Pressure washing is necessary for washing windows, walls, concrete areas, driveways, and other elements. GreenWorks is a good brand of pressure washers. The GreenWork is such a washer that has two spray nozzles, which are appropriate for making more water pressure for better washing.

Pour soap into a GreenWorks pressure washer

Turn on the water: There is an electrical connection that allows the pressure washer to forcefully wash a place. If you want to use the pressure washer, you first have to turn on the electrical connection.

Remove the wand: The wand is a pipe attached to the pressure washer. It speeds up the water flow. Some GreenWorks pressure washers attach a powerful spray gun. If you want to attach the pot of the soap mixture, you have to remove the spray gun or wand first.

Attach the soap pot: You must prepare a soap and water mixture and fill up a bottle or pot with the mixture. Now, attach the soap pot to your pressure washer.

Spray the soap mixture: You should turn on the pressure washer and spread the soap mixture through the item that you are washing. Now, you can notice that the force of the detergent mixture is low. Do not worry; it happens because of the density of the mixture of soap and water.

Attach the spray gun again: Now, remove the soap pot from the pressure washer and attach the wand (spray gun of the GreenWorks pressure washer). Now, turn on the pressure washer. The forceful water coming from the pressure washer will remove all the soap, clean it properly, and make the thing attractive.

Which soap should I use with a GreenWorks pressure washer?

All kinds of soap or detergent are not appropriate for use in a pressure washer. Instead, we should use soap or detergent that is specially formulated for use in a pressure washer. Therefore, the washing process can be more effective, and the pressure washer will perform well.

Is the GreenWorks pressure washer any good?

This outstanding pressure washer releases the water so forcefully that the dirt from the place is removed very quickly. So, you can easily get a new outlook on the place after several minutes of washing. The spray gun of the pressure washer is not only powerful but also very attractive to see.

How much soap should I use for a pressure washer?

It is very important to know the perfect amount of soap to use with a pressure washer. Generally, two or three ounces of soap per gallon of water is sufficient for effective cleaning. If you can apply more soap, you can get a much cleaner surface.

How do I connect a detergent pot to a pressure washer?

If you remove the gun and put the pot of the detergent mixture in the machine, the power of the pressure washer decreases. But if you can directly attach a detergent pot to the pressure washer, you must not remove the gun.

Now, follow the steps for attaching the pot.

i) Purchase a jar of detergent

There are several brands of detergent. You should take any trustworthy one that can clean your products perfectly.

ii) Connect the washer to the electricity.

Take the cord of the pressure washer unit and attach it to the electrical connection.

iii) Attach a black nozzle to the gun.

The low-pressure black nozzle will help you spread water forcefully when you attach it to the gun.

iv) Insert the detergent injector into the quick coupler.

There is a quick coupler that is mounted on the pump. If you want to use the detergent from the bottle, you have to insert the detergent injector into the coupler. Otherwise, the device will not be able to take the detergent.

v) Use the clear detergent pick-up hose

You have to remove the cap of the bottle of detergent and sink the detergent pick-up hose inside it. You should confirm that the head of the hose is perfectly submerged in the detergent.

vi) Let’s start to clean

Now, your GreenWorks pressure washer is ready to clean everything with detergent. When the washing process is complete, you can disconnect the detergent hose and finish the task by washing the things with only water.

Bottom lines

Cleaning with a GreenWorks pressure washer is enjoyable. The formulated soap or detergent increases the comfort of cleaning. So, this article will be helpful for pressure washer users who want to use soap or detergent with pressure water to have a more beautiful surface.

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