls stilts make a commendable pair. The pair is made using premium quality aluminum to offer you the durability and lightweight that you require. The pair is the best drywall stilts for money.

The tool is made using high quality and lightweight aluminum. The foot straps of the tool feature an auto-locking buckle secure them comfortably in its place. Also, the extra-wide and fully-adjustable padded leg cuffs offer the utmost comfort to any user.

The most impressive factor of the pair is its height. The height can be adjusted from 48 to 36 inches. Plus, the dual-spring flex-system assists you in moving easily and smoothly. Moreover, the overlapping industrial strut tubes offer extra stability while working that prevents excessive rocking. A tool is a suitable option for painting, drywall, wiring, and many other tasks.

3. Pentagon tools 1116 drywall stilts

1116 Pentagon Tool ‘Tall Guyz’ Professional 18′-30′ Black Drywall Stilts For Sheetrock Painting or Cleaning

If you are on a budget then the Pentagon tools 1116 Drywall stilts would be a preferable choice. The foot straps and heel plates of the unit are adjustable and can fit on anyone’s foot. For increased security, the self-locking metal buckles keep your foot snug without any letting you experience any discomfort. You can use improved nylon leg sleeves for a better fit and more stability.

As the tools are made from aluminum alloy, the tool is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 12.5 pounds. Also, they are surprisingly durable and come with a warranty for a year. The elevation of the tool can be adjusted easily with the help of a wing bolt design. The pair can expand between 18 to 30 inches. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about carrying tools to carry out some height adjustments.


Goplus Drywall Stilts Drywall Lifts Aluminum Tool Stilt for Painting Painter Taping (24′-40′, Black)

The GOPLUS drywall stilts are surprisingly lightweights (weighing 14 pounds) that makes it convenient to transport and comfortable to move around wearing them. The heel plates can be adjusted to different sizes of foot and the foot straps possess a self-locking system that promises that you are strapped securely and safely. Also, it features a rubber sole as an extra safety measure to ensure you get the traction you require.

An impressive feature of the GOPLUS stilts is its Body Bionics Basic design. It implies that the stilts are engineered to move naturally as your legs so that you can move freely and comfortably. The pair is a recommended drywall stilt for beginners.

Whether you wish to carry out an easy task or have to handle some kind of professional work, the GOPLUS Drywall would be an ideal choice (as long as you require elevation of only 30 inches).

5. STKUSA Drywall and painting stilts

Stark Premium Drywall Stilts Lifts Walking Stilt Painting Painter Taping Stage Performer Walker Stilt Adjustable Height 24′ to 40′ inch Non Slip

The STKUSA drywall stilts make a basic pair. The height adjustments can range from 24 inches to 40 inches. You just need to adjust the wing bolts to carry out the required adjustments and securely tighten them again once you have achieved the required height. The stilts are constructed from aluminum that is known for its exceptional durability and lightweight. They offer stable and solid support to the users. It can bear a weight of up to 228 lbs. Moreover, all these features come in an economically priced unit.

The heel plates of the unit can adjust different sizes and the self-locking metal buckle on the adjustable foot strap keeps the user strapped while he is working. Moreover, the dual spring action offers flexibility to the user and prevents his legs from sliding.

6. Pentagon Tools 1151 Drywall stilts

1151 Pentagon Tool Mag Pros Magnesium 18′-30′ Black Drywall Stilts Highest Quality

While usually the drywall stilts are constructed using aluminum, the Pentagon Tools 1151 stilts are made from magnesium. The tool is even more lightweight and strong. The pair is one of the lightest pairs that will be suitable for bigger tasks as your legs won’t get tired quickly. The dual spring action and nylon leg adjustment sleeves reduce wobble and prevent sliding. The foot straps and heel plates are adjustable and can snug fit anyone. Moreover, you can adjust the leg bands to make them work best for you. Also, the pair is padded for additional comfort. The height can be adjusted without using any tools and it uses a wing bolt design. They can beat a weight up to 228 lbs and its height can be adjusted from 18 to 30 inches.

7. SURPRO Interlok magnesium drywall stilts

SurPro SP Quad Lock Magnesium Drywall Stilts 24-40 in. (SUR-SP-2440MP)

Why not go for the best brand of drywall stilts if you require an efficient pair of SURPRO interlock magnesium stilts. The SURPRO is a leading industry in drywall accessories and supplies.

The stilts are made from magnesium that is accountable for its lightweight and balanced design. The magnesium body offers improved stability. It is convenient to get around in the pair that implies that you can walk comfortably in the pair for long hours. The interlocking pole locks the frame perfectly to offer extra support. The footplate and adjustable heel bracket promise that the stilts offer the perfect fit. Moreover, the inter-looping strap offers a comfortable and secure hold. Also, the height can be adjusted with the help of simple wing bolts.

8. YESCOM drywall and painting stilts

Yescom Drywall Stilts 24′-40′ Aluminum Tool Stilt for Painting Painter Taping Blue

The YESCOM drywall stilts are incredibly adjustable so that you get the perfect pit. The heel bracket features three positions and offers anti-slip protection in all the directions irrespective of the size of your foot. The pair possess dual-action spring that enables convenient maneuverability and the aluminum frame is strong and does not let the user to experience fatigue.

The design was constructed keeping the natural movement of an individual into consideration. This consideration helps the users to get enhanced control and balance. Also, the rubber soles makes it easier to move around as they are resistant to skid. The stilts can be adjusted from 24 inches to 40 inches to offer a range of working heights.

9. WARNER 10771 Aluminum drywall stilts

Warner 24′ – 40′ Strap N Stride Aluminum Drywall Stilts, 10771

The Warner 10771 stilts are made from aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum. The tool is incredibly durable. The tool features a dual-spring action, making it a great option to get comfortable with. You can walk naturally in the pair once you get adjusted in them.

The adjustable heel cup and the anti-slip ankle straps secure in its position to make you feel secure and comfy. The footplate offers wide area to give you the feeling of standing on something substantial. The height is also impressive and can extend up to 40 inches.

10. Dura Deluxe 2440 stilts

Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

The Dura 2440 stilt is a high-quality steel lightweight drywall stilt that is a perfect option for electrical, painting, drywall, wallpaper laying, and other height levels indoor construction your work demands. These are a great option for rooms that are 8 feet or higher in height. The reinforced steel stilts weigh only 5 lbs that enable easy movements. Also, they feature skid-resistant pads on the soles to improve stability, traction, and slip-resistance.


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The S2.1 drywall stilt by SurPro is the all-round best drywall stilts because of its dual-side support, lightweight, and double-wing bolt system. The Yescom Drywall Stilts aluminum stilts feature fully adjustable braces, dual-action springs at an affordable price that makes it the best option for the money. Although there are other models also that offer great features but the key to select the one suitable for you is your requirement of work and whether you have just started the work or are a professional. Also, comfort and safety cannot be neglected.

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