You reached here because you are looking for the best corded jigsaw available in the market today, right? Well, then you have not one but ten options to choose from. The below list has been carefully organized, keeping in mind the different factors for purchasing corded jigsaw. You will find the one that suits your work requirement from the below mentioned.

In 2024 These Are the 10 Best Corded Jigsaws!

1. BOSCH JS470E – Best Corded Jigsaw of 2024


Bosch JS470E can be considered as the best corded jigsaw of 2024. Hence, it tops this list. The tool is highly durable and safe. It comes with a 7 amp motor, which guarantees powerful performance. While using, this jigsaw offers ultimate precision along with security. The speed range is higher in this tool; that is, you can choose from a wide range of more topspeed options. The sturdy foot design and ergonomic handlebar significantly contribute to the ease of working. Speaking of the versatility it provides, this tool can make any number of cuts in any direction. JS470E uses T-shank sharp blade system. However, you can also install a U shaped blade. The tool comes with a blade, an anti-splinter insert, a plastic overshoe, a bevel wrench, and a carrying case. The downside of the machine is that it is heavier and is expensive.

2. DEWALT DW331K – Best Corded Jigsaw For The Money

DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 5.5-Amp (DW317K)

Dewalt DW331K can undoubtedly be named as the best-corded jigsaw tool. This tool is especially useful for beginners, as it is easy to operate and offers many features. It helps in making accurate initial cuts, which can be followed by proper cutting through the marks. The 5.5 amp motor can cut through any material, hard or moderate. This lightweight jigsaw is easy to use. However, it is not recommended for cutting harder products and metals. The highlighting features are the variability in speed options and keyless blade clamp design. The tool also has all four bevel cutting options. The main drawback of this tool is that its speed variability is limited to the lower range.


PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)

Porter-cable PCE345 makes it into this list as the best-corded jigsaw for the money. This tool can cut through various materials and comes with a long-on button for extended work durations. The four-orbital settings add to its ability to cut through materials. The blades are easily removable and replaceable with a tool-free system. This jigsaw comes with a warranty of three years and holds a 6 amp powerful motor. When it comes to security, nothing has been compromised as the lock-on button system will firmly hold the blade.

Furthermore, you need to disable it to start working. Also, you can change the blades tool-free. Some users have reported that this tool doesn’t have all bevel cutting options, and the minimum speed range is below expectations.



Jigsaw, 3Pos Orbtl/Strght Cut, 500-3100spm

Looking for a compact, robust and easily useable jigsaw? Makita 4329K will do all these jobs. The 3.9 amp motor along with three orbital and one straight cutting settings on this jigsaw. This makes cuttings in different positions and materials possible. Adding to the compact design is the die-castaluminum bevel base, which makes it sturdy and highly durable. The beveled base can be positioned to 45 degrees on either left or right and has a positive stop at 90 degrees. This one also comes with a lock-on button for prolonged use. The switches in this tool are larger to help in smooth operation. The variable speed control dial ranges from 500 to 3,100 SPM. Another highlighting feature is the counterweight balancing system available in this machine. This contributes to minimizing vibration during work.



BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)

Black & Decker BDEJS600C is the best-corded jigsaw under 100 dollars in this list. The machine is powered by a 5-amp motor with a top speed of 3000 SPM. This tool has a keyless blade clamp with a dust blower, which ensures visibility while working. The stroke length of BDEJS600C is ¾ inches. The machine has a beveling ability that allows for up to 45 degrees bevel cuts. The highlighting feature of this jigsaw is the adjustable shoe, which offers a stable cutting platform. This will reduce the damage caused to the material and the quality of work. The tool comes with a blade. The excellent grip added to the handle helps in smooth working. To reduce obstruction while cutting, this tool has a wire guard that ensures a clearer line of sight. However, this tool is not recommended for metals and plastic use.

6. SKIL JIGSAW 4495-02


SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

Skil 4495-02 is an ideal tool for precise and powerful cutting. This machine is best suited for professionals. The 6 amp motor-powered jigsaw is enough to perform any tough work, such as on hard materials. The built-in laser guide significantly helps in accurate straight cuts. This machine offers four-orbital cut control for smooth and fast cuts. In this model, both U shank and T shank blades can be installed. The tool-free blade changing helps in relaxed and safer swapping of blades. The blades move in an elliptical motion, which helps in easy cutting through hard materials. The body of the jigsaw is round, which provides comfort for use and handling. However, it does not have any protection against overheating due to extended use.

7. HITACHI CJ90VST – Best Jigsaws Under $100


Hitachi CJ90VST 5.5 Amp Variable Speed Jig Saw with Blower

Hitachi CJ90VST falls under the lightweight jigsaw category, which doesn’t compromise on its performance despite the reduced weight. This machine is also one of the best jigsaws under 100 dollars. The 5.5 amp powered tool comes with a dust blower to reduce debris accumulation, which may lead to overload and slower speed. The nickel-plated base plate and cast scratching guarantee smooth end products after cutting. This one, too, comes with four bevel angles and orbital settings. The lightweight of this model significantly contributes to reduced hand fatigue. This tool also comes with a well-calibrated metal guide. However, this one doesn’t offer U-shaped blade compatibility, and some users have reported that the tool-free blade changer mechanism is challenging to use.



BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (JS670V)

Black & Decker JS670V has all of the features required for powerful jigsaw tool. The high-powered motor, tool-free blade change system, adjustable speed dial in addition to Line Finder technology. The mechanism of this technology is very similar to the laser guide and contributes to precise and accurate cutting. This tool also comes with onboard storage for blades on the interface, which helps in quick access. The compact design comes with a sturdy hand grip for comfortable and fatigue-free work experience. The package includes JS670V Jigsaw, wood cutting blade,AAA Batteries,pen, and pen holder.The bevel cutting options are limited to straight and curved designs in this jigsaw. Also, this machine is not for professional use and offers limited security.


Offering the most comfortable work experience in this list is the Bosch Barrel handle JS470EB. This powerful machine has a7 amp motor with speed up to 3100 SPM. The shank type compatible with this model is a T-shaped blade. The highlighting feature, however, is the barrel grip, which is best for people with bigger hands. This, too, is comparatively easier to use in smaller areas. The replacement of blades is as easy as pressing the ‘eject’ switch, removing the used blade, and inserting a new one. It offers smooth cuts with precision and low vibration. The package contains Bosch jigsaw, plastic overshoe, anti-splinter insert, bevel wrench, and a carrying case. However, this one is expensive yet worth every penny.


Just like any Dewalt product, DCS331B is also best in the performance it offers. The ergonomic design of the machine proves that it can perform for a long duration without failing. This machine also comes with a long warranty; therefore, investing in this won’t be a regretful decision. The orbital jigsaw provides bevel angles of 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°. The 20 v motor can provide speed up to 3000 SPM. This machine can cut through any material with ease. The tool also has an adjustable dust blower which helps in keeping the workspace clean and enhance visibility. DCS331B requires 20v Li-ion battery and charger to function. The main drawbacks are that this tool is expensive, and if you don’t have the battery and charger, it will cost you more.


What to consider while buying a jigsaw?


As you have reached the end of the review, you might as well have an understanding of the best jigsaws available in the market now. For professional use, the recommend jigsaw is Bosch JS470E. This allrounder jigsaw can perform any task with ease. If you are a beginner or looking for affordable jigsaws, there are many suitable ones mentioned in this list.

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