Now, conscious people always think about recycling products. This process gives them both health and financial benefits. Suppose you used a plastic hose reel for watering the plants in your garden for several years. After a while, you realize that the reel is no longer functional. So, you have to recycle the reel.

Can I really recycle a plastic hose reel?

Yes, you can easily recycle a garden hose reel, which is made of plastic. However, plastic is a material that can be melted and transferred into several shapes. Thus it becomes a suitable material for several types of equipment, and it does not lose its utility.

Many people do not support recycling the hose reels. But it is an immature concept. If you can utilize the hose perfectly, it will give you several services.

The main way to utilize an old hose reel is for sprinkling. The hose reel can be an excellent alternative to sprinkler pipes. Moreover, the hose reel can also be used in your water purifier system.

Moreover, you can keep the new extension cords on the hose reel if the old ones are problematic.

So, it is not an admirable task to throw away the hose reel when it gets older.

Why should I recycle a plastic hose reel?

Recycling is a popular process now. Metals, cords, plastics, and other materials—everything can be recycled if you follow the proper steps.

We should recycle plastic hose reels for two main reasons.

i) Save money: Suppose you have an old garden hose reel. A new hose reel is also necessary for maintaining the present tasks of your garden. Would you like to throw the old one out? No way, because the old one can be an excellent alternative to the new hose reel. If the old reel’s pipe is damaged, you can change only the pipe, not the reel. So, the investment after the reel will be easily saved.

ii) Protect the environment: Throwing away an old plastic item is a harmful task. Plastic is an ingredient that can mix with the soil and make it polluted. Therefore, the harvest on the soil can be hampered. But, when you recycle the plastic hose reel, it will not get a chance to mix with the soil. As a result, the environment can be protected.

What are the different purposes for which a hose reel can be used?

When a hose reel is old, it can be used for a variety of valuable purposes.

First, they can be used as makeshift planters. You can easily plant the small plants on the reel by entering a sufficient amount of soil inside it. So, the reel can be set up in your garden. Moreover, you can color it to increase the beauty of the planter.

A rainwater filter is another necessary tool that can be made with an old hose reel. A rainwater filter is a necessary tool that holds sufficient water from the rain to use in other essential activities.

However, we can easily understand that there are numerous activities that can be performed with an old hose reel.


There is no waste in the world that cannot be recycled. Even every single material in a dust bin is possible to use in other activities with proper processing. This article shared several thoughts on using an old hose reel. So, you must start recycling it now.

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