The best cant hook is a necessary woodworking tool that is used to turn, roll, and grip logs. The tool diminishes the energy required to alter logs and also decreases the chances of back pain and injuries while working.

Finding a reliable and durable cant hook has become a daunting job for woodworkers. The review of best cant hook 2024 has been given below that will help you to find the best that caters to your requirements.

Top 10 Best Cant Hooks Review

1. LogRite 60 Inches Cant Hook

LogRite 60′ Aluminum Handle Cant Hook

The LogRitecant hook is the best friend of a woodworker. The cant hook appeals to the user just with the first look and one can make out that the product is of high quality. The tool has firm fittings and the paint on the cant hook is evenly spread. Moreover, the pole of the tool is thick and durable that it does not break while shifting a large log.

The tool features a sturdy and long rubber grip that does not allow your hands to slip while using it. Also, the tool is sized perfectly to bite even large-sized logs. All these features together make the model best deal logrite logging cant hook.

2. Ironton Cant Hook – Best Cant Hook 2024

Ironton Wooden Handle Cant Hook – 48in.L

The Ironton cant hook makes an economic choice. The tool features a rustic look and its handle and pole are made from wood and the hook has painted metal. The tool measures 48 inches which is an ideal size. The parts of the tool are fitted properly and the hook can look after large logs efficiently. Apart from the affordability of the tool, its versatility also appeals to the users.

3. Woodchuck Dual Peavey And Cant Hook

Woodchuck Dual Peavey Point and Cant Hook All in 1 Tool

The Woodchuck cant hook WCT04 is an all-rounder tool as it does the work of a cant hook

And a peavey. The tool features a firm grip of rubber that imparts anti-resistant property to the unit. The cant hook measures 47 inches which is a moderate size. The spike enables the users to pry amidst pieces of wood and other pieces of stuff. The shoe of the tool controls the bites on the wood. The pole of the cant hook is made from aluminum that gives durability and strength to the unit.

4. Wood Mizer Cant Hook 48 Inches

Wood-Mizer Steel Cant Hook (Steel, 48′)

The Wood Mizer features a firm grip- credit goes to the rubber that imparts firmness to the handle. The shoe of the tool is made sharp so that the bites are sturdy. The pole of the cant hook is made from steel. This, in turn, makes the unit durable and prevents it from breaking while lifting logs. the Wood Mizer measures 48 inches and is a good choice for handling small and average-sized logs.

5. Felled Steel Timberjack 48 Inches

Felled Steel Timberjack – 48in Timber Jack Tool, Cant Hook Log Roller Tool with Log Hook for Felling and Logging

The Felled steel timberjack is an efficient and decent choice for lifting and moving pieces of wood. It is the best cant hook and lift. The tool is constructed of carbon steel that is a great option for heavy-duty tasks. The tool is designed to offer longevity durability and strength during work. The tool weighs 3.99 pounds and its 45-inch steel handle has a rubber handle that offers a secure and comfortable grip. The A-frame log can be removed to life wood about 11 inches above the ground.

6. LogOx Log Hauler And Cant Hook

LogOX Hauler, Ergonomic Log Hauler and 21′ Cant Hook, Made in USA (Patented)

The LogOx log hauler measures 21 inches and features a mechanical characteristic that helps the users to load, move, and lift the logs. The unit weighs 6.2 lbs and just needs to be fixed by the hook around the wood to go on with the rounds. The hook is designed to be sharp so that you can get a firm grip on the log. This ensures that the unit does not fall off in moving or lifting the log.

7. Timber Tuff TMB 75ATK Timberjack

Timber Tuff TMB-75ATJ Deluxe Timberjack

The Timber Tuff TMB 75A Timberjack offers versatility and durability to the users. The tool is made of fiberglass and strong steel that makes it sturdy and firm. The unit measures 48 inches and can deal with large logs due to its dual-hook design. The handle features a comfortable rubber grip that offers comfort while using the tool. It is the best cant hook log roller as it features a wheel on which one can stand the lifter.

8. Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook

Roughneck Steel Core Cant Hook- 48in.L

The Roughneck logging by Northern Tools plus offers a high-quality unit that yields consistent results. The tool is 4 feet tall (48 inches) that is a great choice. The unit has dual hook steel attached with a long handle. The high saturation of carbon makes the tool sturdy. The head can rest on a toe or stub when the user pins the wood. This support to the head also makes it easy to move the log. Moreover, the cant hook has a textured grip of rubber that offers a secure grip to the user.

9. Timber Tuff Cant Hook

Peavy, Timer Tuff, 4′ Long Peavy

The Timber Tuff cant hook is a good-to-go unit for lightweight lumber tasks. The tool has a standard and simple design. It has a hook attached to a wooden handle that gives a length of about 4 inches to the unit. The unit is easy to use and light in weight. Moreover, the unit is coated with paint to prevent it from getting rusted.

10. LogRitealuminum Handle Peavey 48 Inches

LogRite 48′ Aluminum Handle Peavey

The LogRitealuminumcant hook is moderately-sized is easy to use. The tool features an aluminum handle that makes it durable. Along with the unbreakable character of the unit, the tool has a textured grip of rubber that imparts firmness and improved control over the tool. The tool is made using high-quality material. The tool is sturdy, sharp and can deal with logs measuring 8-36 inches. The tool can also be used for separating logs.


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A cant hook is a tool designed to make your easy while saving your time and your back from strains. To choose the best model, you have to study your needs. You can turn, roll and lift logs effortlessly with the best cant hook.

From the reviews, it can be ascertained that the LogRotealuminum handle cant hook is the best option. The unit yields improved results by imparting efficiency and speed to the task. Also, the Ironton wooden handle cant hook not only makes an efficient choice but an affordable one too. Moreover, the Woodchuck WCT04 also has some amazing features with the friendliness of use.

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