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Common Ecoflow Delta Generator Problems and Solutions

Ecoflow Delta is a popular power station with a high-capacity battery. It is powerful and well worth the price for users who need to power more than two units. But sometimes, the users cannot be satisfied with the performance because of its problems. In this article, we will discuss the problems and their possible solutions.

How to fix common Ecoflow Delta Generator Problems?

Disconnected cable

Occasionally, the power station’s cables become loose by accident. So, it cannot be properly charged and therefore stops working.Disconnected cable

So, if any problem with your Ecoflow Delta Pro is found, you must immediately check all cables, including the charging cable.

Bad battery

The battery is the powerhouse of the solar panel. It stores sufficient charge so that the power station can utilize it during load shedding or any other power outage. But the damaged or problematic battery is unable to do its duty, and therefore the power station stops working.Bad battery

The solar panel is not facing the sun

This is another critical process in determining the optimal power reaching the Ecoflow power station. In this situation, the solar panel cannot come into contact with the sun and, therefore, cannot give the solar panel sufficient energy. As a result, your Ecoflow Delta Pro will not start.The solar panel is not facing the sun

Solution: This issue is not so difficult to solve. If you inspect the power station and determine that all components of the device are in working order, you must turn on the solar panel.

Car outlets issue

It is easy to charge your Ecoflow Delta Pro with the outlet in your car. But, if the plug of the outlet is unable to support your device, it will not charge. This issue happens sometimes.

Solution: If you want to charge the power station with your car outlet, you should change the charging cable soon.

My Delta power station is turned off automatically

Some users complain about the EcoFlow Delta power station automatically turning off. This situation is unwanted by the manufacturer because the EcoFlow Delta can run continuously.

But why do some users face this problem? Actually, two reasons may cause the issue.

  • Dead battery

A bad battery is problematic for good charging, and a dead battery is reliable for stopping the power station repeatedly. So, it is another situation that indicates that the battery in EcoFlow must be changed immediately.

The AC and DC power buttons are crucial to running the EcoFlow Delta perfectly. When the power buttons are turned off, the Delta will automatically be turned off.

  • Lack of input and output power

When the input and output power of the EcoFlow Delta is absent for 30 minutes, the Delta will automatically be turned off. So, these powers must also be checked as a prior task to troubleshooting.

Why is a red light blinking next to the EcoFlow power station?

Sometimes the users notice the blinking red light next to the EcoFlow power station and wonder if there is any trouble. But the red light is not a sign of any issue with the EcoFlow. Instead, the light is the Bluetooth indicator.

When you turn on the EcoFlow Delta power station, the Bluetooth indicator will automatically turn on because it is a default system.

You can also stop the Bluetooth function of your Delta Pro and turn off the red indicator light. To do the task, you have to turn off the Delta Pro first. Now, switch off the standby switch. After that, you must wait for 30 minutes to turn the Bluetooth off because it will be turned off automatically.

How long will the Eco Flow Delta power station last?

Usually, the charge cycle of regular EcoFlow Delta products is 500 times. But if you keep a sufficient charge in your Delta power station and recharge it again, the device can last for up to 800 charges.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro has more runtime than the other models. It has approximately 3500 charge cycles with 80 percent capacity.

However, some users feel worried about how long they can use the device. EcoFlow Delta Pro can easily last for about ten years.


What should I do to turn on the Bluetooth function again?

It is very easy to turn on the Bluetooth function again. Bluetooth will automatically get power and turn on by turning on the power station. So, no other function should be operated to do this task.

Are Ecoflow Delta power stations good?

Ecoflow Delta can be considered one of the best power stations in the world. The Delta 2 has four 1800-watt AC outlets, which can power up to 13 electric devices, including a refrigerator, fan, light, etc. The Ecoflow Delta Max can run a 120-watt refrigerator for up to 14 hours. So, the power station can provide sufficient power for your entire house during load shedding.


It will be easy for you to repair all the problems with your EcoFlow power station if you follow all the rules carefully. Finally, the user manual with the product will provide you with the process of using the device perfectly.


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